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  2. 880 Haha I'm watching as shallow fan girl.. just to admire dimples and L Infinite... I also need to see more first...
  3. I think I'd prefer just putting KJW and PMY on a reality show and letting them do silly things together. It will have the same effect as a rom com, but without the questionable "plots" and unnecessary drama.
  4. Be strong like me for month they keep winning & I never cry for once -2
  5. @2handsintertwined hahaha at one point I jumped ship, because I want to restart so bad then I return back to my own ship haha. But I don’t take this game seriously. I’m just here to talk and have fun hahahaha @Lawyerh ep 6. Kousuke is back. Like I said. He only come on Sunday hahaha. But the confrontation scene is cool! Love it! 880
  6. Ewww ... Will that sleezy old man offer the CEO position, along with a marriage proposal, to MR? Except that the proposal is to marry him, not TJ. He seems machiavellian enough to do that. In that way, he gets to keep MR's talent, and keep TJ from marrying her. Most importantly, he will prove to TJ that MR is all about ambition because she chooses the position over love. Ewwwww ... Ugh, horrible if this really happens.
  7. @Lawyerh Thanks for fixing the numbers! I'm so dumb. Well, Team Add is about to Win...My heart aches 878
  8. Did you advice us to watch it , my lion gonna finish next week -2
  9. May 25, 2019 Sung Yu Bin is nominated to do the 37th Korean Theater Festival cheering relay by actress Oh Na Ra. Oh Na Ra joined the cheering relay after being tagged by comedian Jung Jong Chul. She chose actor Jo Jae Yun and a friend too.
  10. First comment on this episode (haven’t watch it fully or with subs yet) but I just wanna get this out of me. Honestly, I can see a pattern with the episode here. Kousuke tends to ‘come out’ whenever we reach the later parts of the cases. It’s good to show that something is boiling in him, but I do feel like if this keeps on, it might be a little repetitive. At the same time, they did show that Kousuke is getting more and more violent, which is a plus on my scoreboard BJS Wire San KJ dreams Honestly, today’s episode up until the new case, the vibe feels different. It feels darker than the past few episodes which to me is great, so that it doesn’t bore the audience. I’m feeling very excited about what will happen to Kang center and Kang Woo at the end.. Ah, I noticed they had some skinship. Haha nice. Deep down KW is that small little cat who would purr when you touch him. But outside he is a big big tiger haha.
  11. Please forgive me GY oppa. I feel like I have been cheating on you with Kim Jae Wook oppa. He's so beautiful! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh He's so handsome. He's perfect.' GY oppa I'm sorry. And I miss you. Please forgive me. You will always be my #1.
  12. ummm... we don't have to worry about being rational when she decides to use a photograph that is 9(nine, NINE, 9!) months old... @sp17jcshipper... maybe nostalgia?
  13. 880 Angel pace a bit slow. But the dimples angel is cute. So forgiven lol.
  14. @sushilicious I love the dancing pikachu in your dp. Hi over there! Nice to meet you! It looks like you're team add. I'm so sad. Can you come join us at Team Subtract?! 874 Edit: I messed up the numbers. I think @Lawyerh fixed it!
  15. The moment I saw KKJ saw all those bodies, I knew it is her dream... hahahahahha... but it still fun to watch the confrontation though...even in KKJ dream.. She gets too carried away with her thought about what she saw in KW officetel (the broken mirror and his shoes), even interfering with her dream.. hmmmm... But, I looooooveeeee it so much when KW puts band-aid on KKJ palm. Awwwwww.... I'm swooning all over! However, I'm still disappointed KW still not telling the truth to KKJ. He didn't tell he has been to the forest to find BJS and been strangled by wired shun. Somehow, I feel funny seeing him suddenly wearing turtleneck, and it still all black. I'm still blaming him for causing KKJ worry about him too much to the point having the bad dream. Or was the dream is a premonition of something almost similar in the future? Hmmmmmm... Anyway, I think BJS is still alive somehow. Not until they found his body, I will stick to my believe that he is still alive, just as Chief Na instructed. Maybe he will appear again probably in next four episodes? Hahahhaha.. I feel bad for Det. Gu. He was cheated into a marriage. I think that woman might have lied to Det Gu about the pregnancy to get him to marry her . Hmmmmm... Poor Det. Gu. And I feel so excited when I heard words that I could understand directly from the Indonesian actress. I wonder what's the deal about and why she went so far to "Sumpit" all those people...gotta wait for sub for the details. They talked too fast, I can't even catch much of their conversation as I was busy watching the scenes too. Anyway, the preview...hmmmm.. it seems the person who provide KW with the tranquilizers kinda fishy. His expressions seems to be excited about KW might have killed someone already. Hmmmmmmm Wired Shun playfully told KW that he cannot erase that tattoo of his and his Kousuke. It's a destiny he said...hmmmmmm... I wonder where did KW got his tattoo from actually. Looks like a few questions have been answered (such as KKJ and KW confrontation), but apparently more questions come along with the episode. Sigh.... Voice never fail to make us fry our brain to burning point. See you guys again tomorrow after the sub is out.
