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  2. Funny that they both were confirmed at the same time.. Isn’t normally one by one. And this news release just after HB left the airport,so reporter didnt have the opportunity to ask him at the airport.. And seems like this news received sooo many positive respond,compare with the news about them got an offer.
  3. This show is a little dark, and Luo Jin may be a little to old to play the role of a "young" Yang Jian now. I've watched the actress playing Da Ji in another show (Traveling Across the Sea to See You) but never realized that sometimes the way she delivers her lines are a little.. bland. My favorite scenes so far are all the ones involving the "shifu" who got sent down to guide Yang Jian. Deng Lun is channeling evil quite well.
  4. Who says I want to be cured?? I'm very happy to be "infected" with everyone here tehehe
  5. As tvN’s “He is Psychometric” winds down to its final four episodes, the drama has shared new photos of GOT7’s Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun on set. “He is Psychometric” stars Jinyoung as Yi Ahn, a young man with psychometric powers, and Shin Ye Eun as Yoon Jae In, a police officer with a secret of her […] The post “He Is Psychometric” Reveals New Behind-The-Scenes Photos of GOT7’s Jinyoung And Shin Ye Eun appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Her Private Life” has revealed new photos of its stars Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook behind the scenes! The drama tells the story of gallery curator Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young), who leads a double life as an idol fangirl, and her prickly boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). https://www.soompi.com/article/1319177wpp/her-private-life-shares-gorgeous-behind-the-scenes-photos-of-park-min-young-and-kim-jae-wook
  7. I personally prefer trains to buses. Many people including me don't like slumming it in long-distance buses, even if on those two routes the bus is a bit faster than the train. With Eurail Pass it's really easy, comfy and affordable to travel through Europe
  8. I just finished watching episode 4 as promised, I am lucky to have a quiet afternoon. The ending of episode 3 which was the beginning of episode 4 took me by surprise too as did DM. I liked her acting because she was believable, anyone would be thrown too! Just this once, will talked briefly about my daughter who was killed last year while pursuing her graduate degree in fine arts at SCAD in Savannah GA. Those scenes where RG and DM were looking at a painting and also the discussion in the park. DM making a sketch was nostalgic for me, my daughter did that all the time, before you know it she would have drawn something and her painting from her first degree in fine arts are all over the house. STOP! I enjoyed the episode and can relate and like I wrote about episode 3, the story of the cast is enfolding and I am really following and want to know more about each character. I am amazed at Cindy though, she must have great parents and also have too much time on her hands. How does she have all the access and also got the internship so fast, so she could prove DM was lying. I love the friendship between DM and her bff, it’s fresh! What’s with the employee at DM’s friends’ shop? I think he posted the picture of DM with the story as she was recapping what happened when she and RG went to Sin An’s apartment! Love also that line from DM’s friend to the employee ‘there’s no pay, but I will make you into a human being’ paraphrased of course. I hope I can at least read all the recap as it happens this coming week. Thanks to everyone who has given their insight, great things about romantic comedy for me is watching how the OTP falls in love!
  9. TWICE will be the next “dream stars” to appear on JTBC’s “Stage K”! “Stage K” is a new dance cover variety show in which fans from all around the world compete for the chance to perform with a K-pop star. On April 21, the show released a new preview of its upcoming episode featuring TWICE. […] The post Watch: TWICE Is Blown Away By Their Fans’ Dance Covers In Preview For “Stage K” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. its because i was deluluing if dongwook pulled her closer on his accord? hahaha or did they rehearse that part too? i dont think so. just let me delulu that they only talked/rehearsed about angles and all but not that one
  11. Rational me: Jackie you have to stop this! You're making me MORE addicted The Real me: NOO! Keep 'em coming! [I was rewatching the 7 min MV in a public place and felt totally embarrassed when people walk by. I wonder if they think I'm watching porn, as avidly as I am watching this! ;)) But it is dope!]
