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  2. Agree, but she's not stalking Sian. Stalker fan = sasaeng = Sindy Deokmi is a fansite master who only comes to events to take pics... Though there are some fansite masters who are sasaeng, too.. But she isn't ㅠㅠㅠ Seonjoo is not one, either...
  3. Whoah you can’t help but stare that beautiful baby, if you look closely to her features as a baby just the same as now, her brows, her lips, her eyes, cute nose and chubby cheeks hahaha
  4. 'Em I the only one who is actually almost sure the one who left little Ryan at the church back then is DM Mother?I've felt it from the first time we've seen those bits of his memory mainly because of the voice but now still missing some pieces to put the whole puzzle together but i'm quite sure she was the one who left him back then...
  5. You can dress him in a sac or a trash bag and he will still look hot and gorgeous. I like his free spirit. He pulls off whatever he wears ... did you notice he doesn't wear socks? Very European. His hair - long or crew cut suits him too. Grunge, elegant, rocker, conservative or any style, kjw nails it. He has style with substance. I've seen him in coffee prince, antique bakery and marry me Mary. I'm glad he was given a big break to play a lead role in a romcom and unleash the Romeo in him. I foresee him to be in demand after HPL. It's about time and in fact long overdue.
  6. Just watched the subbed ep on Viu, more of an emotional episode with little sprinkles of OTP cuteness in between. Thankfully it seems the Lee Sol mystery will be solved by tomorrow's ep, and we can all focus on our OTP again. Lol. Again, OTP shows us how mature both of them are. DM giving RG space (but only 12 hours, any more than that is too much lol), RG immediately thinking of DM when SA's mom gave her breakfast, DM just supporting RG through whatever decision he makes about Lee Sol, kick her richard simmons for revenge or whatever, she's game lmao. I hope they wrap it up soon, because tbh I considered this a weak episode. I get that we have to get to the bottom of the Lee Sol mystery, but at this point the drama isn't playing to its strengths (OTP moments). Still can't wait for tomorrow's episode though!
  7. -2 It totally does.....hahaha.
  8. I think I can understand the changes in DM's character after falling in love with RG. Afterrall fangirls are really passionate people. They fall in love with the artists which why they become fangirls. In DM case, she has never fall in love before, that's why she puts her heart and soul in fangirling but it's just love from afar. However now she has a flesh & blood male she fall in love with, right infront of her, so obviously her focus shifted to RG, & he needs her more than the idol. Just like SJ when was single, she was as bad as DM, but after she falls in love, got married & have a kid, she no longer went stalking with DM. Her priority changes since her son is her priority now. So for me now that DM fall in love for real with RG, its the transition time for her, tho she still sneak around to stalk SA but was caught by RG, remember, & he brought her to his home so they can fight like intellectual people, only to get interupted by HJ (Cindy) Bravo Cindy, real bad timing...
  9. I have this thought that maybe RG will see himself inside one of the bubbles in a painting still to be found. It would give him a concrete sense that his mother always loved him.
  10. I get what you mean and had the same thoughts before. So I tried to rationalize it by thinking that SA isn’t doing idol activities at the moment that would warrant DM’s fangirl presence. Also with SA getting busy with the arts exhibit, DM had a lot of chance to see him up close (besides the elevator run ins). DM is only loyal to one idol at a time so I doubt she’d fangirl over another one at the same time. Her quirks as a fangirl is still there. She may not change but I like that she knows her priorities in life. Her bf right now is facing some difficulties so it makes more sense she’s focused on him. Their relationship is fairly new so nurturing it is important. I’ve always seen her character as a balanced one, nothing too irrational that’s why she’s able to create another side of her seemlessly. So I believe/hope we’ll see DM’s strong fangirl side again after the ‘angst arc’ is over.
  11. nooo.. not the priest.. but like how Jesus calls God.. "Father".. anyways.. we can talk about this further in a DM if you need further clarificarions.. just send me a message.. lets not talk religion here in the forum.. lol.. thank you for that.. but .maybe its something we can talk on a private message.. its not PPC related anyway.. lets be fair to others..
  12. As much as I don't like how he decides to act on his feelings for DM, I don't think EG is THIS bad. He truly considers Deokmi and her family as his and feels thankful for and even apologetic (he also said this to Deokmi on this ep) to them cuz they've raised him and considered him a true son. He even refers to his birth mom jokingly as 'Editor Nam'. He doesn't come home often and stay in his dojo precisely because he doesn't wanna burden DM's mom. DM's mom keeps insisting he should stay home more often, but he refuses. About his suit, that's what Mom does... She always keeps family things. Eungi is a family for her, so when he asked her mom for his suit is normal thing to do as a son. As for his mom giving money, it's because she feels sorry and thankful that Deokmi's mom raised her son whom she initially abandoned. Not because she considered Deokmi's mom as his 'nanny.' Why Eungi doesn't live with her instead? Probably cuz his mum feels she doesn't deserve it as she never raised Eungi by herself and even tried to abandon him before. She's still fangirling over SiAn throughout the episodes, though. She's not in fansite master mode only...probably cuz SiAn has no event (since ep 11) or simply cuz the production team has no time to shoot additional scene of her fangirling. You know, the scenes they showed on ep 14 preview were just filmed 2-3 days ago (I was at one of filming sites). Even the scene where Ryan hugged Deokmi in front of her house was filmed last Saturday (I saw). Her character as a fangirl doesn't really fade out... She still behaves like a total fangirl about SiAn (all those squeeeeeeeaallll over him) even after dating Ryan haha
  13. The cast of the hit web series “A-TEEN” will be holding a fan meeting! The A-TEEN Fan Meet-Up is set to take place at the SMTOWN Coex Artium in Gangnam on July 13 at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. KST. It will feature several of the actors from the show, including Shin Ye Eun, April’s Naeun, Golden Child’s […] The post “A-TEEN” Cast To Hold Fan Meeting In Korea appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. Today
  15. I watched parts, it is very good and funny, but the thread is too crowded there, that I am unable to read their comments I guess I will just watch without participating. The good thread for me is for Left-Handed Wife, we are about ten active members only. I can easily read their comments and they read my comments too, we make a very good group there I guess I will look for a daily drama as this one will end next week. I don't know how Joseon Survival will be, but already the thread is too quiet I like the drama because it is not romantic, I don't like romance of older couple (I prefer the OTP of The secret life of my secretary). I don't see KJH in a pure romantic role now because he is already 41, it is good he is choosing different genres now, they fit him. (Feel Good to Die is an exception, and thank God it had much comedy, and really it was not pure romance, because most of the time, he loved Ruda one-sidedly ) But in COALG and Monster, he is not romantic and still he really did well. -2 680
  16. yup. the only and one and only same thing is fangirling. Later I'll try to summarise the webtoon story.
  17. This just made my day!!! Finally some news on the progress!! Can't wait to see this trailer and fan girl all over again haha
  18. OH MY GOD please don't let that be true! IANAR scarred me so bad! The angst in that show was CRAZY I hope Dom won't be AS angry, but he definitely will feel slightly betrayed for sure...just hope that, keeping in tone with the show, it won't last too long
  19. @drakelaw i know who you mean, what an epic dream, but brace yourself honey that guy is already taken based from the rumor that I’ve heard and she’s definitely not our yeoja. But I would be very happy to have a dream like that atleast in your dream it happens! And same here, that would be really great having some convo with fans insights about Jiwon as an actress, person, and with romance? which the least we could talk about coz there’s none since 1900 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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