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  3. I watched Park Si Hoo to in Babel. I want to like him, but i can't. Idk not that handsome, the acting not that interesting either. Sorry in advance first for his fans. 814
  4. @Minoo Maani don worry, according to this article the rating respectively has been raised [DA: audience rating] 'Mungo flower' Highest rated ratings The ratings for the 17th and 18th broadcasted episodes were 7.1% (nationwide 6.0%) and 8.3% (nationwide 7.1%), respectively, based on Nielsen Korea's metropolitan area. The highest audience rating reached 9.23% at the end. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000734212 MBF OST part 3 moa_ent update
  5. Also I think to love someone completely, you have to see through all the flaws to the diamond beneath. To everyone, she is the spoiled heiress but her driver (Mr Jo!) and her butler can see beneath the thorns. And the scene where I started sobbing?
  6. Ahaha yes, the rating is better than S2’s ending rating. 812
  7. 810. @sushilicious i got people in the house now. So i can start voice 3 lol. Btw is the rating good? I think voice 2 rating was not bad. @triplem dlil got extension. Thats why until ep 18. Toward the end maybe u will feel a bit draggy. Now that i think of it again, indeed a bit cheesy lol.
  8. @diane90we are also looking for the song. For now, songs played grows on you. There are actually 2 songs played(am i right) and both are english songs. Yeah hae in will have the same MIL if in case lol. The bad person is the father but i think he will not be as annoying as the mother in SITR
  9. Let’s face it — most of us don’t necessarily have the time, money, or resources to visit all the places in the world we might want to go. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t get there someday. With a little dreaming, planning, and budgeting, anything is possible in time! In the meantime, this quiz gives […] The post QUIZ: Plan Your Dream Vacation And We’ll Tell You What K-Drama You Should Watch Next appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Actress Lee Min Jung to appear on her first fixed variety show with Shinhwa's Eric and Andy Actress Lee Min Jung will be appearing on her first fixed variety show since debut - MBC's 'The Hairdresser of Seville'! In the upcoming variety program, two of the top hairdressers of South Korea including a veteran hairdresser of 53-years as well as a renowned, top fashion hair designer will be traveling to an unfamiliar hair salon in Spain, for a whirlwind of intercultural experiences. The two hairdressers will be accompanied by a team of celebrity aids including Shinhwa's Eric, Andy, as well as actress Lee Min Jung. What do you think of the premise of 'The Hairdresser of Seville' so far? The program is expected to begin filming soon, aiming to air some time this July. (c) https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/actress-lee-min-jung-to-appear-on-her-first-fixed-variety-show-with-shinhwas-eric-and-andy
  11. I think there was more to the kiss than what was shown in the episode, not that the bts angle was hotter. In the bts, PMY's hand went over KJW's head from one side to the other (her left hand), but in the episode, it didn't (yet).
  12. Most actors and actresses will brush their teeth and keep their breathe fresh before kissing scenes. Both KJW & PMY are professionals, they must know bout this.
  13. Bts they comfortable with each other --------------------------- cto video owner
  14. Yup most korean men smokes. If I am not mistaken by % korean is one of the highest in smoking index. Surprising or not, most actors is a smoker, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Kim Woo Bin, and more. Some are open about it, some decided not to expose it. KJW is being open about it is a good thing. At least he is being honest with his fans.
  15. Missing SHINee’s Minho during his time in the military? According to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, you’re not alone! On May 25, Taeyeon showed love for her friend and SM Entertainment labelmate, who is currently serving in the Marine Corps, on Instagram. In addition to posting a cute photo that she took with Minho backstage at her […] The post Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Says She Misses SHINee’s Minho appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Recovery and redemption are the themes for this penultimate episode, and it is like a deep, refreshing gasp of fresh air after a long, arduous journey of anguish - for Seon Ho, those who love him, and us as viewers who have been rooting for this family. The hour seems way too short, and I, for one, wish we have more moments of joy with them. The reveal of what truly transpired that night on the rooftop was one that I had been hoping to be true, which makes everything that transpired after that incident all the more tragic. Once more, it looks to be heading down the road of "He said, he said" - now with both parties stating different versions of the incident. Perhaps this time, there is hope that those who have been suffering under such emotional torment behind a callous, nonchalant mask will see the true strength of kindness and forgiveness, and find their own path to redemption. What happened to Da Hee remains a mystery for now, but unless I am wrong, she might end up being revealed who had been hurling false accusations all along. If she was truly lying all this while out of the inability to handle being toyed with and spurned by JS, she is the one who inadvertently lit the fire and brought about this whole tragedy, and is just as culpable for character assassination, first of JS, then of Seon Ho. And she may likely end up as the most unsympathetic character out of all, just ahead of OJP. There is still no clue as to what happened to Seon Ho's diary. Does it contain the truth that would prove or disprove all the lies that have been going around - whether through self-preservation or self-recriminations? Yet what truth could it contain since Seon Ho himself, up to that moment on the rooftop, may have been equally misled? Or perhaps it contains words of encouragement and forgiveness to those who had bullied him, and his hope that his once-best friend would finally tap into the good that is dormant within himself? And the reveal of it might possibly be the trigger that sets JS and the other boys, back on the path to becoming a better person? Why is it the finale already?
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