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  2. I can recommend MadSlots (https://casinobonusesfinder.com/bonuses/euro-750-3rd-deposit-bonus-madslots-casino). Cause you can not only have a good time-spending but also - get some cash almost instantly. It is always the question of finding proper bonus codes
  3. Annyeong Sunnies, I hope you've all been well. Powerful earth tremors recently shook us to the core here in my home-country. It seems that negative reports have been rife of late. On a light-hearted note, thanks to sis cheerkoo for updating us about Koo. I heard that Jae-hyun-ssi has a new drama coming. Hopefully, we'll get to see Koo as well in another drama production soon. I hope that her seminar tomorrow will proceed smoothly and successfully as always. Her topic is most wonderful and interesting---''A life healed through art''. In psychology, art has two functions: diagnostic and therapeutic. In fact, psychology considers art as her soul-mate. Art encourages catharsis, externalization, validation of thoughts and feelings, empowerment, and development of self-worth, among other things. These are dangerous times we live in, whether the cause is natural or man-made. Therefore, let's take extra care and foster vigilance always. Blessings of protection to all!
  4. I think it's B and C plus she knew a lot about art, Shi An's favorite flowers etc, knew about Cindy being stalker and also CUPatch... lots of slip ups from DM. And for once, Director of a Kdrama is sharp, smart and kind. It's a very refreshing drama
  5. 190425 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221522090837 A book by Michio Hoshino, detail on Naver. I'm not sure what is the tiltle for English translation book since not much detail from Naver. Probably this book? https://www.abebooks.com/Developing-long-journey-glaciers-whale-Forest/22633207264/bd
  6. No HD video of 2nd teaser in Youtube yet, but at least KBS drama facebook released it . And don't forget to help vote for this drama for 'May's most expected drama poll' https://m.media.daum.net/m/entertain/poll/9970
  7. April 24, 2019 Interview Hong Jong-hyun's Popularity Goes up With "Mother of Mine" Source: HeraldPop via HanCinema.net Hong Jong-hyun talked about the drama he is in. He is starring in a KBS 2TV drama called "Mother of Mine" as Han Tae-joo, and has become quite popular with the middle aged group. In a recent interview with Herald POP, he said it's interesting to see the attention he has been getting since the drama's premiere. He said, "Only young people used to recognize me, but now that I'm in a weekend drama, more men and women my parents' age do". "It's quite interesting. They say hi to me at restaurants and even elevators. I guess many people watch weekend dramas". "I do feel the pressure, just like with any other drama. Still, there are many characters, and they seem comprehensive, so I feel support there. It's been a while since I played a role where I can just be ordinary, so it's fun". "There are so many experienced actors and actresses here, so just being with them is a learning experience. Working with them is very comforting, and I am the youngest, so they adore me". Hong Jong-hyun is bringing up the romance gauge with Kim So-yeon in "Mother of Mine". He said, "Kim So-yeon is very kind, and she's like an angel. She scolds me and pressures me in some scenes of the drama but knowing her real personality, I can't be scared of her". Meanwhile, Hong Jong-hyun is coming out with a movie called "Spring Again", which is a time rewind movie about a woman who loses her daughter, but gets a second chance in life.
  8. I swear I have been praying for this to happen ever since I watched them in Negotiation that I even dreamt about it! Can't wait for more details of the drama!! Anyway, just a note that Hyun Bin's name is spelled wrongly in the tag as well as the original post. It should be Hyun Bin and not Hyu Bin. :X
  9. Newkidd is bursting onto the scene with an eye-catching debut! The group released their debut single “NEWKIDD” on April 25. The title track “Tu Eres” is a future bass dance track that tells a love story with a romance straight from fantasy. The lyrics use the Spanish phrase “Tu eres bonita (You are pretty)” to create […] The post Watch: Newkidd Makes Eye-Catching Debut With “Tu Eres” MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Same I could not let go of the fact that yellow lady has so little screen time. i mean she is one of my favorite person in HSDS .
  11. Annyeong to fellow fans of Bogummy! My home-country has been recently hit by powerful earth tremors. In connection therewith, I've just learned today that Bogummy's Philippine fan meet on April 27 was cancelled and rescheduled on the 22nd of June this year in light of the aforesaid force majeure. I just wanted to comment on Bogummy's tweets to his fan meet's mistress of ceremony. From his choice of words, one can easily glean his kind, gentle, solicitous, humble, and prayerful nature. God bless him more! I hope and pray that his fans from Philippines and elsewhere in the globe are always safe and in the pink of health. Blessings of protection to all of you!
  12. She is 10 years older? In the show she is just a few years older. They look good. So far, I see KDs mostly choosing the appearances of a couple to be of similar type. MR looks good but not the glamorous type. TJ too has a nice boy next door look. I don't like noona romance either but this couple has a believable relationship for now. He treats her with respect because of her position and age but still with a certain amount of sassiness to be showing his feelings for her. She too shows that she expects respect from him but at the same time worries when he gives her the cold shoulder. I have never liked it when a woman or man plays a role years younger. The drama may be enjoyable but is spoilt by that character. In one show, prison flower (?) Ko Soo was with actors/actresses who in real life were 10-15 years younger and in the show, he was older by a few years only. It was difficult for me to overlook it, especially when they were standing close together. The other one was a show about plastic surgery. The main actress was 30 something playing a freshman. Posts were saying how young she looked, but I noticed her old knee caps.You cannot hide that except by wearing jeans. Her face was thin, not the rounded soft 19 year old look. I could not watch it partly because of her. WJ in this show is older than MH, not sure how much. Why does his hair have to be like a girl's? To make him look younger or intellectual? He should be clean cut. I have seen how nice he looked with wife Eugene.
  13. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001101400 seems that actress Kim Da Mi will be a female lead of psj's new drama.
  14. Okay, so does this mean that Netflix has the rights for its Eng Subs?...man, why do they have to take this drama. I would have preferred if they didn't, because at least, like any other drama, I would expect it subbed the next day it airs. How about Viki? Does anyone know if they can get it too, or all the rights now belong to Netflix?
  15. Thank you for cutting the emotional crying scenes, imo they cry enough, please no more. Please cry of happiness not from more drama I do want more RYW and WBB please and ending conversation between WJ-MM please so much. Is there anything said about ZZR and yellow lady fights? That's the one I want the most really, so disappointed that it didn't happen
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