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  2. “Arthdal Chronicles” Writers Reveal Why They Cast Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, And Kim Ji Won The stars and writers of tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” shared behind-the-scenes stories about their drama! On May 26, the upcoming series aired a special episode introducing viewers to “Arthdal Chronicles,” including interviews with the cast and production staff. Explaining why Song Joong Ki had been cast in the role of Eun Seom, writers Park Sang Yeon and Kim Young Heon praised him as a special actor who can express incompatible charms. As for Jang Dong Gun, who plays the character of Ta Gon in the drama, writer Kim Young Heon remarked, “I wondered how his good looks had managed to create that kind of aura.” Writer Park Sang Yeon added that when Jang Dong Gun had been younger, people had often paid more attention to his handsome face than his acting skills, but that along with his aura, his talent was now beginning to shine through more and more. About Kim Ji Won’s character, the writers recalled, “We had drawn concept art for the character Tan Ya. Since this was before the cast had been decided, we just drew it based on the character’s vibe, but I remember asking, ‘Doesn’t this look like Kim Ji Won?’ The picture and Kim Ji Won matched really well.” The actors also shared their thoughts during the special episode. Song Joong Ki, who rode horses with ease during filming, commented, “I thought that I should train a lot if I didn’t want to get hurt, so I trained hard, and I think the horseback riding scenes turned out well.” He added that he was proactive about practicing and that he tried to get close to the horses, even on days when he didn’t have filming. Jang Dong Gun revealed that he gained about 8 kilograms (approximately 18 pounds) for the drama. He said, “Ta Gon has the image of a warrior in ancient times, so I thought that I should bulk up. Through exercise, I gained about 8 kilograms.” Speaking about his co-star Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki remarked, “He’s usually the king of being considerate, but the look in his eyes changes when he transforms into Ta Gon. I was mesmerized by the aura of actor Jang Dong Gun.” “Arthdal Chronicles” premieres on June 1. Check out the latest teaser for the drama here! https://www.soompi.com/article/1327516wpp/arthdal-chronicles-writers-reveal-why-they-cast-song-joong-ki-jang-dong-gun-and-kim-ji-won
  3. Just one thing lacking. The fatherly aura of Jung Hae In. He looks like older bro, rather than as father. 968
  4. Wow dear... You are so motivated, friend!! You make me want to watch it!! And really he's not one of the leads..???! But Wiki says he is... Then it's unfair to mention his name under cast tag... It should be special appearance or something! The internet is full of his this outfit! Can't even find any other robe... Is it just me or is he smoking rude when he plays the bad guy on-screen..???!! And this is a 2015 movie which means this is probably right before his military enlistment at the same year alongside his other movie, Untouchable Lawmen!!!! I've seen that movie & it's hilariously funny & enjoyable! But I haven't watch Chronicles of evils so, can you provide us with a watchable link for the movie dear..???!! it is much appreciated at the moment!!!
  5. I think I understand your logic and lowkey makes me happy. I also agree that I felt similar vibes from them this episode too. But as I was thinking about what Jong Kook talked about on the recent MUD episode, I think in psychological wise he is at a point maybe his feelings deepened and somewhat afraid, thus, the comparing. I am not sure who he has feelings for of course, but I think if you assess his psychology and how often he mentions his ex- and marriage I think he is sort of afraid getting into a relationship right now, considering his age. He is at an age where his friends already have a couple kids and are settled so even though he might be feeling something I think he might be afraid that it will fail again like his past relationship, which he often blames himself for. The most recent relationship always seems the most hurtful, even though he does make it seem as though he has not moved on, I think to me he has, but that feeling of recent failure some years ago does surface once you want to try again. I am not really sure that Somin is the girl, I hope she is since I am rooting for them. So my conclusion is that, be it with Somin or any other person that Jong kook is feeling this feelings for, I think Jong Kook himself is sort of afraid of a relationship because I think now he feels he is ready, which has mentioned very often, and he is afraid that he is going to fail again like he did before. So instead of not moving on from past love I think he is rather remembering those feelings from the past, which I really sort of believe is very impactful to him. And from the reaction from the guys in the car give him I think he talks about that more often with them. So, big deal for him maybe since now I think whatever, relationship he enters he wants it to work and not fail like he did before. Just an add on, from ep 445 where somin is a secret couple, I remember she answered a question that is takes about 10 years to move on from a break up, maybe there is something there.
