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  2. Shin Sung Rok And Go Won Hee Have A Chaotic Encounter At The Park In “Perfume” May 22, 2019 by M. Dang “Perfume” has unveiled new stills that hint at Go Won Hee and Shin Sung Rok’s unique chemistry! The upcoming KBS 2TV drama is a fantasy romance between Seo Yi Do, a genius designer in a creative slump (played by Shin Sung Rok), and Min Ye Rin, a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back (played by Go Won Hee). The two meet right as they are about to lose the meaning in their lives, and they develop chemistry as natural enemies who are thrown into trouble whenever they cross paths. The newly released stills display the two characters in the midst of one of their incidents. Min Ye Rin appears at a park that Seo Yi Do exercises at daily, and she threatens him through the live broadcast she is doing on her phone. He looks around and catches sight of her while she captures him on screen and throws herself into the water, much to his surprise. The images heighten viewers’ curiousity as to what exactly happened between the two. More under tab.. Hahaha...I hope he doesn't have psycho tendencies and go beserk. Maybe they know each others weaknesses. She knows he is in a creative slump, he knows that she's actually old and they work together. But that is all assumption. Based on the initial synopsis, to be honest...I don't see how a loveline can be made when she is an older woman, turned young by a perfume. Lol. But I'm in for fun and comedy and obviously SSR . Hopefully it delivers on the fun. I don't know when the press con is. Maybe 1 week before it airs? Maybe. Hehe
  3. Yes iu drama last year. MQ2 only left 2 more eps haha... @sushilicious theres many news like that nowadays. I really dont understand too... Worst than animal? 646
  4. Japan has very strict ritual when it comes to handling dead bodies actually. Watch the movie Departure. I agree about the blurring part. It's a bit too much when even a hammer has to be blurred too (ryokan's case)
  5. I think so. BJS looks like an esthete in some way, but not Kouske (in spite of his thirst for beautiful ears). And although BJS thinks that... I begin to think that BJS is mistaken considering Kousuke as be driven by hatred. Kousuke likes a pain, just fond of pain, as a real sadist. "I'll make this painful. Don't move." - "nice" proposition Even the serial murdered called Kouske "you, psychopath!" He was stopped one time else in V2 - when hit on the head of the criminal with the brick and his teammate stopped him. And yes, it's interesting, why he prefers bad guys?
  6. Thank you both for correcting this point: i was completely lost! I missed the part where it was said that his wife died and couldn't understand why he was treating this lady like family while keeping a relationship so formal with her. Also she doesn't have the look of rich japanese woman. I assumed she was Young Jin's adoptive mother because she was so nice to her, so protective, almost motherly. it was ovious that she raised Young Jin and that the young woman loved her deeply too. Somehow the fact that he's raising her "alone"convinces me a little bit more that she could be his real daugther. That's why i wrote that i would be very worried for her if he changes sides and stops protecting her; but the more i think about it and the more i like the theory that he loves her as his real daughter and has no intention to harm her. However they're not protected against the possibility that someone could use their family bond to force her to reveal herself. Fukuda is well placed to use such means. It would be even more tragic if it's been revealed that she's been his biological daughter. She's been so distant from him all her life, to discover only now how much she missed all those years would be devastating.... I'm being lead away by my imagination here but only because this theory of the father and the daughter working together and protecting each other is so good, it could filled an another drama by itself! I missed this scene: a rewatch will be necessary. Her rescue could have been a total coincidence but personally i feel that their relationship is taking too much place in the story to not contain a twist to come! Hopefully a happy one: where they would be able to break the glass window between them I'm ok with any outcome (adoption or blood family), as long as he cares sincerely about her. . Before Shanghai for me. I think he was attracted at first sight but was so busy trying to find a way to kill urgently a traitor on his side that he didn't take time to think about it much. But he had to admit to himself on the boat to China that he wanted to see her and not only for professional reasons. He put on a suit to seduce her (and i'm pretty sure that it had a real effect on her but she repressed strongly her attraction because at the time it would have seem crazy to think about him as anything else but an enemy) and was hurt by her rejection. Their sassy dialogues were a joy to hear. I wish we had more of it. In episode 6 while they were returning to Korea, Nam Ok discussed the fact that Won Bong never really felt in love before despite being attractive to few women like the girl (played by Park Ha Na) who joined their team. So dealing with his attraction is going to be a big deal for Young Jin and him. Sorry i presented my opinion like a fact! I didn't intend offend their shippers! To me, her attraction was always mixed with the fact that she's an agent of the pratriotic Corps. I can't tell how sincere she was, when he revealed his feelings, even though she seemed to have a genuine good impression of him after he saved her from jail. It's a good hypothesis that you're making: what if Fukuda didn't wait and came inside to save her? I don't think he could have forced his way like Won Bong did but who knows? She hoped for Fukuda because had she no reason to expect our leader of Heroic Corps: it was a shock for her to see him. But after Manchuria, it seems to me that nothing is left of her ancient inclination for Fukuda though it doesn't mean that she can't still flirt with him in order to advance her plans... Our hero doesn't doubt her anymore, not since the confession on the station platform: he knows for who she works, so she's not a ticking bomb anymore. I agree: we need more signals from her to be sure. Especially since i'm pretty sure that Kim Won Bong won't try anything now: with Fukuda making certainly a move, based on his reactions of last week and in the next trailer, to affirm his position as her protector and only love interest, Kim Won Bong would have many reasons to protect his team and his plans by taking a step back. @QSD Thanks so much for those pics! My heart beats way faster each time i come to this page and see my OTP looking so good together and so perfect for each other!
