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  2. Ok Joo X Song Hye Kyo, still friendship of unchanging beauty [SNS ★ cut]... Enter the article at 6:51 pm View original[Newsen Lee Min-ji reporter] Oh Joo-hyun Song Hae-gyo was released to the two shots. Oh Joo-hyun's agent, Footech Co., Ltd., posted an article and photo in the official Instagram on April 23, titled "Friendship # Song Hye-kyo # Oh Ju-hyun". The photos show two shots of singer and musical actor, Joo Hyun, and actress Song Hye Kyo. Oh Joo-hyun has only half of his face and Song Hye-kyo is bowing his head. Nevertheless, the beauty of the two captivates the eye. Oh Joo Hyun Song Hye Kyo is a long-time friend from the beginning of his debut. (Photo = Official Instagram of Footech Co., Ltd.) Oen @ NewsNews and press newsen@newsen.com copyright ⓒ Newsen. Unauthorized copying & redistribution prohibited...source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=609&aid=0000096218&rankingType=default&rankingDate=20190423
  3. From the clips today, Esther found out NJ is AR's son. LSH talked some sense to her and she changed sides after she found out the secret. She dropped the bomb to Oh family and VC but they don't believe her with her history of lies lol. They want the DNA test that she saw. Why do I have a feeling she is gonna ended up getting hurt?
  4. @triplem & @Lawyerh Finally going back to watch misty for mr Hwang , some sleepless nights in a row before going back to work next week
  5. [Oversized Sweatshirts] Ready for daily look? 2019.04.23 ce.and IG Update of Lee Jong Suk https://www.instagram.com/p/BwlgvS_AsnT/
  6. Told yeah! And it’s like a reverse. Like back in the day, CYK treats Raccoon with that cold attitude. So now is the opposite lol 514
  7. 190423 KUN Weibo Update “The first wave WayV #KunsPhoneAlbum” Translated by lumarkbot - SM_NCT
  8. Lee Min Ho To Be Discharged From The Military Very Soon He is coming back! Actor Lee Min Ho will be discharged from the military very soon! After beginning his military service as a public service worker on May 12, 2017, Lee Min Ho is finally set to be discharged on April 25. He has been working at the Suseo Social Welfare Center. Lee Min Ho began his service before reporting to the Nonsan Training Center in March last year for his 4-week basic military training, in accordance with regulations relating to public service workers. Lee Min Ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment, stated that he is planning to complete his service quietly. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho was given judgment on becoming a public service worker for his military service after he suffered major injuries from a car accident in 2006. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/lee-min-ho-discharge-military/ ****************************** Hi @willenette, yes, more screen time for our bb please! We missed him so much! Hi @CarolynH, uhm...I'm quite pressured now! I basically like anything with Minho in it! But I do have my favorites. I remember you mentioning 'favorite sidekick' before? Or maybe favorite pair?
  9. Wow! A new thread for our girl PMY! The first time I will confirm a challenger to my ship! Love the “MinJea”” name! I will be a silent lurker, but wanted to post just this once. These ships validate her professionalism and her talents! What’s not to love
  10. What happened to all of us? Why is this happening? I just saw a cfan wrote on weibo, requesting production team to release all Cut scenes, she said she is losing her sleep, can't focus on her work and daily life because of this. She said she is going insane. One replied her saying that she is the same and even wrote to the team. Why does her predicament sound exactly like me? Losing sleep, can't focus on work, struggling to find a closure? https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4364135870907642
  11. Many of the original cast members will be returning for the second season of “Partners for Justice!” Jung Jae Young, Jung Yu Mi, Oh Man Seok, Joo Jin Mo, Song Young Kyu, Go Kyu Pil, and No Soo San Na are all returning to “Partners for Justice 2” to reprise their roles from Season 1. In Season 1, […] The post “Partners For Justice 2” Confirms Return Of Original Cast Members appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. @Lawyerh yeah watched it & rewatched while watching FP -2
  13. It so great that Ryan and Deok Mi has they own thread!! The couple is amazing. Its Park Min Young! Nothing strange )))
  14. I thought this drama was already airing because of how active this thread is and was thinking "how did I only just realise now?!" shows what TMOPB has done to us all Hopefully it doesn't take another year or so for this drama to air
  15. 514. I know why u like ep 9 lutyn. Hes all black & broody lol @sushilicious @Ameera Ali mrs hwang. Ask u. Have u watch live up to your name
  16. 190422 NCT 127 @ Pre-order group photo event, Rough Trade NYC More pics with the fans: https://joycejudephoto.pic-time.com/-nct127fanmeet/gallery#1 190423 XIAOJUN Weibo Update “WayV"
  17. Pictures of Soyeon when she was very young. So cute!!! Beautiful now and then. She was fourteen in the first pictures. Middle school student
  18. 190423 HENDERY KUN TEN will be attending 资生堂 SHISEIDO new make-up series Event at Deji Plaza, Nanjing, China on April 26.
  19. I'm glad this couple got their own thread..thanks Eeveeta for making this thread.. let's fill this thread with lot's of lovey dovey pics / vid / clips or anything that related to them.. by the way..i like MinJae couple name..
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