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  2. Thanks. I am going to Polermo, Italy. I`m coming back in no time. A week passes quickly. I think Tae Joo was surprised that Mi ri brought him to her family. They might not be officially dating but for Mi Ri to bring his there is a good sign that her walls are removed one by one. She knows that her mother knows about a certain man... to bring him there to meet him is great. Maybe they were in the neighborhood and they wanted to eat. I am glad that Sun ja will meet Tae Joo. She will like him.
  4. He has a charming smile, and with those disappearing eyes when he smiles, all the more charming... Btw, I find that many of the OST here are suitable to use for exercising BGM
  5. Yup, 21st day also. Can't forget the shock & excitement I felt when their LA pics got out. The same feeling this time... I too checked IG postings and twits, and many were talking about this too. I google translated the naver article and I'm happy to note that many are excited with this news.
  6. 816 Haha finished 20 eps of FP, but only need 4 eps of LUTYN to make me swooned.
  7. This is one of the reasons why I think, between LDW and YIN, it was YIN who was hesitant to take the relationship to the next level, after Goblin. Voracious readers are smart and astute critical-thinkers. Although not all voracious readers are intelligent when it comes to love, YIN also happens to be a Gemini woman, who is usually independent, clever and charming (i.e. think Angelina Jolie - she’s a Gemini). A Gemini woman who loves to read is usually mighty impressive In my opinion, she wasn’t ready to enter into a relationship with LDW post-Goblin. Perhaps she thought he was too charismatic, or maybe she wasn’t ready emotionally - whatever her reasons were, they were most likely fueled by her tendencies to think things through before doing anything. You know the saying “love does not start where reason ends”? That is based on a Gemini woman who loves to read hehehe
  8. Did u guys watch MUD tonight ? So happy seeing somin give support to JK concert. Even JK looked so happy seeing her.
  9. I think it would be lovely ! @Ameera Ali would be over the moon now I feel like rewatching Live Up to Your Name. , thanks to @Lawyerh whose watching it now . I will miss KNG . Took him two years to come back to drama land . I hope he doesn’t take that Long again . I know he’s got some movies up next but it doesn’t feel the same as hanging out on a drama thread & fangirling over him for weeks . True . I’m happy for SSR by the way . Finally after all these years . I will check out his drama when it airs . Love the female lead Go Won Hee.
  10. @Lawyerh see..I got standards. Lol. I don’t just randomly pick my oppas. I pick the finest of the finest. 814
  11. Good News! CFY will attend My Best Summer Conference in Beijing on April 25th!
  12. 814. Lol thanks for dropping lovely gif before go dating ur kwon haha. I think im growing crush on sushi oppa. Love that scene a lot. Ya i think the chemistry is different with Honey.
  13. “Welcome everyone to 100.3, I am your host Dong Sicheng. Today I want to tell everyone a story about a young boy. This young boy, has always been strong, he barely cries but doesn’t show his feelings much. He always loved his family very much but never told his parents ‘I love you’ or showed his love through gestures. One day he went to Beijing, living by himself for 6 years, rarely going home to his parents. One time his parents went to Beijing to accompany him to take a test and lived together in a hotel. Laying on the bed, he realizes that his parents aren’t as healthy as he remembers and hears his parents coughing as they sleep. It was this moment when he couldn’t hold it in and started to cry. Ok, the story ends here. See you next time.” winwin’s dumpling making skills include: being able to make it look like his foot winwin being clueless about books Winwin's solo dance!!!
  14. @triplem lol. Yeah. It’s definitely @Lmangla favorite. 812
  15. Basketball Nite! Look at that long range shoot! https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4363633556152317&segment_id=4363633556152317
  16. @Lawyerh @sushilicious Gals I was so crazy over LUTYN that I would diligently do recaps etc . I think this was the drama I had the most gifs . I know they say he & Lee Honey got great chemistry - won’t deny that but he & Kim. Ah Joong are a different level . I shipped them so hard lol . My fave scene too , and I think @Lmangla as well . 810 ok going back to my kim Kwon
  17. Nothing to delulu in that photo. They were on cue for the scene. She cannot move away when someone asked for her picture.
  18. 190421 YUTA, TAEYONG, JAEHYUN VLIVE https://www.vlive.tv/video/124815
  19. Wanting to sleep but I will take care of my farm in hay day first
  20. A translation of the preview. MO: How can these children be so noisy so early in the morning? Look at this! What are you doing?! SJ: Do you think that woman is even going to be able to send a child off to kindergarten properly?! MO: With children, it’s important to teach them manners right from the start. MO: Her manners should be fixed! DB: Do I really have to go to Seoul University? MH: I told you to throw all these books away, didn’t I?! JB: So, what are you going to do now? WJ: You know that there are penalties (for breaking contract), don’t you. Resignations are also for those with means. IS: How long do you plan to leave Tae Joo by Vice President Kang. Chairman: Well then, you should have tried to stop it right from the beginning! IS: The 2019 event will be handled by the Planning Department. Female office member: Vice President is really being strange. Park: “We’ll see whether you win or I win. Let’s do it!” That’s what she’s doing, isn’t it. MR: Mom, I’m here! Tae Joo-sshi, make your greetings. My mom and my uncle. Interesting reaction that TJ has to meeting SJ and YD. Is he surprised that he's meeting MR's family, or does he recognize them from somewhere? @larus, hope you have a great trip out of the country!
  21. Idea about full circle is good, but i don't think that they would/could have waited 6-8 months for proper farewell to Met. Hardly it's in their power to make him stay longer after he'll found out how he died, since not knowing is the reason why he became ghost in the first place. (Actually my guesses were about week or two between Met's leaving and returning, and that finding out about his death is matter of few days.) But maybe if Met is destined to return he will do in Ching Ming, that would really make full circle.
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