  7. Two new cards for Japanese fanmeeting http://leejoongi.jp/information/?id=961&fbclid=IwAR2kviUNNCU-GoTTPghrylOLEBWVP-nGsWcAA1goqKrmht0qpPJSsxskZ8w
  8. @jackieusa thank you. Your post light up my day. I feel torn between so happy to ZM and feel pity for ZZ. Yes in WJ eyes and heart, he only think and see 1 girl. He treat ZM equally as he treat his other ming brothers. He listen to her words and advices. Looks when he finally accept ZM. He let her sit with all his ming brother. Even discuss how to solve problem with CK during before shaolin ark. I think if ZM is not a mongol Princess, His Ming Brother will respect her. Where else you can get such a smart and witty girl like her.
  9. EXID discussed their friendship, album, and more on MBC Radio FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young‘s Hope Song at Noon”! On May 21, the girl group appeared as guests and filled the airwaves with stories about their latest mini album “We.” DJ Kim Shin Young said that she liked “Midnight” the most and also chose “The Vibe” as the song with […] The post EXID Talks About Their Strong Friendship And Which Member They’d Date appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. 11th ILJHIMAE ANNIVERSARY These are just some of JG's FANS posts... They're so loyal and loving fans
  11. Thanks @kookminclan RunningMan and @Sam98tha! I have added the links to the resources on the first post! It looks like the new youtube channel is posting kookmin moments chronologically, so that's nice! We're getting to see more early Kookmin moments from this one and current moments from @kookminclan RunningMan No insta post from either of them yesterday of RM filming this week TT I got spoiled by their posts and interaction the last 2 weeks lol. I read that Jongkook, Sechan, Sukjin and Haha went to Indonesia? Anyone knows if they filmed this week in Korea?
  12. Augh... Is it legal to be this cute? He said the face on the left is how his face looked when he heard he's 3rd (oricon chart). He was so surprised... And that's his happy face on the right He said even his hair was surprised... (circling the three hair on the left) I'll try to translate some of the clips tomorrow @gumtaek... Most of them are so short though
  13. CAPTION: And having met Myung-Soo-ssi in real life, really, this person is an angel-human, love-human (laughs) so (turning to him) really angel love story is him - if not him then who ? (laughs) So like this, really good synergy (breathing), I think we possess together. Thank you. Myung-Soo's wordless reply - "More Noona, more, this feels even better to me than that S&M venom breathing thing you did to my back..." ? And from the full press conference posted on youtube, reposting the Director's comment at ~54min mark. And by Shin Hye-Sun at the 1hour 11min closing remark: What do you think?? Does our actress know how to pick her projects?? ORWHAAT???!!! I didn't mind that not many questions went her way and certainly didn't mind any of the other comments made by the co-stars. Both L & SHS showed their gracious hearts and grace throughout, becoz everyone knows who the stars are here. There is no dispute! By keeping their portions short, it made us want them even more, and allowed others (mostly more experienced and older) to share their important perspectives. Do Ji-Won is the most accomplished as a ballet trained artist, and her comments were full of grace also. And most importantly, everyone was having so much fun, and they're a team with natural great chemistry all around - and they're busy shooting still, so imagine all the BTS scenes coming our way!!
  14. @vicious219 Look like all the English subs are up for all eps, thanks. Hope all you people that watched without subs can watch it again now with subs. Enjoy, cheers!
