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  2. HJ hides her face under the umbrella. He goes to help her up but she runs off. She runs into SY. Dude HJ get it together. Okay cut to HJ and SY inside now talking about what happened. I wanted to see SY chase down that evil YC . HJ seems like she was going to open up to SY about her childhood but she couldn't do it and ran off...
  3. Still watching episode 12.. Salute to KJW acting..feel sadness from eyes Ryan in draw scene. Poor second hero and heroin.. Its ok you can both couple
  4. HJ and SY are in a taxi following YC...detective park was watching from a big cctv screen and giving thrm directions but now I don't know what's going on. Detective park got called away I guess and they had to give up the chase... I'm not sure how much HJ knows at this point but she seems to be cooperating with SY... Ok maybe they did successfully follow YC. YC is walking around with the abyss ball while SY is running around in the rain. Her and HJ split up. SY spots YC and the ball first. But then HJ spots him. She gets a glimpse of his face and remembers being held captive and then run over by the truck. She realizes it's the same man and falls down. YC turns around.....commercials lol
  5. snippets are already being posted here: https://tv.naver.com/cjenm.tvNabyss/clips
  6. Jo Bo Ah watching the famous Manila Bay Sunset (along the Baywalk) at the filmset? I see a Calesa... can we see a scene of them riding a Calesa?
  7. Oh dear you’re right. This photo is giving us all the clues And LDW almost always sporting peach/pink in Produce x101. Hee hee hee
  9. Landlady tries to pretend like she didn't see anything and leave but he grabbed her from behind with a knife in his hand. The show is not turning down the violence.... YC is digging a grave for the landlady now. The abyss is throbbing. He threw the ball right next to the lady's body. Lol guess it's gonna work on her! But what happened to the body of the first person he killed? Hmmm YC that dumb idiot killer buried the lady with the abyss ball. Is he really so dumb not to realize the abyss ball is something magical? He watches in shock as the ground starts to move. Zombie apocalypse! Oh wait it's not that kind of show...heh
  10. May 20 2019 5 character posters for KBS2 drama series “Perfume” Here’s 5 character posters for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Perfume” starring Go Won-Hee and Shin Sung-Rok. The character posters are of Go Won-Hee as Min Ye-Rin, Shin Sung-Rok as Seo Yi-Do, Cha Ye-Ryun as Han Ji-Na, Kim Min-Kyu as Yoon Min-Seok and Ha Jae-Suk as Min Jae-Hee. Go Won-Hee’s Min Ye-Rin is a rising model. Shin Sung-Rok’s Seo Yi-Do is a genius, but mean spirited fashion designer. Cha Ye-Ryun’s Han Ji-Na used to be a top model and she now works as the director of a modeling agency. Kim Min-Kyu’s Yoon Min-Seok is a star idol. Ha Jae-Suk’s Min Jae-Hee is a housewife and she is a big fan of idol Yoon Min-Seok. Caption on the character posters states in English “Make a move … ’cause you’re alive, alive … We ain’t gonna get a second chance.” http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/5-character-posters-for-kbs2-drama-series-perfume
  11. PiChi cap is clearer here (you have to click the photo to see it):
  12. Hi I went to Deokmi's house again and there was filming!!!!! It is a scene between Deokmi and Eungi... The staffs allowed fans to watch behind a car under a condition that we won't film anything...it's a bit far from the actual filming... so we couldn't even see nor hear whatever going on haha. It was also funny cuz an ahjumma was peering around the area so closely when they were filming...the staffs asked her to go, but she kept hovering around haha =)))))))))))))) I actually passed EunGi and Deokmi within close distant while filming but they were taking a rest (ofc if not, staffs wouldn't allow me to pass haha). The filming finished at 10pm-ish... The weather is colder today, but PMY only wore short... Poor her must be feeling so cold so after the filming ended she ran for her life to her van...so cute :3 The other fans and I hid behind Ahn Bohyun's van (just found out when he finished filming and entered the van)...so I greeted him and told him he did a great job. He returned my greeting well... He's so nice... (and I didn't forget how to speak and breathe like when I saw Kim Jaewook XD)
  13. Ok it appears YC killed someone else. I can't tell who he killed. A woman it seems was lying bloody in a bathtub. YC was sitting on a bed when the abyss ball started to throb. The woman must have died at that moment. Someone is banging on the door. He opens it. It is some landlady I guess. He lets her in. But he leaves. Ummm there's blood splatter all over the wall. The landlady sees it but we don't see her discovering the body. Instead we see YC outside and leaving. Hmmmmmm. I'm missing a lot sorry. Oh shizzz is YC gonna kill the landlady too? Yes I think he is. Dang he's killing people left and right....
  14. So happy with Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho pairing :heart:

  15. Caught a flashback. It was a dream HJ was having. Think she was a kid with another kid. I guess they were watching their mom get beat up tho to be honest the women getting beat looked more like a teenage girl! It must have been HJ's mom unless it was HJ being beat up but then who were the kids? And if it were HJ then she got a whole new face. Anyways the man doing the beating up was definitely YC. We didn't see his face but heard his evil voice.
  16. 190519 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221541154492
  17. 562 I just read korean netter reactions about Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho and I am so angry how dare they underestimate my Kim Go Eun acting and beauty. This is why they must to stop to consume plastic surgery and botox. This makes them blind when judging people. They really judge people based on the cover cihhhhh.. They need to accept reality sometimes. Accepting what They got when they were born. Accepting their big nose or their small eyes. And they said her acting is not too good. Huekkkkkk So who’s acting is too good in their standard? Suzy at least kim go eun’s breast are real
  18. 190425 Shinhwa’s Eric [Q&A] #4WheeledRestaurant - USA EP.02 Source: Official Eric’s Story Translation: EricMun.tumblr
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