  16. @sushilicious you got the Video, I want to see it
  17. ok i ff to the scene where Wang Wei chatted with Chairman Han.. seems like they know each other quite well for such a casual conversation.. Chairman Han was in awe at how MR explained the proposal to Wang Wei in mandarin then later summarised to him in korean. when she left, he was still impressed? should i use this word? haha so Wang Wei caught his look and joked if MR is his new target of interest.. and then, mentioned in korean something about his new wife is in US.. so you see Chairman Han getting agitated trying to argue with Wang Wei’s joke, then she commented in mandarin that “although you are a very smart person, there are still times when you are unable to let go..” i wonder why Wang Wei knows korean so well yet still let MR went through the trouble explaining in mandarin.. btw seems like MR was very unhappy or agitated with Hansung or something? the rumored Chairman son in the co or something? she was letting off her frustration on TJ bed and he had a weird expression on his face.. i wondered what did MR say?
  18. @Ni Wen According to this news https://www.mk.co.kr/star/hot-issues/view/2019/05/345332/ the ending scenes that angle Dan proteced Yeon-Seo of episode 3-4 reached highest rating of 10.2% (although average rating is 6.6% and 8.6%) So I think KBS will organize event to thank you audience. 1) Ep 5-8 proof photo ** open event Time : On May 27th (Mon) at 10 a.m. KBS drama official facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KBSdrama/) Sweepstakes : Drama posteds , leaflets with actors' autograph ** proof photo (본방사수 인증샷) - I think normally it's kind of you capture photo of TV or mobile screen to show that you're watching the program. Probably KBS will post the rules of this event at 10 am Monday and then on Wed-Thu let audience uploaded their proof photos of them watching ep 5-8 to win the prize later. 2) Ep 1-4 non-televised video released. Time : On May 27th (Mon) at 12 p.m. On "Angel's Last Mission Love" Naver TV channel. So this coming Monday , please be ready to watch new video again And I really love this comical acting from KMS . So funny and cute. (credit @_dinahthecat and @Ltheflower twitter)
  19. @bliss1004 Omg I'm sorry I have to repost this. Are you trying to kill me?! HE IS TOO HANDSOME. Kim Jae Wook is perfect. He is PERFECT. Do you hear me?! You killed me with this picture. I'm dying!!!! His hair. Everything is perfect. His gaze. His eyes! His clothes everything is perfect! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Why do I feel like I'm cheating on my #1oppa Gong Yoo!!!! Now I have to go to Gong Yoo's thread and say I'm sorry oppa! I betrayed you!! Kim Jae Wook oppa is so handsome and perfect!!! Please ignore me I'm just stupid. Edit: I'm sorry.. I'm so annoying. Please ignore me.
  20. @lu09 I was laughing my butt off when they won! Haha Park Seo Joon was hella shy! Haha I love it! I really love their chemistry! Yo na is like my babe next to Shin se gi haha. They are my love! Watched it three times and that my friends was one of the not so many rom com drama I watched haha
  21. I think she will come around. I think she is terrified. I think he has his work cut out for him. Wait until he finds out what his quasi mother did to her own daughter and the love of his life. Burning comets will come down on her head. (I hope) I can hardly wait for their reunion. His greed will make him pull a U-turn on IS any time. She-IS- will see with her own eyes where his loyalty lies, it is the Big Won, and not her and her manipulative schemes. I hope she gets sidestepped and MiRi gets all the glory in China-the largest export of South Korea according to the financial reports. Good, good, good. There are so many layers of this newly found admiration and support. The bottom line is the all mighty Won.
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