  15. Hahaha... here you go! I gonna try to make He's just not that into you, girl! GIFs WJ: Zhiruo is a woman, male and female shouldn't be touching. (MM is also a woman but you princess carried her, tickled her foot, grabbed her shoulder) WJ: It's not the time for me to be married while I'm Ming Cult. Leader. If I marry Zhiruo right now, I'm afraid she'll not be happy later on. (hahaha...looking for excuses) XX: WJ! say something. You don't like Miss Zhou? You don't want to cure the poison inside of her? WJ: .........no answer.......... heart and mind thinking, please don't make me marry her. I only love Minmin. ZZ: You still hold onto the box. Are you still not able to forget her? (ZZ! why do you have to ask when you already know the answer?) WJ: Zhiruo, don't think like that. I've already engaged with you. There's really nothing that I cannot forget. (hehehe... WJ ah! You know you're lying to yourself right? Your words and your guilty face does not match. ZZ: You just don't want to say that it was Zhao Min who did it, right? WJ: I just want to say, there might be other possibility. It might really have nothing to do with Miss Zhao. (WJ thinking: of course my Minmin won't committed those crimes. She even sacrificed her life for me multiple times. I believed her, I really believed her, even if I can't find out the truth, I still believed her.) ZZ: You prefer to believe it was godfather's moment of insanity than to believe it was Zhao Min who committed the deed. ZM: Zhang Wuji! WJ: You! ZM: You go chase her. Go! She'll definitely be weeping in your embrace, waiting for you to use every means to console her. Isn't that what you love to do? Go ahead! (ZWJ, if you love your fiance you wouldn't listen to another woman advice. She ask you not to chase and you really not bother to chase after her.) GP: He decided to marry you as soon as possible. WJ: Grandpa! (Oh no! please don't grandpa) GP: Wuji ah! A man must keep his promise. Since you already promised to marry Miss Zhou, then you should take good care of her. WJ: Grandpa (No, I don't want to) ZZR, a word of advice. Don't ever marry a man who he only agree to engaged to you was because his godfather pushed him to. Don't ever marry a man who he only willing to marry you after his grandfather forced him to. Don't ever marry a man who doesn't defend you when his lover slander you. Don't ever marry a man who doesn't show any objection/reaction after you say you wanted to break off the engagement. Don't ever marry a man who show you this uncomfortable and fake smile after he reluctant to marry you. Don't ever marry a man who still think about his lover the night before the wedding.
  16. This episode led me on a roller coaster of emotions The beginning was so adorable...leading to the the meeting. Especially when she became flustered seeing him in that 'small' swimming trunk I lost it when he suddenly became worried for her when DJ pointed out how gaunt and tired she looks though I completely forgot that all he has is an imprint of her face before the fall...so he doesn't actually see her expressions in the present! When he missed hearing her nag him at night he's a sucker for her and doesn't even know it - he needed to hear her voice to fall asleep! WHAT EVEN?!! Find me a man like that! THE MEETING! Our power couple aced it their strategy was so cool...completely unexpected, for me at least. And he kept on looking at her for approval Dom you lovestruck fool!! Also VP asking GH when she started liking her boss! I LOVE HER! Her character is everything I would like in a female CEO And also shipping her with DJ (who doesn't seem all that bad now but still suspicious) The beach date. Started out amazingly sweet and thoughtful on his part! That hug when he hugged her back I kinda screamed. Just saying. Then it all went downhill. I really liked the fact that he explained himself to her about his past behaviour and told her that he was lashing out at her because of the other secretary's betrayal - he also APOLOGISED for it. Someone raised you right boo! The clause he added in for her: "The contract will end when the secretary asks for it." GAHHHHHH that character development though good job Dom! Felt so bad for GH here...but she didn't mean to deceive him at first, but then again, she did choose to go ahead with it It's so confusing and painful on her part but JKJ aced that scene! And KYK looking like a goofball in love didn't help! The part that got to me was when she asked him what would happen if she does deceive him - he answered (in full confidence that she would never) that then he won't trust anyone else in his life ever again Don't speak those words man! Can't you see she's kinda dying in regret?!! Then again...he can't see her expressions and now she's distancing herself from him UGH WHY Next week seems to be the angst buildup. No worries...every K-drama has this arc usually around the episodes leading up to the second half of the show They both kill in those scenes so make sure you prepare some Kleenex guys! It's gonna be heavy...with a hint of cute I'm sure Till next week.
  17. how can i make a signature apropriately
  18. “Perfume” has unveiled new stills that hint at Go Won Hee and Shin Sung Rok’s unique chemistry! The upcoming KBS 2TV drama is a fantasy romance between Seo Yi Do, a genius designer in a creative slump (played by Shin Sung Rok), and Min Ye Rin, a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell […] The post Shin Sung Rok And Go Won Hee Have A Chaotic Encounter At The Park In “Perfume” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. Today
  20. I find it really hard to tell what's going on because the videos are so short and the sound quality is not the best... This is the longest clip I found about this... But they're already laughing hard at the beginning... BG listening to the translator: I will never forget about this... chongwa chongwa chongwa (???) *laughs* MC laughing and wiping her eyes: It's great that this is a fun stage... wosha wosha (???) I'm glad I'm an MC for 20 years... MC: MinMin-san BG *laughs really hard and looks up* MC: Bogum-san can we get back to MinMin-san's question? BG: Yes. Sorry... *looks down laughing* MC apologizes while trying to compose herself MC: We received the question from MinMin-san BG is again laughing like crazy... MC: Does this ever happen while you shoot dramas? Laughing like this... BG: Yes, a lot... My NG (bloopers) are usually those.. all of them... *hands circles face* smiles... smiles... during "Boyfriend" (can't make out what he said here) ... sorry. My guess would be laughing too hard Not sure what the whole chongwa chongwa and wosha wosha is about and why the name min-min made all of them laugh so hard Need a clip before that cut...
  21. Her fans are very dedicated. Food trucks, flowers, wreaths, name it. She is also so sweet and generous reason why her fans as the same like her D-Day today. The only problem i have when ji min has a project, i am more more nervous than her lol. It seems i am the one with a project hahaha. Good luck our queen, fighting
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