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  2. @marrez1 The fact that he took a cold shower says it all. I think what you said will exactly happen. She probably will lie about the pregnancy or she will get pregnant and miscarriage after the divorce happens. The wife won't want to get divorce because of YR. Guess the pregnancy will be her last straw. Indeed, she is sleeping around with her high school classmate. She is even paying him for his services.
  3. I always feel bad for the bad guys at this point even tho they’ve been toying the good guys from the beginning. Seeing Park family threw a fit on Namjoon and Aera made me feel depressed. I think I maybe have an amnesia too that I can’t remember how the good guys were deceived by Namjoon and Aera for over 90 episodes. The look on Aera today was very priceless and Namjoom is experiencing karma. And how about Hayoung? I want to punish her too. I always stay up late until midnight to watch subbed because I can’t wait and my curiosity is boiling right now.
  4. i love how new posters are coming in and adding their observations and little details but i get worried when we bring in the other ship. you might be doing it without any malice and are genuinely curious, but let's be careful. i am a kjk fan and don't want his instagram to be turned into a party zone for haters from the other shippers and extreme jh fans. already i see so many comments blaming kjk. kjk's fans rarely do the kind of protective defense one sees on jsm's ig. it is easier to leave hate comments there. he also knows english so he will read all that they are posting. please don't add to that by bringing in comparisons like these. this will only bring more trolls here and more hate for kookmin. sjh had a loveline with kjk and was more in favour of it than kjk was, so the camera might be zooming in on her reactions for that reason. when jsm said she had her coffee date with kjk , there was zooming in at that time as well. it's just RM PD trying to add drama. let's ship kookmin but without worrying over how close kjk is with sjh or anybody else. they are friends and colleagues and they are at work, let that be. it is fine to analyse kookmin skinship but please do not compare it with his skinship with someone else. already there is sominjongkookcouple account doing exactly that, bringing in hate for kookmin by triggering spartace fans, making it seem like kjk is avoiding sjh or doesn't like her. that is really sad. they are all colleagues. i am sorry if i am being a party pooper but please think about the big picture when we bring in other people and ships while discussing kookmin. there is plenty to discuss about kookmin skinship and interactions without needing that. if you want to do it and i can understand the curiosity, don't do it in a place where it can be misinterpreted. kookmin's friendship or dynamic, or whatever it is that we love about them, cannot be defined by close skinship alone. . we can see the trust between them growing and the friendship deepening and that is also something we can be happy about. i am enjoying your discussions and new insights, but this is my worry. we need more rm fans to support kookmin if they become something more and that can only happen if we ship peacefully. ours is a small fandom and we are just gaining fans, so all of us have to be more careful than bigger ships. thank you!
  5. This is a good one @lu09! Also, Left-handed wife = Amnesia = Confusion thus causing SH to use her left hand to shake hands with PSH and right hand to slap the two villains smh.
  6. Ha Ha - He's just not that into you. There should be a list of all gifs showing this!! Who's doing it?
  7. 644. Beautiful & miserable I think that's how the 2 words describing the whole drama.
  8. She is very intuitive and perceptive.... Awesome!! I love it when she and Gal raised their hands together and waving madly to fight for the next chance to ask question. Just like girls in high-school..... And that he likes her back....
  9. I know right!! He should have and show us the even more sexy aura in him. Maybe will have, let's see!!
  10. Ok I think may be good idea he finds out the truth asap but I think it won’t happen so soon —— He’s confused with her sudden change in mood So sad here But preview makes me feel better ...I think he realise she likes him right ?( The vid in posts below ) For a non couple , they seriously have a lot of physical contact & skin ship ...how am I gonna wait another week ? !
  11. Aigoo...such a thoughtful person toward his fans! As one of you posted, when will have the luck to be given a plant by dearest Bogumny?
  12. Good to see all your reactions to today's episode are a lot more positive Looking forward to watching when I get home!
  13. After watching V-Live press conference video again , despite the bad Eng sub, I found that - Lee Dong Gun is so cute , the way he talked and smiled and something in his eyes. - Dan is so cute, the way he didn't talk but only smiled and his eyes when he looked at SHS - So now I have both first lead and second lead syndrome
  14. Posted by one of the HPL film crew: Translation of caption: Two lovely actors who came into my camera angle #ParkMinYoung #KimJaeWook Now I have only 9 days before parting ways but I am happy until the end! ^^ Awww....even the staff are already starting to miss HPL!
  15. Now, I think this richard simmons has been hit, he's seriously attracted to her, she felt it and now tries to make it flinch, it's no longer a quetion of time before he goes to sleep with her may be she going to get pregnant and will surely be one of the causes of the divorce but she is deceitful, it seems to me that she has a guy with whom she often sleeps
  16. Public Library after graduation 26分钟前 from ultra-words #美好应援#  After graduation, the public welfare library room #100 strong social responsibility idol support plan #  Li Zhongshuo Li Zhongshuo public welfare library landing, these books will accompany the children to spend their childhood, let the children see a more exciting world, public welfare online With @李钟硕 , let the book become a power! @Baidu Lee Jong-suk it official blog @ love Wei-seok Lee Jong-suk FanClub more information, please poke: O After graduating from public library °better should aid | Lee Jong-suk and colleagues, so that the book has become a force! Public Library after graduation  Good support | Peer with Li Zhongshuo, let the book become a power!
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