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  2. Just realized Wookie received many watches from Chanel. The one he wore when with Johee and the rose garden is J12 GMT. Different design on the rim and inner circle with J12. Then during launches, he was given J12 to promote with the rest of celebrities that day. Leedongwookstyle's IG really knows the tiny differences and details.
  3. @liemmeciau Hehe. When RyoTao are on-screen he does look at her a lot. So it is probably the same off-screen too .
  4. Is it me, or does KW gets triggered before he savagely attacks the bad guys? I noticed with the guy in Japan, and then once he was back in Korea, that there was a close up on the antagonists' right ear, and there was something shining there, as if they had a small diamond earring or something. The moment KW saw it, something changed in him: he squinted as if he suddenly got a headache, then proceeded to strangle, then beat up the guy. It's also interesting to notice that he seems to always go at it in the same order: grab something to tie around the neck of the bad guy, drag him, strangle him that way, then hit him... Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it makes me wonder if a mastermind isn't triggering him on purpose, as if trying to have him lose control, so that his violent side (that pat of him he is trying so hard to keep under control) fully takes over... I feel for him. He's in much pain every day.
  5. I'm also suffering from the same symptoms! Aside from going on instagram, youtube and this forum to get my daily dose of Ryan Gold and Deok Mi, i've resorted to bookmarking my fav scenes for easy retrieval hehe it's sad that the depiction of such sweet and mature way of being in a r/s is seldom seen in dramas and that's what keeps me coming back for more! I also love that KJW and PMY gets to improvise so i'm guessing they add their personal exp into the scenes hehe whicb makes it all the more real and swoon worthy I really like how relationships are portrayed in HPL because it tells us the being in a relationship takes more than attraction and shows how it is a journey and how DM is there for the ride and knows her presence and strength will help RG. I like how she observes and tries her best to cheer director gold and not address the issue when he's brooding over Lee Sol's painting. She does not put it on him to confide in her immediately and waits until he is comfortable enough to share. Their love for each other is filled with understanding, consideration and mindfulness and I love how they tackle issues head on insteading of sweeping it under the rug and letting it fester. Sigh... Such a lovely couple I've also been in a great mood lately thanks to this haha my best friend asked if I was bipolar cause im seldom this happy I even asked my colleague at work to watch it so we can discuss irl cause no one I know feels the way I do hahaha it's as if deok mi's fangirling has rubbed off on me and i'm a fangirl of Director Gold and Song Curator and this has become my energiser haha I hope to be able to see them head for a post-drama vacay seeing how many people are watching this drama! Sigh I wish with all my heart they will do more episodes Ps Seeing the chinese subbed videos of their RG and DM and it seems like rhe consensus is that KJW and PMY aren't acting I'm feeling half excited and half emotional bc although we're one more episode ahead but it also means we're one more episode closer to the end... My heart. JUST. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. OF. THIS.
  6. @bliss1004, I feel the same way as you. I have not been interested in any other dramas just waiting for Wednesday to come. 2 more weeks and I will have nothing that interests me to watch.
  7. Agree with PBY's crying scene. I remember this scene in SWDBS, where she was begging Min Hyuk to go while crying her heart out. There's something in the way she cries that just tugs at your heart strings, making you feel the same hurt she's trying to portray .
  8. Henry reunited with his Super Junior-M group mates Kyuhyun and Ryeowook! On May 20, Henry posted two photos on Twitter: one backstage with Kyuhyun and another sitting in the audience with Ryeowook. It appears that he attended Kyuhyun’s “The Day We Meet Again” fan meeting event that day! Henry wrote in Korean in the caption, “I’ve been […] The post Henry Shares Sweet Photos From Reunion With Kyuhyun And Ryeowook appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. What is this ? I was hoping for a new couple photo since this is Chinese's Valentine https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4374012261823033
  10. They have started filming the 2nd story of History 3. Initially called 奇迹 Miracle, now changed to 那一天 (loosely translated as That One Day). Think it's school-life-related. Chinese article with brief mention on this at the end of article. https://www.chinatimes.com/cn/amp/realtimenews/20190516002467-260404 Instagram of the 4 main actors (from left to right) : https://www.instagram.com/wil_entertain/ https://www.instagram.com/tomgoldbear/ https://www.instagram.com/chunchih_huang/ https://www.instagram.com/actor_wayne/
  11. 190520 WINWIN Weibo Update “Happy 520” Translated by PeachyDelights - SM_NCT
  12. I could go further and say if I see another matching post from the both of them, it would be more believable than the matching colors/style because I have been browsing through and the times where they posted were insanely similar like <1 hours apart on the same day. Although PMY’s schedule might be busier than PSJ, but one can truly hope that she gets a well deserved rest before her next project and maybe show her support (mental and physical) to the lovely PSJ’s upcoming dramas and potential romances involved.
