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  2. If she doesn't, I guess people also start to think pmy n kjw have 'something'. I think most of people who hate pmy' (because she posted with abh) are immature shipper.
  3. @liemmeciau Yes, I think Tao started to like wine because of Ryota too. Mini magazine April issue 2019 Q: What kind of things that a girl say to you would make your heart flutter and make you happy? Ryota: "You are amusing." Perhaps it is because I have the soul of Osaka. If I'm being told that I'm amusing I would be very happy. So it is when she says to me that she is very happy when she is together with me and that she finds it amusing. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4373961641379401 Credit: 片寄凉太应援博
  4. Haha V3 thread, all of us suddenly become some blood thirty psychopaths. Our nature have awaken even our ‘purest’ minded people suddenly is like “I want to see him turn bad!” I can’t hahaha we used a lot of this emoji too 888
  5. I hope so too. That’s true. Channel tends to interfere and ruin most of the times. But personally, I have my feet in both boats this time because of the writer. I’m anxious and nervous about the writer. I hope they do whatever’s best. @immorethant What’s non-televised video release? Cuts that didn’t make it to the episodes?
  6. So the father is the real monster. He really is a complex person and the mother did her part into asuming everything. They are the one that need to be at jail.
  7. I was rewatching the last episode and I had a hunch that DM’s mom and family is YJ foster family for a while, when he was left in the playground he was wearing the brown shirt and that the first time they met in childhood, I saw a post and I apologize because I didn’t remember who was it. Anyway, maybe they took him for a while and DM’s mom can’t afford to have another child so she has no choice but to leave him in the orphanage. But I don’t understand why she left him like that, at least she should explain the situation. I’m working with children for a long time and never underestimate the child, sometimes we treat them like that because we taught it’s good for them; that’s why we are there to support them and let them understand if we talk to them honestly they will understand us, even though they will ask question that’s difficult to answer we can always find a way to find the best answer for them. Do I make sense? Anyway that’s My thought.
  8. Hes pretty good at sweeping the floor lol 886
  9. Another psychopath. We have so many Soompi psychopaths here hahaha. Yeah, BJS definitely will come back. He died too simply. It’s not that simple for sure.
  10. Lol, there's too many of them already plus you need to count some of us too... our bloodthirsty nature awakened
  11. I hope she wont post with her current costar. Good enough she has shown everyone she has good relationship with him through the bts scenes. She already caused fire posting with ABH, I'm afraid she will get more if she did that. Poor queen, you dont deserve to get hurt for showing your closeness.
  12. I am almost sure, to kill him just now - this is a waste of maniacs! Insist!!!
  13. Nahh we are just adding some ‘chaos’ into the pot. Haha joining the dark side is fun you won’t regret it. Stay and just watch as Kousuke starts coming out. ps, I have a obsession with Kousuke. I want to see him in person! I want I want! Haha was kinda sad about the dream, but wow..he looks good covered in blood
  14. @annie1234 whoever hate this drama or complaint that this drama is no good, they are actually jealous of our couple's best chemistry when they are together.. If they said they don't like too many skinship in this drama, they must be not normal people who like to watch rom com drama.. otherwise they probably those who like to watch horror/ thriller / mystery genre drama Just forgive them... or maybe if you guys saw someone complaint about too many kissing or skinships in this drama, let's reply to their comments and tell them to watch horror / thriller drama.. don't watch this drama and talk bad about this rom com drama..we who love rom com love this drama except those who still cannot move on with PMY and that other person (i don't want to mention his name here) chemistry not as good as PMY and KJW
  15. I know right, what have you two done? How will I live with this? The more I watch the more I'm getting pissed off that KW doesn't go to the dark side. I was sitting there watching the latest episode and thinking that I want to see Kousuke already, come on, director, bring it on. Gosh, the dude is such a tease for two full seasons, I can't even! I feel so torn right now, on the one hand, I'm so curious about Kousuke but on the other hand, I want more of that tsundere KW from season 2, so that skinship made me squeal like an idiot. I feel like at the end of this season we'll all develop multiple personalities if this goes on.
  16. I still want to feed my shipper's heart at the moment. I will leave his craziness for blood aside first for that first skinship.... Haaaaa.... I'm half full tonight. I am not gonna hope for far-fetch kiss scene, but I would love to see at least a hug this season. Oh my heart.... I'm already squealing my heart out over the excitement (and imagination...hmmm )
  17. yes, it did some. but still wondering what is that point of change in their relationship because from the outside, it doesn't look like their interactions have changed that much. at least to me, it just feels more or less like a continuation of before. they are super at ease which is why we are getting so much skinship as a non-couple. it is like those friends movies where we see two people who should be together but they don't see it...from the beginning, it struck me that she was acting more like wifey than secretary. if we see the other ladies in the office, they know how to draw a line. however, gal hee saw it as more keeping her job..... but no one commented on it earlier...
  18. Omg @meon I think we successfully converted Nate haha. Didn’t you said in the earlier pages that you wish that KW will not go bad? Hahaha.
  19. I love our community here.. Coming from different countries but united to show the love for PSH. And we all are staying positive and hoping our star will shine BRIGHTEST!!! Love to you all
  20. 884 what to watch after mister gold? I want to watch angel but that guy is too young and seems inexperienced wkwkwkwk Mr. gold raised my level love him whenever he pushed pmy and corners her and pressed his body onto her. After this, I can not watch any actor who doesn’t know how to kiss properly Kwkwkwwk
  21. Videos yesterday roadshow. I think CFY didnt come to today ChongQing roadshow, dont know why. 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375976164158020/4375976609125655 2.https://www.meipai.com/media/1113177563
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