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  2. OMG this makes my little heart SWOOOOON. Can we pleaseeeeee get an uncut/undeleted/full length dvd of every little WJ/MM scene because I am desperate T________T
  3. https://storgram.com/post/BxaXGE-JHIh ...............Playing fetch with his new puppy...
  4. 902 @triplem im continuing with ur oppa KYK.. lol.. will switch off logic haha..
  5. Thanks for tagging me:) yes he covered his forehead his beard has grow @gm4queen im excited for the movie
  6. @Ameera Ali yes , I’m following Absolute BF closely . The robot is adorable. Honestly , I hv not much time these days to watch or spazz . Just hanging onto the 3 dramas ( TSLOMS, Absolute BF , and Dear Citizens which ends this week ) . My brain is fried, that I can’t think straight. So just keeping to the easy dramas for now 900
  7. Hi @irisariadne don't worry people will accept joon back. He's loved by many for his talent and good nature. I'm sure of that. About his look now, maybe still the same, I hope he keeps improving and show his big talent to everyone in the future. He deserves success. And happy 9th anniversary to jsm too today
  8. Rediscovering Yoon Si Yoon without end of 'Mung Bean Flower' [TV report = Shinnara reporter] 'Mungo flower' Yoon Sik Yoon's eyes are catching the audiences. The audience responded to Yoon Si Yoon who is playing hot in the cruel fate, saying, "Yoon Si-yoon is so good, he acted so well", making the person horrified . The deep acting of Yoon Si-yoon caused viewers to engage and immerse emotion with the drama. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001108290 Some captured photos of ysy in Mung Bean Flower https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=416&aid=0000244257 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000995607
  9. nope i don't haha our drama case file, the victim/suspect uses a sumpitan. The person use it to shoot a human. 898
  10. thanks @grake ~ it is an emotional change at both ends and thats why folks are able to spot a difference in the same actions. so for her, before it was basically duty and paycheck. but now, she cares about him as a man, admits that she finds him attractive. she finds the way he has handled his prognosis and how he came to ask for her as cool and admirable. so it was seeing that he is just as vulnerable and her and is trying to achieve his goals -- something shifts in her. and as for him, yes, it is trust but think maybe it is a mind over heart issue. in some sense, he already trusted her because he wasn't worrying whether she will blab to the management about his prognosis when he saw her in the hospital. he doesn't hire her to keep his secret. he already knew that she had some idea of his illness but not perhaps all the details. and he wasn't super embarassed. in a way, it was hard for him to ask for help but he was also not that ill at ease like one would be with someone you don't trust. so it seems like his mind had to say "yea, lets trust her" because his heart already did. and he already cared prior to his accident as he came for that sports day just for her which shocked everyone. however, he still didn't want to extend her contract because of his past experience. so in a sense, for both, they were thinking out of their mind earlier but now they are thinking with both mind and hearts and thats the difference the folks are seeing?
  11. Slow night in the forum, so of course I figured it's the perfect time to stay up and write! This chapter was both fun and difficult to write, and I hope you guys enjoy. I am so averse to real emotions in real life, so am still unsure how I feel about this chapter hahaha Title: Fortunately Chapter 7: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. -- Wu Ji tries to tilt her face up; he wants to be able to tell her that everything he has done, he did for her willingly. Given the choice between this life and a life completely devoid of Zhao Min, Wu Ji will choose this path without a second thought a hundred times over. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/45040090
  12. Halo... I'm newbie... Do you guys need some new member cult ceremony? Blood pledge sworn? I hope not involving syringe or chopping chopping Seems you guys been doing some experiment to @ktcjdrama You may continue, I'll close my eyes and ears and pretend I don't know. Just chipped in my thought a bit. 1. I dont watch S2, somehow I dont really like it after try ep 1-2. So I'm a bit lost on BJS sometimes. 2. I have low hope on S3, so I was surprised it's so fun on term of story idea, setting, and the case. 3. I love that the drama been move on to International level, the Japan setting, the Immigrant case with multi nationality involved. Seldom see in K drama, so it's kind of refreshing. 4. Mental illness awareness, schizophrenia & DID seems will be the theme of the drama too. Curious to found out more about this. 5. The organization of dark web, seems a bit complicated, mixed with our lead detective background history. I will just stay tune & see where it goes.
  13. @Lawyerh Sumpitan is one of Dayak’s weapons. It’s like a long slim tube with poisonous dart or needle inside. The person will aims and blows the tube to launch the dart/needle. Since I am from Kalimantan/Borneo, all of my Dayak friends have it at home. Usually they use snakes or scorpions venom for the darts. It can really kills some big animals and humans. Who mentioned it? +2
  14. Given that there are only 195 countries in the world, chances are your country will be included.
  15. If only she was there... we got to see something like Cosmo event she must be sad too couldn't come to the wedding..
  18. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    makes sense. maybe thats why we never see rain dances in club scenes in kdramas.... #43 - you run into someone at the grocery store that you wish to avoid.
  19. I was thinking about what the guy said during Mr. Jo’s funeral - How Mr. Jo was wronged. Mystery #1. Was he, Mr. Jo, related to LYS somehow? Then a thought occurred to me - Was he related to Dan instead? Dan & YS knew each other in childhood, Mr. Jo became her driver way before the glimpses of their childhood we see. Was he Dan’s father, I wonder? Dan seemed like an abused child. By his parents? Or ... It’s impossible for Dan not to be related to anyone in the show. Sounds quite lonely. I feel he probably has a connection to Mr. Jo or ... the Director? Now, that’s an other mystery. Mystery #2. I think, his is only to do with LYS. When he went home, he greeted a freezed-out picture. Was it YS’s? Questions, questions!
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