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  2. If you don't fancy the idea of ppc might being a real life couple & don't appreciate psj & pmy both as individual & actors you should keep you mouth shut & look for some other forum which is active with solo pmy stans! cause in this forum we consider psj & pmy as equal & fancy the idea of them being togetger! thank you
  3. Please just shipping happily without comparing with each other..it's ok if you guys want compare between scene..but don't compare like hpl not got high ranting because kjw not popular and wwwsk high ranting because psj popular..don't psj vs pmy..this compare are not good and will make bad effect to pmy..
  4. Thanks a ton for serving my wild imagination T_T i guess she didn't call him bulldozer for nothing
  5. Gentle Monster event 10/05/19 7 cr: https://sunshineemine.blogspot.com
  6. What a funny question !!! but I really wanted to know too what about her open bag at airport ...at that time I thought that is some new fashion style cto.
  7. Yes, with my little understanding about Korean language, it's seemed they're talking about "departing / getting off" like what @CI0 mentioned. Indeed, they're very offended by it. They also mentioned it at Knowing Brothers when they appeared as guest separately. It's just tell me how much RM means for our SA. No wonder, if SA didn't want to ruin the show only for their own benefits. And, no other member share this same painful moment other than these two people, which, I believe made SA closer than ever (if it's possible to become any closer).
  8. The identity of contestant Chain Letter was revealed on this week’s episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer”! During the May 19 episode, Chain Letter went up against contestant Lantern in the second round and sang Kim Kwang Seok’s “Though I Loved You” while his competitor sang Hwasa’s “Twit.” Chain Letter was able to leave the panelists […] The post Popular Idol Currently Promoting As Solo Artist Impresses With His Smooth Voice On “The King Of Mask Singer” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. 190519 EXO #SUHO, met with Cho Seung Woo X Park Eun Tae from 'Jekyll'.. "Thank you for the great performance"
  10. Hiroshi seems really power hungry, I wonder if him setting Fukada up with YJ is also because of the promise he extracted from Fukada to be on his side when him and YJ needs it. I think he's much more dangerous than Oda and the police chief because unlike the other two, he doesn't make false moves, he goes right in for the kill and he covers his tracks. I think YJ understands his true nature hence why she is somewhat aloof/wary of him at times. YJ is such a complicated and mysterious character, I get why both Fukada and WB are intrigued by her. This is getting more interesting now that Fukada is trying to gain more power in his own way and that he's going to investigate WB. I get why he feels crushed though, that smile YJ showed to WB and her whole demeanor is so different from the YJ he knows, she seems completely relaxed with WB. Oof.
  11. u hv to use ur imagination ..since PMY wasnt half nekkid like PSJ in the drama, i jst gotta work with what i had lol
  12. Our Ryan Gold updates his IG https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxo-HDhFIHD/?igshid=168b5q823qile
  13. The way you guys praise psj it make like pmy was nothing and only psj make pmy look good..that what i feel when i read the comments..I'm not deny psj popular because he just rising 3 ago..all psj got now pmy already got it first long year ago so no need to mention i already aware ..pmy 14year in industry she doesn't need that kind of popularity anymore..this why pmy doesn't need to be date with popular star cause it's ruin her..the last one lmh..it's trauma enough for her to date that kind of star..even she date psj it's never gonna make they happy at the end..because of this kind of fan who like to compare and make her look nott good..
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