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  2. This week’s special guest was the Visual Director from Marvel Studios .. Haha those who like him with his 5 o clock shadow will be pleased
  3. D-1 to one spring night. It is good to know that they are comfortable working with each other. I agree that based on the drama scenes, the way they meet is very typical and ordinary. I am so excited for tomorrow
  4. PARK BO GUM BLOOMIN' #talkconcertinkobe JAPAN May 19, 2019
  5. The word they have been using all this while is just simply "sexual assault". So no one knows exactly the extend of the assault. We might find out soon in the next episode.
  6. Not rambling at all! All precious observations! If, as you have pointed out, “THAT deleted video still in the playlist is something that got published AFTER the yellow shirts kiss”, it makes you wonder what that video after the yellow shirts kiss could have contained, seeing it was (in the order it was put up) AFTER this kiss scene. Hmmm....the possibilities...
  7. @haelan I see that we continue to be on the same page! Couldn’t have said it better. This was definitely one of my favorite scenes from this episode as well and I completely agree with your thoughts. I mentioned that I wanted to see a scene where they created art together and so I was very satisfied with this scene. The fact that Ryan can’t even trace something when he used to be heralded as a genius painter is such a point of insecurity for him and the fact that he was able to show this to her and not only feel safe and accepted by her but helped by her was beautiful. I wholeheartedly agree with you about loving the connection between hands as a way to communicate safety, trust, and intimacy and so it was a perfect to use that as the first thing that he’s drawn with with the help of DM. I agree that they are both so observant and in tune with one another. Ryan was this way when he was protecting DM behind the scenes with her sexuality and also her fangirling. And now DM as she helps Ryan heal from his past. I do think DM is especially good at it and I agree about her being able to empathize so well. I realized that she’s really good at initiating conversations that lead to people opening up. For example, at the end of episode 12, before Ryan finally shares about the paintings and his mom, she just simply asks when he first saw the paintings, which leads to Ryan sharing. In episode 5, when they’re at the writer’s cabin, she simply states to the writer about hearing that him and the photographer were very close friends, which leads to the author sharing more about their history. She’s not pushy but creates open-ended conversations that allow people to share on their own terms. Love that about DM. I also loved the scene where DM says, “Hello, Heo Yoon Jae.” It reminded me of their conversation at the writer’s cabin. And I’m a firm believer in fostering and adopting, so I would love it if they decided to adopt a child from that orphanage towards the end! I doubt that would happen lol, but it would be awesome. I am honestly not that excited about this whole mom storyline and even their potential childhood connection, but like I said, I am all in with this couple and so I am okay with it as long as they handle it well. Episodes 11 and 12 were really great in delving into Ryan’s past and allowing him to finally be vulnerable with DM, so I’m hoping they would continue to handle everything in a similar manner. And echoing everyone else, I loved the recent BTS so much. I am enjoying them as much as the drama. LOL. I’ve never shipped a couple from a drama in real life, but I agree that they have such good chemistry off screen, that I can see why people are shipping them!
  8. @Lawyerh I shall not spoil the ending of My Mister for you... For me it's quite unexpectantly pleasant. 572
  9. Well considering none of them had ever played basketball..while angsty they sorta kinda ok...along with the tight editing... I usually try to find out who the directors are - those with cinematic background and/or 3 or more series under their belts generally produce a higher quality and intelligent BL series and understand the phrase " adaptation of a novel " more than those who shoot page by page. There are perhaps 4 such directors out there in the BL Universe. HCTM director is one of them. I've learned to watch raw so I don't get caught up reading dialogue on first watch. My Mandarin is much better than my Thai only cause I watch Chinese Historical Fantasies.....but I get by. Actually,
  10. I possibly would like the main couple subtlety if the main actor was better at acting, he literally has like 1 emotion :/ I just don’t feel the love as strongly as I would like between the two leads. I know you like Aarif but his micro expression that you said isn’t convincing :/ I think mainly because his eyes aren’t conveying the emotions for me :/ also his character is like every other male lead in an idol drama, lacking the layers, when he meant to have some :/ literally after his phobia with woman is over (for the FL), his character just dropped for me.
  11. I want to know more about this couple love them I want to know more about this couple love them
  12. I also would like to see a wedding scene and our OTP living happily in their married life. I don't know why, but if I can see our OTP get married, it's like they seal the deal for me and I'm sure they will live happily ever after and i will feel satisfied at the end of the drama. Hoping this series will end with a very nice and satisfying ending for everyone.
