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  2. Hi hnfragile, CBM Press + Entertainment and UVanU are the groups coordinating his FM in Vancouver. CMB Press Entertainment is an Advertising Agency in Vancouver. Ticket Prices: $390, $250, $180, $120, $90 (plus applicable taxes and fees) Ticket Inquiries & Purchase: * CBM Press + Entertainment at 604.401.1144 or 778.840.8356 * online at Ticketmaster → https://www.ticketmaster.ca/search?q=RAIN+2019:+Vancouver+Fan+Meeting&fbclid=IwAR37Q-krldTaXkyaHFjjDyV6w29ozfMcuLA-JPKYpKG54Ohpgzsi-f-trhE
  3. @triplem when do they update the psychom's episodes every week? Just saying. I might watch it. But if there are anything that i feel better to watch. Then i will watch that. 970 Thanks for deleting it for me lol
  4. This week people Yeahhh it looks fun hahah seeing Nam GIl with his rotating kick haha
  5. i like the scene where MS and MR confide to one another.. its like, MR was supposed to be helping MS reconcile with SJ and ended up, MS being concerned about IS in the same company as MR.. the sisterhood bond is so touching.. much better than MR and MH in the karaoke scene although, i must admit my dislike for MH lessened a teeny bit.. sigh.. when people are in heaty quarrels they lost their minds to think and blurt hurtful words, when MS shouted to SJ that she din ask for her mom to be a widow i almost wanted to jump into the tv screen and slap her face! like how the heck dare speak to your mother like this!! there is really a lot of backgrounds revealed in this episode which clears out a lot of questions and doubts. TJ is worried since IS said that she will find the chance to remove MR from her position to punish her.. haha, i must say.. women bear lots more grudges than men i think the plot in the earlier page of the synopsis could be true, MR might get replaced by TJ.. there is going to be a lot of betrayal and hatred building up, and hopefully some nice closure not too late at the end of the whole drama.. oh, i like JB hahaha i think he is like BFF but being friendzoned. perfect guy buddy but none in the romantic way
  6. heheh PSJ throughout that clip "where am I, idk what's going on. She's on my laps, I can't think straight" U know the more I review stuff about PPC, I feel like PSJ never actually hid his feelings regarding their relationship. Yes he's definitely protective but looking back I dont think he was ever shy to show the public what PMY is to him. His body language to me confirmed that.
  7. I love the fanmeet pics. KJS is just such an attractive man, and he seems like such a lovely person too. I love how it's become tradition for the PM guys to attend one another's fanmeet, the bromance is adorable! Anyway, this isn't a shipping thread so I'm not inclined to turn it into one. I just wanted to say though, that every one of those guys who appeared on RM, and most especially JSM, know how to work variety. Call me a cynic, but I'll be surprised if any of those 'feelings' were real at this point. The guesting was a good promotion for TSYB though, so if season 2 is in the works... Well at least the PD knows people love the KJS and JSM pairing. KJS definitely got the most attention out of the guests, and for good reason. He worked really hard.
  8. If you guys have any more ZM and WJ new cut scenes and available in the TvB version, please share! I would love to watch it.
  9. Done sushi ! 968 hmm I am actually excited for my oppa’s new drama . They are cute together. She’s not the perfect secretary which is refreshing sorry I might choose this over HPL if time is tight
  10. Last lot! Q: Did any interesting happen during the filming of the drama? Can you share them with us? LY: Can I mention the term ‘eating richard simmons’ in the interview? I mentioned this while speaking to (an acting) teacher. I didn’t know how explain myself. I think she thought I really ate it. Q: This is your first drama as male lead. Do you have any thoughts/feelings/experiences you’d like to share? LY: I think the matter of the type of roles I get are minor in comparison to the lot of things I have to still learn. Q: What is your ideal type? LY: She should be kind, and should have a good personality. Q: Is there something you’d like to do this year? Can you share with us? LY: I would like to strongly promote Put Your Head on my Shoulder! Q: Can you describe in 3 words the first impression you think others have of you? LY: Very tall, very good-looking and a little self-absorbed (haha...I wld add that he has good self-awareness) Q: what would you do and give your other half on her birthday? LY: Making her happy is the greatest gift of all. (Awww) *end of fan questions* *start of reporter questions* Q: You mentioned that you do not possess the attractiveness of a god/saint. But how would you rate yourself on a scale of 10? LY: I don’t. But if I did, you might like to give me a score? (Cleverly evaded..teehee. I give 12!) Q: What part(s) of your features are you most satisfied with? LY: I like them best when they are all together. Q: I heard you’ve travelled solo to Sri Lanka. Are you the sort who likes doing things alone? LY: No, I am not but as long as I have my mobile phone with me, I’d be fine. Q: If you are stranded on an island and can only bring 3 items, what would you bring? LY: One item would be sufficient- a musical instrument (I don’t know exactly what a duo1 la1 A qin2 is) Q: Can you send love in 5 different ways through the screen? LY: (provides the requisite fan service) *during the credit roll* Q: Can you use 3 words to describe your current situation? LY: Learning, growing and having choices Q: What sort of choices do you face? LY: I am 20 and at the turning point in my life. I have many different things I can do and hence choices to make. The end!
