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  2. Thank you very much for this huge spoiler! Can you tell me how the story ended in the novel? And what's the real identity of the FL?
  3. Btw, to all my lovely Brethren who love sexiness. Have you ever felt there’s too much sexy in certain drama that made you sick? I am asking because some Salt Tribe mentioned it... No number
  4. Just a play of his name Dom Min Ik omg , he never actually saw VP. The woman in leopard print was the doctor’s Friend this This will be interesting - with a device to measure his blood pressure & heart beat .... Gal Hee feeling the pain as he shredded the contract
  5. DJ is having a meal with Uncle in a private room. Talking about some corporate stuff. VP's name is mentioned. Not catching much... Dom is cycling, as Doc's voice over about him having to exercise. He got tired and stopped to sit on the ground. He looked at the wristband measuring his heartbeat and thought about his last conversation with GH when she said she doesn't want to be seeing him. Then his heartbeat increased. GH is at a restaurant drinking alone and regretting for not signing the contract. Dom happened to go in there. He's surprised to see GH, and GH also tried to cover her face with her ponytail, LOL...and then trying to take off her red cardigan, LOL.... but too late, Dom saw her. They didn't sit together on same table, but back to back, as in preview. They kept talking like that and GH saw the wristband and asked about it. The server even commented aish why they don't sit together since they know each other. Dom is drunk sitting outside, he almost fell behind and GH caught him in time. He denied being drunk though, but he got up his bike the wrong way. He told GH that they should report to the police, because someone stole his bike handles, lolol..... GH offered to ride the bike for him then... Drunk Dom at first was holding to the strap of GH's bag, but as GH reached a hump, he then held on her tight, with heartbeat increasing... He wondered drunkenly why...
  6. to be clear, I wasn't trying to imply that KJK was being mean or insensitive. I just didn't think much of it because I wasn't following SJH during that time and I didn't know how bad the response was - to me it's just not a big deal. Also, I thought YJS has teased her about it before on happy together cmiiw. I didn't even think of the angry bird/bad jihyo persona lol. That's a much more likely theory about what KJK was talking about. Anyway, at least these two are comfortable enough to tease each other on camera again. Always a push-pull with this ship.
  7. Dominique is drunk. His blood pressure went up a little. He started to fall and fell right into his unknown lover GH's arms. Lol he's too drunk and doesn't know how to ride his bicycle lol he got on it backwards. Looks like GH will be riding him home on his bike. Awww with all her bags too. What a cute scene. The speed bump made him fall into her even more but he's all drunken talking. His heart was beating harder though and his blood pressure rising.
  8. @Lawyerh yes i dont know how many times i replayed this particular scene cause as jung in said earlier "its not like we will meet again"after she rejected his dinner proposal and bam next she saw him playing basketball lol
  9. Maybe not love at like 7 years old, but I definitely had crushes, grew attached to people and even had a "boyfriend" lol
  10. Now that you mentioned it, can we be sure that the cream on her hand is shaving cream??? +2
  11. But @Lawyerh, i badly need translations!! I love their entertainment relay interview and i think is something about JHI describe HJM as an anel come into Spring Night. But i want to know more!!
  12. I myself would like to thank @cenching and @triplem for creating sugarlicious. That sugary monster that up till today, people are still trying to drag it out haha looking at @mouse007 hahaha Thanks guys for your recommendations! Hahaha. @Lawyerh been repeating Jinchi on the bus for the longest time I just love that indirect Kiss. Like how crazy he was hahaha 984
  13. Brief scene of DJ meeting with Uncle. Dominique riding a bike with the blood pressure thing on. He's trying to raise his blood pressure but guess it isn't working. He's thinking about whatever happened with him and GH in the office earlier. It's just got him frustrated. GH is drinking alone and thinking about Dominique. Then Dominique comes in. He recognizes her before she can take her red cardigan off fast enough. They are sitting back to back. Instead of a face off, they're having a "back off" lol. She takes the soju bottle to hand to him. Then she sees the cuff and is asking him.about it. Gosh I really can't wait for subs. I know this scene is funny it's just I don't know cuz I can't understand but still I do know you know what I mean? Lol
  14. as i said before, because i was once a healer shipper, i said YESSSSS!!! after watching their skinship in bts.
  15. Is that so ? I can't understand this part completely, because translations are different
  16. Ha ha ha do help me spazz with Jung In and Jiho.... Since this shipper is should not only be for real life business but for drama characters as well... Enjoy your time here dear...
  17. but International fans here in Soompi were shocked we were wishing they will date but THREE YEARS?! also we had not even finished spazzing on WWWSK wedding but then boom! we woke up to the news of 3 years dating! some KNetz got angry and called PSJ opportunistic for free dates with GF while working. It was a mess and a big news PPC trended on Google search the whole day in July 27.
  18. Glad that some people are still here kekeke. I still remember how crazy we were back in 2016 LOL There are definitely blood, sweat, tears, fighting with antis, and all that. It's all so worth it
  19. Real Veronica scene. She's typing furiously at her computer. Oh GH 's little sister came to see her. Face off #2. Man sister is tough and not backing down. Lol they had some funny convo in English. I have no idea what's been said but I love the sass in this scene. Back at the office, Dominique comes back super excited to see his GH. But she's not there and he gets sad a moment. She enters sheepishly. Why it looked like she signed the contract but may be she wrote sorry instead of signing it. Man they got really close just then. Dominique just came right up to her face. My heart was beating for GH. He shred the contract (sorry I really don't know if this was new contract or old contract or what) but GH looked pained by it. Hmmmm.
  20. VP is in her office typing away angrily, thinking about her last encounter with DJ. GH's sister came by her office, and forced her way inside. She accidentally hit something on her desk and it fell to pieces. She isn't afraid of VP and they're talking about some stuff, including revenge. VP made her sit in front of her laptop to continue the typing. Dom returned to his office, half-skipping there. He was expecting GH to be inside and immediately deflated because she isn't. He saw the contract on his table, expecting it to be signed, but it's not, only a written I'm sorry by GH's name. Then GH came in, they talked about the contract. GH only then realized that Dom might not have met VP. Dom praised GH for having principles. Anyway, it ended up with Dom shredding the contract.
  21. IS is plain pathetic.. its not like Chairman Han is going to accept her anyway.. 28yrs and he is still treating her the same, another 28yrs will not make a difference. whats her motive ultimately? gave up too much and too late to turn back? i dunno how the whole “family” plot will end up nicely for IS.. really suddenly some liver failure from heavy drinking??
  22. @Sejabin Hi, I found this OST clip version with Korean, Romanization, Eng and Indo lyric, hope it helpful. I love this song too.
  23. @cenching her hand all cream she did more than shaving I feel -2
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