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  2. Early happy halloween! Hahaha 624
  3. Haha about to say this then i forgot. Ur DP so dark, moody & edgy lol 622
  4. Feel like after I change my DP..My whole Account looks all dark and stuff 620
  5. Try to think in more romantic way- constant update within these 2 days, she is happy that someone still not forget her birthday. He even volunteered to do charity on that day, in connection with Donghae District. More meaningful to remember someone by doing charity at their sentimental value places. The main point, Wookie volunteered yesterday. @dolley The other one, busy shredding the paper.
  6. @Sejabin haha ok. Let me know hows 3&4 for u. Lol i didnt know mexican gossip that much. Its kind of nostalgic. Last time we're more multinational. I remember high school craze for me is Tau Ming Se Meteor Garden Now if i look at them again, theyre not that cool tbh. Lol. 618
  7. 616 @LawyerhI think both dramas are recommended in any mood hahahaha.. I will continue HPL ^_* btw I followed her gossip long time ago and I knew that she divorced. Btw I don’t like Fernando Colunga because he brokes Thalia’s heart Thalia was so in love with him and he left her. Unbelievable but it’s okay because Thalia got her ahjussi wkwkwkwk.. LONG LIvE AHJUSSI!! #ahjussilover if ameera is Mrs. Hwang on her profile I will edit my profile then.. about me: ahjussi oppa lover hua HAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. @Ameera Ali go get your gift at fp thread lol 614
  9. morning everyone- just wake up ,drinking my strong coffee, reading ur posts wishing you all nice weekend -2
  10. “‘Fifteen Years of Waiting…,’ wait, is this some sort of sob fest?” – that’s what you’re thinking right now, isn’t it? Stop! Don’t turn away yet. There is much more to this C-drama than its title suggests. Based on the novel of the same name by Ying Feng, “Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds” […] The post Not Your Average Melo: Reasons To Watch C-Drama “Fifteen Years Of Waiting For Migratory Birds” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. @bogs_0712 and @samzz DH was sorrounded with same kind of people and we saw a lot of changes from her, actually hoping that the influence was from good to best but it’s the other way around. We don’t need to elaborate the changes here but I’m sure everyone agrees. And when you see that small group of friends celebrating the birthday, shows limited access to the gang. Btw where is the other guy bestfriend, why no picture with him? Lol
  12. 614. Ya hospital scene cute.. told u so lol. Haha if ur on bad mood watch HPL, if good mood can watch FP. Lol i also watch that around same age with u. And shes very pretty. I didnt know she divorce now. I prefer her with Fernando Colunga. But ya u know the story is twin switch birth and all the complexity of it. Similar to Kdrama the good witch But dont ask me why the mexican counterpart can have so many episodes lol.
  13. kekeke.. in a way, it is expected no? she was yook's team where she was happy to some of the dirty work as a way to get ahead. now, that she has no mentor, she needed to jump on some ship to make it happen. also, when you work in an environment with factions, it is very difficult to be like noh who refuses to choose. have any of you ever worked in such environments with lots of factions? it is also a great example of how people get so caught up in corporate politics as an attempt to save their job that it becomes easier to do more and more wrongs but then it comes out and everyone is like "woah?!" but we will have to see how far she goes to prove her loyalty to kang and whether that will cost her. lee warned her that accepting gifts from kang would be costly as he knew from personal experience. hope she had the sense to at least photocopy that D1 plan? so noh is bit of an idealist where he genuinely wants to see reform but there is also the element of family. because his wife is sick, it almost brings sharply into focus what's important for him. and at times like that, there is no energy for the kind of nitpicking politics that happens in office and so we see him even turn down lee. noh does understand people and so was astute enough to ask "is it power or reform you really want?" -- with lee, it is actually a combination of both... their petty catfights are pretty hilarious.... and how funny was that Moon IT guy also has a side gig as a musician? and seo geol crying "omma!" during the concert.. hahahahha...
  14. 612 @Lawyerh just finished HPL ep2 xixixixi.. a bit busy today so.. btw I like that holding hand scene in the hospital xixixixixi.. oh my heart dugun dugun can not choose now between continue HPL 3-4 or continue fiery priest hahahaha btw I like Gabriella Spanic! I watched La Ursupadora when I was in Junior High School. But I like her ‘Por tu Amor’ telenovela more. That was when I realized I am a ahjussi lover HAHAHAHAHA Marco Duran is too hot @Ameera Ali so happy that you watch HPL too !! You will enjoy it
  15. https://www.soompi.com/article/1318785wpp/apink-expresses-love-and-gratitude-to-fans-and-each-other-on-8th-debut-anniversary
  16. Replace Han momentarily? I think Han will recover. But it’s a long process... 610
  17. @sushilicious Kim might stay where he is since Father Lee is gone. They can transfer him for good... I still need to know what is going to happen to Father Han!!! 608
  18. It's those photoapps I tell you... they make anyone pretty...!! Looks like our Mrs.Hwang talked some sense to Hwang and he is doing the right thing with the orphanage....
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