  6. Me I miss the way they look at each other I don't know what we all did before this drama on wed and thurs. I think my life was boring and empty. How about you? Your heart is weak? Stay strong! I keep rewatching episode 9 They share a passionate kiss in episode 9 So you're rewatching too. You wrote down your fav lines from the drama? I think that is so cool. I wish you could share them I don't know what this drama has turned us into!! Edit: @LoveMY1224 I posted too fast and I missed your comment. So I will reply you in another post.
  7. “The Wind Blows” tells the story of a man and a woman who fall in love again after breaking up and protect their memories of the past and their love in the future. On May 26, the cast shared the main reasons why viewers should tune into the highly anticipated premiere. Kam Woo Sung will […] The post “The Wind Blows” Cast Members Reveal Reasons To Tune Into The Romance Drama’s Premiere appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. I agree with you. When I become a 30s nearly 40s & a mom of 2 kids, I feel thankful to have a happy & peaceful life with my beloved family which is more important than a wedding ceremony. Therefore, I hope I can see a beautiful scene of Ryan & Deok-mi have kids, they're teaching their kids drawing, and can see their friends, family & colleagues with a happy life. I like Min Young since Healer, love her more than I can say (my kids & me draw & send birthday cards to MY every year), I wish she can meet a man who love, respect, protect & understand her. I am very very angry of some of the extreme shippers [or Haters], don't say/ do something to hurt her. [No Dispatch magazine reporters to disturb her, no dating rumors after the HPL show, give her some spaces to enjoy her private life] I like KJW after HPL, but we live in reality, even Min Young won't be pairing with him in real life, I won't be mind, I just want her to feel happy, same as KJW, I'll show my support & watch their future projects.
  9. I am rewatching and being me, I wrote down my fav lines from the drama. What hv this drama turns me into???
  10. LINK https://bit.ly/2EyUY8X bit.ly/2HArhpL )
  11. Sadly the writers are going a bit overboard and repetitive, especially with the evil dad & real mom. TJ's immaturity in dealing with things looks only to get worse.... The still hidden secret of who MR's mother is, is the only balance to her finding out who he is. Their romance, because of TJ's youthful impatience was a bit too rushed, anyway, his know better attitude a bit irritating...It is Mi Ri's development, I am most interested in and wish the writers would give her the chance to gain true self-confidence away from that company & TJ, even if they would get back together later, enough with women having to put up with so much cr-p
  12. Who else is having withdrawal symptoms already? What did we do before this drama on wed and Thurs? What are we going to do now after this week? My heart is weak! I keep rewatching everything, smiling, and giggling by myself that my mom thinks I’m somewhat not in my right mind.
  13. All I know, the co-Ceo was one of important figure in helping someone got a girlfriend and one year later opened a new agency. He loved teasing Donghey shipper at that time, now it is my turn teasing him. He used to flaunt his rich lifestyle, but now all deleted in his IG, and not active anymore, I miss him. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/new-testimony-comes-forth-against-yg-entertainment-ceo-yang-hyun-suk-regarding-allegations-of-sexual-favors the preview video, a woman claiming that she was drugged states that “It was a really big deal for me and I think I almost died, the alcohol that the Thai person gave me that time was whiskey.” She says, “(The YGX director) seemed to be taking care of (the rich Thai man Mr. Bob). Like his role was to be the guide.” YGX is a subsidiary of YG.
  14. @Jemrie I'm going to repost this because this was one of my favorite Deok Mi/Ryan moments. Why? I think this scene showed how much love Ryan needed from Deok Mi. I love when she pet his hair. I think she pet his hair because she wants to comfort him. He has been through a lot. He was abandoned as a child. He doesn't liked holding hands. He doesn't like getting close to people. I think he was showing her a very vulnerable side to him. He just let her hold him and pet him. This moment was filled with so much love. Edit: He's letting her take care of him
  15. Prop Stills Location Stills 汪卓成 as 江澄 Jiang Cheng 于斌 as 温宁 Wen Ning 纪李 as 聂怀桑 Nie Huai Sang 漆培鑫 as 金凌 Jin Ling 郑繁星 as 蓝思追 Lan Si Zhui 郭丞 as 蓝景仪 Lan Jing Yi 宋继扬 as 晓星尘 Xiao Xing Chen 王皓轩 as 薛洋 Xue Yang 李泊文 as 宋岚 Song Lan 刘海宽 as 蓝曦臣 Lan Xi Chen 朱赞锦 as 金光瑶 Jin Guang Yao 王翌舟 as 聂明玦 Nie Ming Jue (Big Bro) 孟子义 as 温情 Wen Qing (Wen Ning's sister) 宣璐 as 江厌离 Jiang Yan Li (Jiang Cheng's sister, aka Jin Ling's Ma) ALL the actors are (or look) so young! I was expecting the characters of Xiao Xing Chen, Xue Yang and Song Lan to be more mature looking. I am so glad this is a web drama since there are less restrictions and censorships. MORE BROMANCE! I know it's impossible to hope for a pristine plot, but please script writers do not change the contents too much.