  12. tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Her Private Life” has revealed new photos of its stars Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook behind the scenes! The drama tells the story of gallery curator Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young), who leads a double life as an idol fangirl, and her prickly boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim […] The post “Her Private Life” Shares Gorgeous Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. I'm already doing this, I've read the 77 pages of this topic LOL You guys are awesome
  14. Hope you guys don't mind me keep posting all these MVs. It's part of my therapy after the drama ended. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av48720167/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.5 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av48818002/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.0 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av48498756/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.4 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av47074142/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.1 Again painful to see so many attempted murder for MM https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49006199/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.2
  15. https://www.soompi.com/article/1318297wpp/8-k-dramas-that-prove-taking-the-bus-is-the-most-romantic-way-to-travel
  16. Yes, I prefer kiss over “I love you” because action is loud than words.
  17. A group of talented fans fulfilled their dream of performing on stage with Super Junior on JTBC’s “Stage K.” “Stage K” is a new dance cover variety show in which fans from all over the world compete for the chance to perform together with a K-pop star. On the April 21 episode, Super Junior’s Ryeowook, […] The post Watch: Super Junior Creates A Dream Performance With Winning Team Of “Stage K” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  19. Samsung galaxy 10 Millenials Choice 2019
  20. @See Wong I was actually thinking of the reality show real men He got interviewed about it : Park Seul Gi asks him if he’d ever want to do “Real Men,” to which he says that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t. “I’d have to be bad for the show to be fun, but I was an assistant instructor. If they told me to shoot, I’d hit all the targets, and that’d be no fun.” https://www.soompi.com/article/873043wpp/yoo-seung-ho-talking-xiumin-cant-go-real-men Yes, I wish to see at least once his shooting skills in an action genre. He truly lacks confidence and is very critical of himself. He went into hiding and beat himself up over his two not so successful movies in 2016. Then, he got praised for his perfomance in Ruler and he recovered his confidence again and was into a high rush which made him to quickly choose his next drama, IANAR, two months after the ending of ruler. I wish for him to finally get his breakthrough drama as an adult actor mainly because of his lack of confidence. Now he has become a bit scared to make a wrong move and to select too quickly a project. Usually when he goes into hiding like this, it's not a good sign. We should be hearing news of him reviewing scripts, being in talks but silence is reigning. I hope his next drama will proper him to the right path. No more bad dramas please. I also read his last FM interview, sadly the account who translated those and his news into english has gone hiatus. We've already lost YSHbiased who was our main source for english translated news since last year, now it looks like we've lost another kind soul who helped with the translations. @WoozyPrincess For you
  21. Ok, rewatched the episodes and I must say this again. I love RSY, he is the one that makes the drama watchable. He really gets the viewers into what his character is feeling whether it is his psycho self, his lost pitiful self, his protective self, his conflicted self or his rebelious self which he is now showing against his father. Now, I have something to look forward to next weekend, the fight between the father and the son. The cub lion is now fully grown and showing his teeth and snarling challenging the old one who is losing his teeth. I think whoever gets shot in the swimming pool, the father will have something to do with it. Father said, I know the very thing that will bring you down and he is talking about Ma Ri. However, IW I think already suspects that his mother did not kill herself and that the father and the stepmother had something to do with the death of his mother. When he learns about the truth of his mother's death with the help of therapy, maybe it will bring some healing and free him of his guilt. The most healing for IW will be letting go of Ma Ri realizing that he does not need her anymore that he can stand on his own without using another person as a crutch. I think He Ra deserves better. She also needs to let go of JW and be with someone who truly cares about her, who will fall in love with her. After the last episodes, Ma Ri and JW deserve each other. IW deserves a long time of healing and someday find a woman who loves him and whom he can love for who she is and not a substitue of his mother. For that to happen his healing process includes letting go of Ma Ri and realizing that his "love" was false, that he only needed Ma Ri to stay with him because she reminds him of his mother. When he gets it really gets it, I don't think he would even want to be with Ma Ri any longer.
  22. it's interesting to hear from a perspective of PSJ's fan acknowledging PMY like that. Just curious thou, what is it about this picture that made u officially shipped them lol
  23. I have watched it until ep 4 engsub in youtube, i found that the actor played as FuPei so resemble with HK actor William Chen WeiTing. So far his acting is so good that makes me hate him LoL. About GWY, he is more stiff than FP but maybe it is his character, cant help falling in love with character which cold outside, warm inside. I cant stop laughing when STM n GWY tried to get bed sheet from the tree LOL, and when they eat watermelon, i finally found a new way of eating watermelon . I also like STM, she so cute but sometimes she looks older and sometimes looks younger than the two male leads, she also resemble with actress Tong LiYa. I never watched ALSB, but i will watch it after this.
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