  13. @mrsj3n I may be wrong but I believe it started off with JS' bullying of Dong Hee. When Seon Ho started defending her instead of supporting his actions, JS turned on him by making him an outcast among them, stringing Da Hee along, leading to the Avengers game (luring him in by threatening to bring Dong Hee if he did not comply, and keeping him quiet by saying Soo Ho would be next if he didn't). I am not sure if the Avengers "game" happened before or after Da Hee's birthday (when JS dumped her after she broke her movie date with Seon Ho), but my guess is it is probably after. Nonetheless, definitely it all came to a head when Seon Ho visited Da Hee with the flowers, heard from her that she was assaulted from JS, leading to the confrontation and tragic outcome at Laputa.
  14. Hi everyone.. Im just glad to know that both husband and wife are busy alternately.. I am yet to watch a drama with sang woo.. I am a fan of so yeon.. What 1st drama can u recommend guys?
  15. Aye, I follow your reasoning about Mes in the temple - though the monk did behave as though this was an everyday occurrence, perhaps it is. As for the director, you are right, you need to pay attention. I think it is harder for us foreigners because we have to watch, listen and read the subtitles. I've just watched it again over the past few evenings. Apart from a couple of moments of basketball angst which I skipped over, the rest is on the button.
  16. I don’t get why more dramas don’t seal the deal with a joyful wedding and I was so happy Secretary Kim did. It would be even more special in the drama
  17. Today
  18. Me too! I really wish for happy ending and Ryan do deserve a happy family! It is nice to see the finale not only wedding but small family and with the in-laws. I also hope happy ending for Eun Gi dan his mother. No more tears!
  19. Good point! I think you're right actually. Though but I remember the timeline and everything could still make sense. Da Hee's birthday happened a while back and she didn't go to school. But she only told her parents pointing fingers to Soon Ho the day of Soon Ho's accident, this was in the first conversation between her parents and Soon Ho's parents. They didn't know what was so wrong until then they said. If enough time had passed then there's nothing to go check and there are discreet ways to check pregnancy concerns.
  20. @blademan I think it’s a temporary thing too . Ahh so they are going to go through the 3 instances you mentioned? I have yet to watch with subs but you know when he suddenly had a vision , the real VP also came in ...so was it because of her ( he was excited ) or he’s subconsciously fallen for Gal Hee? Lol , I dunno . -////— Secret Life of My Secretary] Eps 9 & 10 spoilers, Kim Young Kwang & Jin Ki Joo Article: Naver 'Secret Life of My Secretary' Kim Young Kwang, tension, able to see faces now... Jin Ki Joo 'heart flutters♥' UP 1. [+90,-8] I'm watching this casually, and it's kind of immersive.. 2. [+48,-7] Ah.. Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo are the odor couple. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's unexpectedly funny. ㅋㅋㅋ Kim Young Kwang's armpit odor's pheromones made Jin Ki Joo fall for him. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. [+46,-9] When Kim Young Kwang turned her head and stared at her, it was so heart fluttering... He's pretty when he smiles, and even his voice is good too. 4. [+33,-5] It's not very interesting, but it's watchable. But Jung Gal Hee, at that rate, isn't that an impersonation crime? 5. [+17,-1] A drama that makes my heart flutter~ 6. [+16,-2] Everyone, watch this. I didn't think much while watching this, but I'm a fan now because it's heart fluttering. 7. [+19,-7] Kim Young Kwang is really pretty when he smiles. 8. [+16,-4] Today's was interesting... Jin Ki Joo gets prettier the more dramas she does... And she seems to have a variety of expressions now... 9. [+12,-0] I really like this chemistry. The female lead is so cute. https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/05/secret-life-of-my-secretary-eps-9-10.html?m=1
  21. Me too!! I'm already feeling heartbroken thinking about the end. All I think about these past few weeks is this drama and I don't know how to move on when it ends. I also feeling sad because we can't see our sweetest Labit couple anymore. But we should just enjoy this until the end and remember this drama as one of our greatest memories.
  22. Omg. Mr Dimples in a uniform . My k drama dreams come true . I love men in uniform- cops especially
  23. My thoughts: Hi @Carmarie ! So I backtracked. I read @bebebisous33 theory. I agree with you. I can understand why she thinks her theory. I'm glad she answered your questions! I have questions too. And I don't think Deok Mi's mother pushed RG away. I think he was too late. I think he should have told Deok Mi his feelings in the beginning. But now she has Ryan. And Ryan has her. I don't think they should have been 'fake dating.' I think that just confused Deok Mi. I am so sad that he was left at an orphanage. I have a question about Lee Sol's paintings. But I'm not sure if a lot of people have seen episode 12. And I suck and making Spoilers. Can't wait for episode 13 subs!!!
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