  11. finally seeing more sy in the drama bts. I like the scene she hits the bad guy on the head for molesting the waitress- shows she is spunky
  12. In a behind-the-scenes reel for the upcoming SBS drama “The Secret Life of My Secretary,” actors Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo gave viewers a taste of their incredible chemistry. The drama is a romantic comedy about a boss named Do Min Ik (Kim Young Kwang) and his secretary Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki Joo), who starts to lead a double life when she is mistaken for someone else. The behind-the-scenes video released on April 22 takes us behind the actors’ first day on set. Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo are all smiles and laughter as they joke around and play games with each other between takes. After perfectly handling a scene with a difficult word, Jin Ki Joo celebrates, and Kim Young Kwang praises the actress on a job well done. Later the two play a game to kill some time before their next scene. Kim Young Kwang says, “Acting on set and working with other members of the cast, I think this is going to be a fun drama.” Watch the behind-the-scenes video: “The Secret Life of My Secretary” airs on May 6 at 10 p.m. KST, taking over the time slot occupied by “Haechi.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1319486wpp/watch-kim-young-kwang-and-jin-ki-joo-show-incredible-chemistry-behind-the-scenes-of-the-secret-life-of-my-secretary
  13. Thanks! I'm glad you see the same. I do think that ZM's early ruthless tendencies is because she was born into Mongolian royalty in time of you conquer me and I conquer you. I forgot who she said it to, but she said that if only she was born a male, she could do so much more for her country. It goes to show how she was politically nurtured just by simply being born into royalty. Yes - I remember ZM's reaction when WJ gave back her sword! The girl knew she was in trouble LOL. I love XZ!! And I loved ZM's flashback of her farewell conversation with XZ. XZ definitely knew her master well and it was so touching that XZ knew that she could trust WJ in ZM's hands. I was glad that ZM got that confirmation from XZ.
  14. 190423 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “Happy birthday Jeno-yah. Whether it is back then or right now you're always this cute @.@" Translated by wangjaenims - SM_NCT 190422 SIRIUSXM Twitter Update with NCT 127
  15. SBS’s hit drama “Haechi” is still going strong! On April 22, “Haechi” successfully maintained its position as the most-watched drama of Monday and Tuesday nights, scoring not only the highest viewership ratings in its time slot but also the highest ratings of any drama airing that evening. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest broadcast of […] The post “Haechi” Remains No. 1 Drama Of Monday Nights Amidst Stiff Competition appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. I just read about this yesterday! Below is the original post, I'll try to do a rough translation. The writer extracts this part from the novel to help people understand the reason WJ stopped ZM from killing ZYZ. ZM is able to forgive him because she knows he wasn't just doing it for the greater good, but also to protect her from doing something she'll regret. The drama filmed their first hotpot date but not the entire conversation, so here's the rest— WJ: "Then I will stop you." [from taking revenge and killing their entire family, friends & everyone they know] ZM: "Why? You will side with my enemies?" WJ: "Each time you kill someone, it adds to your sins. The person you kill won't know anything after death, so be it, but have you thought about how much pain and suffering you will cause to his parents, children, siblings & spouse? In the future, when you recall your own actions, it will weigh heavily on your conscience. My godfather has killed many people. I know that although he does not say it out loud, he is very remorseful and guilt-ridden." ZM: [doesn't respond, but silently ponders in her heart everything that WJ just said...] Credit to Weibo writer— 都说大结局崩,细细品味原著中的这段话吧 赵敏听他说得诚恳,想了一想,道:“那是你心地仁厚,倘若是我,那可办不到。要是谁害死了我的爹爹哥哥,我不但杀他满门,连他亲戚朋友,凡是他所相识的人,我个个要杀得干干净净。” 张无忌道:“那我定要阻拦你。” 赵敏道:“为什么?你帮助我的仇人么?” 张无忌道:“你杀一个人,自己便多一分罪孽。给你杀了的人,死后什么都不知道了,倒也罢了,可是他的父母子女、兄弟妻子可有多伤心难受?你自己日后想起来,良心定会不安。我义父杀了不少人,我知道他嘴里虽然不说,心中却是非常懊悔。” 赵敏不语,心中默默想着他的话……
  17. The K-drama universe is amazing. No matter the genre, the story behind every Korean drama is embedded with all sorts of sub-genres, all coming together as one. On top of the laughter, the romance, the thriller, and even the melodrama, we gain one more thing when watching our favorite actors and actresses onscreen: a set of […] The post 16 Memorable Life Lessons That K-Dramas Have Taught Us appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  18. What is the song? just curious! Currently watching the series for the umteenth time. I’ve realized that, while I like LMH in other roles, I’m really more of a “LMH as Choi Young in Faith” fan. It’s a wonderful role played very well. Someone posted an excerpt from the end of Ep 7 on Facebook where there’s no dialog. He goes through several strong emotions from rage to resignation using those wonderfully expressive eyes. It will be interesting to see what he does next after leaving his alternative military service.
  19. 190422 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update 190422 siriusxmhits1 update with NCT 127
  20. sy posted by her co sy’s part in the drama
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