  16. Rediscovering Yoon Si Yoon without end of 'Mung Bean Flower' [TV report = Shinnara reporter] 'Mungo flower' Yoon Si Yoon's eyes are catching the audiences. The audience responded to Yoon Si Yoon who is playing hot in the cruel fate, saying, "Yoon Si-yoon is so good, he acted so well", making the person horrified . The deep acting of Yoon Si-yoon caused viewers to engage and immerse emotion with the drama. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001108290 Screencaps https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=416&aid=0000244257 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000995607
  17. @sakisuki @Alila Nguyen @bluehibiscus I'm back again! I really want to say thanks for patiently waiting. After two weeks of effort, I have the videos uploaded to show for it. I can't believe it took this long but I ran into multiple issues. My old laptop has keyboard and mouse issues. My video program randomly deleted my renders into oblivion after they finished, leaving me no choice but to repeat the process all over again. On top of that I lost internet when it was time to upload. This drama has made me cry in more ways then one. I've uploaded to two sites. Streamango and Openload. Openload excepted my renders at their bloated sizes, about 1.5 - 2 gbs each, which is quite high. I'm not happy with how big the file sizes became so I'm running them again through HandBrake to lower it, but not quality. I'll upload those too when that's done. Steamango also excepted them, but decreased the quality just a bit. If your internet speed can stream HQ videos, I would recommend using the Openload links. But Streamango isn't that bad. I just noticed a slight drop in quality watching the intro sequence. Watch Here Ep. 50: Openload | Steamango Ep. 51: Openload | Steamango Ep. 52: Openload | Steamango Ep. 53: Openload | Steamango Ep. 54: Openload | Steamango Ep. 55: Openload | Steamango That aside, I want to mention few things about the edits. They're are 6 edited episodes in total; Ep. 50 to 55. Starting off is Ep. 50; events after the Feng Mo mountain incident, remains mostly the same. I only edited one scene out and placed it in the following episode. Ep. 51 and 52 start the huge changes. Ep. 53; the arena battle, remains mostly the same with Episode 54 and 55 containing the last major changes. I suspect some scenes were trimmed of contradicting dialogue in order for the "happy ending" we got, to make some-what sense. With sleuthing, my edited version is my best guess at the original flow of events. Or at least now it flows as well as it can with what I was given to use, chopped scenes and all. When you watch, some scene transitions might be a little jarring. I did my best with fade-outs but at times the music wouldn't cooperate and fade-out on a nice note. I tried. However as I said previously, I did take the effort of fixing the random audio spikes. The last three episodes should sound the smoothest, since I paid more attention as I progressed. For subtitles, I used Rockfella's downloadable subs as a base and credit them at the start of each video. Whenever I felt the English read a little awkwardly, I took the liberty of re-wording the dialogue to be more concise, but kept the meaning. I've haven't yet gone back to double checked for misspellings/grammar. Rolling credits on the very last episode, I used my creative license and replaced the ending song with "Zhao Yao" by Chen Chusheng and Hu Shasha. This was just for personal preference, as I always prefer something different at the end of a series. It fits really nicely too. All In all I hope you enjoy this fan edit version. Feel free to share or re-upload them anywhere you want, if you want. Only exception might be YouTube due to their copyright policies, you would probably receive a take-down notice.
  18. @Ameera Ali haha ! Very nice . I think I have a Mini crush on him .
  19. I just finished watching Fiery Priest, maybe next time pmy should try this genre lol. I think action comedy fits with her.
  20. Hey, I'm so confused. Did I miss something? Why will this be your last post on this thread? Edit: Are you ok? What's wrong? Beautiful song! Edit: @Dhakra So can I find you in other threads? Edit: Forgot the number 966
  21. TV promotion show on June 3rd! https://glb.m.mgtv.com/b/328291/5688913.html
  22. @Dhakra @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama I plan to check out Spring Night later . No time now . I like Jung Hae In & I think the OTP looks visually pleasing . 968
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