  13. Runningman filming (20th May 2019) I think jong kook is standing next to ji hyo... If you zoom closely https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/71874755.html?weibo_id=4374158928919608
  14. Hi and sincerest apologies to everyone, I felt like I neglected this thread for too long, mainly because I felt this ship was too smooth going forward and I had to fan some flames in another thread. @intrariver‘s latest post looks very interesting, maybe I should consider delurking and reading all the posts from this thread again to see if I am able to find that video that she is referring to, preferabbly on IG since YouTube isn’t available now. However, her point seems really valid and I do have a slight inkling that maybe they are trying to cover up their tracks now. Any specific fans with more experience in this could offer their more professional views on this matter? All in all, it’s a good day to be a shopper in this thread. So hope you guys enjoy this moment going forward!
  15. So far I felt more for the general than the prince. Considering their background, the General always has the short end of the stick. And as fate has it, he’s always late at saving the FL. As the story goes on, I felt the story isn’t heartbreaking enough for the main couples, all I see is how heartbreaking the General is. I’m definitely watching it for the General atm lol, because frankly, the main couple development is pretty normal, nothing new or exciting -.- I’m not even feeling happy when they realised they still think/love for each other, or feeling sad when they break up again! regarding the ending (don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled)
  16. Extract from Soompi Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Talk About The Kind Of Love Story They Want To Show Together May 20, 2019 by C. Hong On May 20, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” held a press conference with the director, Ahn Pan Suk, and the cast. “One Spring Night” is a romance about two ordinary people who fall in love. Jung Hae Inplays a pharmacist named Yoo Ji Ho and Han Ji Min plays a librarian named Lee Jung In. Ahn Pan Suk, who had previously worked with Jung Hae In on “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” was asked about taking on another melodrama. He replied, “I don’t think about genre when I pick my projects. I have my hands full with just creating a story that makes sense. What can I think of? Can I make that into a story? It’s not easy to find a project that can tell a good story. When you ask me, ‘Why another melodrama?’, the answer is that the story made sense to me.” Han Ji Min was also asked why she chose “One Spring Night” as her next project. She replied, “I liked that this drama had no MSG or additives in the storyline. It’s about the simple, realistic concerns that we all have about love and marriage.” She added, “Unlike other characters, Lee Jung In has a lot of emotional and realistic dialogue. The dialogue that our characters share is the kind of thing that real lovers and friends say to each other. Lee Jung In can also be selfish. Every person has multiple sides to their personality. Even when you try to look like something else, your true side comes out when you fall in love.” Jung Hae In said, “I think that the situation between Lee Jung In and Yoo Ji Ho is somewhere between coldness and passion. It’s a situation in which it’s hard to get up the courage to approach the other person, or let yourself be approached. I found that very appealing. When I was reading the script, I thought it was a realistic depiction of how an ordinary man meets a woman and falls in love. I sat down and read it all in one sitting.” Han Ji Min said of her co-star, “I think that I got a lot of help this time on set. Jung Hae In worked with the director before, as did most of the production staff, so he was able to tell me helpful things. He gave me a lot of tips about things I was concerned about, as well as how to work with the director. He gave me a lot of help. Filming was very comfortable as a result.” Jung Hae In said, “I can’t pick a single word to describe [our relationship on set]. We swap stories, contact each other off-set, and talk about the script. We grew very comfortable with one another. She is naturally someone with a cool personality that makes other people comfortable, so I was able to act in a comfortable environment.” “One Spring Night” premieres on May 22 at 9 p.m. KST. It will be MBC’s first drama to air in that time slot.
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  18. I recently found out that Jo Aera (i forgot her real name) was a famous actress and also used to be a female lead. Her acting is very good too. Tomorrow will be her last day if not, let’s celebrate Aera’s last day before going to jail.
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