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  3. I never shipped anyone before either, cause acting is a job, if they are good actors, then you will forget the real people and sink into the story and characters. They each have other dramas that I love to pieces, and of course I want their characters to get together with the opposite leads in the story. But it never even occurred to me that two actors might like each other in real life until I saw them off camera. And I was like, my gosh, they like each other. If you've ever been in a serious relationship or seen one up close in person--real couples behave that way. Once you have seen them, it's very very hard to shake that feeling. Of course quite a lot of time has passed since they were last seen together, but given their track record of long loyalty to people they care about, it would be more unbelievable to me if they simply walked away without another word. They have a complicated kind of career, and they are furthermore shy, private people, so I can totally understand wanting to keep one's private life out of the limelight. Whatever the final score, I hope they don't feel pressure, but that they do feel warm support from fans, however they decide to do things. (I am sure they have much better things to do than poke around on Soompi, but if in some extreme moment of boredom they did--I hope that is the vibe they get from here.) I mean--if we as random strangers care that much about their happiness, how much more would they care about it? Even if it's not exactly the way or timing we might choose, I think we can trust them to make the best possible choice for them, and fight for it. Glad you've joined, @insyirah al
  4. Hmmm… I am gonna have to rewatch TYH again to see how many times his lips were red. But am pretty sure there were times they were red in the drama. Also, if you have noticed, during the kakao talk live interview, LDW was not only full of consideration for YIN but was rather lavish in his praises for her as well, AND I just learned from youtubers that I follow who live in Korea that Korean BFs love praising their object of affection. Pretty much almost the same as how LDW is with YIN. Hmmm… PRETTY INTERESTING! So, aside from the physical attributes that he is attracted to in a woman (which YIN all has), he also likes cute than sexy (our girl is actually both), he also likes a girl in a radio booth who wears glasses. He is pratically describing YIN!!!! Oh Wookie, you got it BAD man! Hurry up and marry the girl then!
  5. hi everyone whats up? ive been missing them everyday and i think they became my daily routine. lol when i have time, i go on yt or ig or twitter to watch them. nothing, they just makes me happy haha like all of chingus here, there are times i feel frustrated too. but anyway, life of a shipper is like that, i really wanted to just be lowkey shipper but what can i do, i cant control my heart lmao hang in there everyone! i dont think we will wait that long since inna wants to get married and gave her ultimatum lmao i hope it will be a good news to us because they just freaking adorable together huhu anyway for now lets just enjoy the moment and wait. since u chingus posted about their kisses. i have watched like yesterday i think, the sofa kiss. ofc it was heart fluttering hahaha but before, i think i was too focus emotionally but seriously i thought it wasnt like the reunion kisses? like i thought the kisses were not that deep like the reunion kiss? but omg whahahhaha on ig someone zoomed in sofa kiss lmao dongwook was killing it whahahahah THIS IS FOR SCIENCE AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. dont think im a pervert, ok? oh btw, i really like the way he closed his eyes especially in that sofa kiss scene. the feeling, the “desire” of him to kiss her omo . are u kwon jung rok or lee dong wook? whahahahaha now to think about it, if dongwook cried during the break up scene, i wonder what he felt during the sofa scene omo
  6. I wasn't able to wake up in time to live stream (@ self ...... why) but seems I will not be disappointed. Ep 7 Text Preview: Their sweet first kiss, was seen by mom and dad? Caught at the scene, Deokmi and Ryan are dragged back to her parents house and left to spend some unexpected time in Deokmi's room... Meanwhile, Deokmi faces a crisis in regards to the revelation of the long hidden identity of SNG!!
