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  2. April 19, 2019 Actress Yoo In-na flaunts health, vitality with Coca-Cola Actress Yoo In-na films a TV commercial to promote Coca-Cola's "Body Health W" drink. Courtesy of Coca-Cola By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times Korean heartthrob Yoo In-na, the face of Coca-Cola's "Body Health W" drink, has flaunted her health and vitality during filming of a TV commercial. For the shooting, she drinks "Body Health W," a fiber-rich drink, after a meal to stay fit. It is claimed that a high-fiber diet can make people feel full without adding calories. Yoo has been promoting the drink since its launch in 2018. "We have effectively built up the drink's image by having Yoo as our face from the beginning," a spokesperson for Coca-Cola said. "Yoo is a role model for many women in their 20s and 30s, our main targets. So we try our best to promote the drink to them together with Yoo." Yoo debuted in 2009 and has appeared in several works including smash-hit drama "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" in 2016-17. She topped the Korea Reputation Center's monthly index in March. sunhwadong@koreatimes.co.kr
  3. Whoops too late. @Ameera Ali 528
  4. If you see such a good-looking doctor, your blood pressure will go up at a stretch and you will get a pulse super fast at once!
  5. April 19, 2019 Bong Jun-ho’s ‘Parasite’ included the Cannes’ feature selection Source: The DONG-A ILBO Korean movie director Bong Jun-ho’s new movie titled “Parasite” was included in the feature selection of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Feature films will compete for the Golden Palm award. The Steering Committee of the Cannes Film Festival held a press conference at 11 a.m. on Thursday (local time) and announced the feature selection. Parasite is starred by Song Kang-ho and Lee Seon-gyun as lead roles, a story about the family of a jobless man, “Ki-taek,” whose eldest son “Ki-woo” is interviewed for a tutor position at Park’s, a wealthy family. It is Bong's second time competing for the Golden Palm, following the selection of "Okja" in 2017. It is also the fourth consecutive year that a South Korean film has been chosen to compete in the international film festival. Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden" and Lee Chang-dong’s "Burning" were also invited to Cannes in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Separately, director Lee Won-tae’s “The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil” will be presented as a Midnight Screening, which is out of competition. The movie, starred by Ma Dong-suk and Kim Mu-yeol, depicts the story of a gangster who coincidentally became the target of a serial killer and a detective obsessed with searching for the culprit. The 72nd Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 14 through May 25. Seo-Hyun Lee baltika7@donga.com
  6. It may be because we love WWWSK so much that we have very high expectations for HPL and we were disappointed.
  7. I prefer this version of their reunion. I feel his pain and his regret. @n3bula I think at the beginning I did say that Ning Que and Sang Sang were meant for each other. He was reborn in this time because of his starve belief and knowledge. He is the reason that this world will remain untouched. First because SS loved this world until they betrayed and because of his memories of her loving this world, he has to help Haotien to love this world again because he is the person she loves most in this horrid place. Her little monster who would destroy this world to protect her. The iron here is very plain to see.
  8. @SweetLullaby I couldn't find it so I must've been dreaming @Super Gal99 there will surely be some male eye candy to balance out HJ prettiness
  9. https://www.soompi.com/article/1318674wpp/kim-ji-suk-in-talks-for-new-romance-drama-alongside-gong-hyo-jin-and-kang-ha-neul Ooooh! I hope Oppa considers this. But will he cast as the good man, bad man, or cheap man?
  10. April 16, 2019 "Different Dreams" Lee Yo-won Turns into Elite Physician Source: OSEN via HanCinema.net Still cuts of Lee Yo-won from "Different Dreams" have been released. Her management released still cuts of Lee Yo-won from "Different Dreams", a special drama celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the forming of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. "Different Dreams" is an action drama taking place during the Japanese Invasion, and it is about a Joseon doctor named Lee Yeong-jin who was raised in the hands of the Japanese, and Kim Won-bong, the leader of a secret independence society. Lee Yo-won plays Lee Yeong-jin, a Joseon physician who was raised in the hands of the Japanese, and a secret spy for the independence army. In the stills, Lee Yo-won is wearing a doctor's gown and smiling towards someone. The white gown suits her perfectly and she looks like a real doctor. In previous still cuts, Lee Yeong-jin was portrayed as the charismatic independence movement spy, which contrasts to these stills. Lee Yo-won's transformation increases anticipation for her upcoming role as Lee Yeong-jin in "Different Dreams".
  11. I disinvited him already my crush didn’t like him , I give him chance after that pray , now he lose it , I am scared for my crush -2
  12. P NATION has opened an official Instagram account! On April 19, the agency launched the account and shared new profile photos of its artists PSY, HyunA, Hyojong, and Jessi. Check out photos of each artist below! PSY Jessi Hyojong HyunA The establishment of P NATION was first announced through PSY’s official Instagram on January 24, 2019. […] The post P NATION Launches Official Instagram Account + Shares Profile Photos Of PSY, HyunA, Hyojong, And Jessi appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. Take it back lol. Hae Mi is not gonna be a Priest soon. (Based on trailer).Unless you want him to come in and start firing guns. Lol 528
  14. That natural Next step for Us , it’s was love in first sight i would make u bridesmaid & partner you with mr smooth hair @sushilicious will come as flipping hair while our priest registered our marriage, SS dance for us, father Han give me away , gives that speech mama don't you and @triplem think it can work -2
  15. Thought after episode 14: Still clueless how they would wrap this whole mess in next 2 episodes. The twists and turns is really unpredictable to me. One second they are so determined to fight, another second they are so helpless, then the following one try to run away, one is trying to straighten things, then now both are running away. Based on the preview, I think Bae Man Su (the con shaman) might play a significant role into getting to HDD's weakness or find out a way to banish HDD's soul back to hell. I hope both leads live after all of this and not following "Priest" finale by making one of them lost memory. That would be too depressing Yeah, he was rash here and that temper of him... sigh.. I was like how you are when I watched the episode.. haha. But over the remaining episodes it would be interesting. You might fall in love with Yeon Jeong Hoon wickedness as the second possessed person. Hahaha. Those possessed actors are so good! I can't even hate them because they seduced me with their great acting! Gosh! It's okay . Each one have their own preference. For me, I just like unconventional kind of drama and the gory killing and bloodbath in the first episode kinda hooked me (read: I am not a psychopath ). Besides, I've been wanting to see Go Joon Hee and Song Sae Byuk to take on lead role. By the way, I am currently watching KJW's new drama too! Hahahaha! But, I didn't leave any comment or opinion because I usually just enjoy reading the posts in romance drama's thread and squealing over the heart-throbbing .gifs . I rarely make any comment to it.
  16. The MC lineup has been confirmed for “The Boss Has Donkey Ears” (literal title), a new KBS variety show. On April 19, it was announced that TVXQ’s Yunho, Kim Sook, Jun Hyun Moo, and Kim Yong Gun will be the hosts of the new program. The talk show features various celebrity bosses and the honest […] The post TVXQ’s Yunho, Kim Sook, Jun Hyun Moo, And Kim Yong Gun To MC New KBS Variety Show appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. 181007 Shinhwa 20th Anniversary Concert, Heart Tour in Seoul - Dongwan fancam/fanpic.
  18. Gifts for Lee Joon Gi https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=leejungi&no=1141211&page=1 https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=leejungi&no=1141181&page=1
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