  7. Hwang Ji Young, the producing director (PD) of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” talked about the cast members and memorable guests in an interview with Star News. When asked how MAMAMOO’s Hwasa became a cast member, Hwang Ji Young replied, “When we first interviewed Hwasa, she wasn’t receiving a large amount of attention from the public. One […] The post “I Live Alone” PD Shares Stories About Most Memorable Guests Including MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And TVXQ appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. We raised a glass in celebration of Park Shinhye, world leader, entertainer, advocate honored for the impact you had in moving our society forward. Cheers! I cannot wait cheer on what you do next. cr: as tagged
  9. Maybe, the more Kosuke is awakening the more the scar is visible? The scar as the Kosuke trademark (I also think that is simply a close-up)
  10. @insyirah al Me too dear exactly the same with you, seriously very difficult to move on from one drama particularly from this drama. There may be many dramas will come but this drama will always have the special place in my heart and nothing can replace it  And same like you before I dont even what shipping is this this my first and last ship hoping for the happy ending even if not still I'm happy to meet them, learned so many life lessons and especially Ive met so many amazing people . we all become very good friends, will remain like this forever  but I know they will end up for sure. My heart never proven me wrong Let's keep loving when the right time comes they will open up themselves after all they know the right time more than us
  11. .. our lion going nuts remembering his drunk night .. don’t worry nothing happen you didn’t do before
  12. i just remembered something.. top photo: was a bts of that scene where Miso fell on top of LYJ. below photo: (looked like) Deokmi was preventing Ryan to remove the blindfold because she doesnt want him to see her idol memorabilia. Look at PMYs position on both, she was beside KJW for the scene but with PSJ she is on top of him. I just realized she couldve also fallen on PSJ just on his side.. not between his legs and in the middle. Lol! but, for some reason they chose to have her on top of him... and she seemed very ok with it, not minding at all. this is not delulu.. just try to imagine the whole scene, it is possible she couldve stayed on the side... and remember... that scene was PSJs idea..
  13. guys this is so interesting!! do you remember when eunhyuk mentioned momison on Taemin's event? yes maybe he refered to mamison (merk of glove) then some Taeunians guessed he mentioned Mommy Son(Naeun). after i saw that tweet, I just know that Mommy Son is also a name of rapper in SK (I searched on Google immediately) and Naeun tried Mommy Son style on their FM waaah if that's just a coincidence. it's a really interesting coincidence
  14. @Ameera Ali, @newyee, @lu09, @chrissydiva and @nohamahamoud2002again, thanks; your comments and gifs Chingu's. been really busy, managed to check few clips today and preview. NJ took the Chairman and drugged him, VC and AR will be arrested. LSH tailing NJ, Chairman and MIB to the conference. Battle of the eldest grandson coming soon Hopefully, some issues will be resolved sooner than later. i.e. grandparents safety.
  15. Gosh...SH turns himself into the "sacrificial lamb" in order to stop his lunatic mom. As per Ms. Hong & her minions, they have destroyed all the evidence and all the documents confiscated during the search & seizure bear Jin Bok's approval/signature. This is getting interesting.
  16. Maybe. The whole drama highlight was HL-BW or HL-YR. However, I don't know why they bother to build up XC-BZ relationship when there is no ending for them. They started out really hating each other but over time they grow close together. BZ made it clear he has a thing for XC. As for XC, had he not been on the wrong path or not so arrogant she may have been with him too. I think she does not realise she also has affections for him as she's a strong woman with no intention of marrying and her lifelong pursuit is to heal many people. If there is nothing, their relationship should have ended when he rebelled, but the show continued to tease with him confessing his longing for her, turning over a new leaf and aiding HL, plus their last scene together they also have longing looks with some backgroud music. And after that no ending. XC is a strong supporting characters, there should be a storyline closure for her. They even bothered with story closure for the dowagers, but not her. What's your thoughts?
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  18. @ptp321 really love your post, dear Chingu Agree with your theory... Daebak!!! I also believe that Wookie gave Jihyun the tickets. And really wish the same for that kind of after performance interaction between uri NamJi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ As for the show, we were asked to be ready in our seats before the performance started. And once it started, the doors remained close. So I guess that picture of them near the cast board came after the musical finished? While waiting for Wookie to join them? Not sure... haha. I got really starstruck and can't stop staring at Wookie, so probably I didn't realize if there was someone entering the Hall late @tinymel welcome to this thread dearie. Keep on posting and let's keep our precious thread alive
  19. I still have to watch this weeks eps but looks like a lot is happening.... Looking forward to see the eps! And we are almost near the ending of this series!
  20. Highlight’s Yang Yoseob spoke to fans via a letter while he’s in the military! The handwritten letter was released through Highlight’s Twitter account on April 25. Read it in full below: Hello, I’m bringing news to all of you through a handwritten letter for the first time in a really long time. I hope you’ll be […] The post Highlight’s Yang Yoseob Writes Letter To Fans From Military Service appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. It would have been better if they shoot opening song rather then showing those scene they were almost spoiler even if they want to use scene they should choose it wisely..And happy that Best couple and Love actually didn't give away too much in opening.Like LA had this specially shot scenes in end song they should do the same for start too. Missing DH in drama
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