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  2. @nateko throw this theory to you. What if all this while BJS is Kosuke's fan? So he tries to mimic what Kousuke would use and do? Henceforth when Kousuke comes out he would use the same mask as BJS
  3. Oh, dang... that mask that KW is wearing in those new stills is BJS's mask that he wore in season 2. I wonder if it has some meaning behind it. Does it signify that KW will take BJS's place or something? In this clip, you can clearly see the mask.
  4. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    maybe because they have good plastic surgeons? so easy to change face?
  5. Good of you to join us. It's always good to have another pair of eyes to observe all the subtle looks/actions. Heheh, sure is fun to be on the look out for all the little signs. Yup, kjk's eyes seem to follow jsm wherever she goes and in some incidences, he had been 'checking her out' by giving her a look-over from head to toe. You know what, this started months back. For example: - Ep 435 ('fabrication level' game) - first incident was during the opening scene, second incident was when the PD was explaining the game, and third incident took place when all the members and guests were seated at the beginning of the game (before the seating positions were rearranged). - Ep 437 (‘the 3 kings’ game) - the incident took place when jsm playfully walked over to join the line for the guest who was playing one of the three potential kings, kjk who was standing next to her, blatantly ‘checked her out’ by giving her a look-over from head to toe. - Ep 438 (being on the same team) - the incident took place just before jsm volunteered to cut the gimbap, kjk who was standing behind her, again blatantly ‘checked her out’ by giving her a look-over from head to toe. If you have the time, check out the above moments, they are cute. Happy observing
  6. Stress waiting for ep5.. Wondering what's going to happen by all the photos that I have seen just now... OMG!
  7. It doesn't matter to me that Ye Jin got the offer first and it didn't show that they went to US for the drama. Firstly, before Hyun Bin news which is March, could be February, after her US trip. Secondly, even if Ye Jin was offered the role before January ( their trip ), at that time, Hyun Bin was still filming Alhambra. It didn't really make sense to me that they offered him a new drama script from the same broadcast station while he was still filming their current one. Then with that logic, at the time of US trip, just Ye Jin was offered the role. Besides, for traditional casting news of Korean dramas, it should be at least one news from either male or female main which should be released at the same time as they got the offer. The latter can be adjusted due to PR. Like with the news of Kim Eun Suk new drama, casting of Kim Go Eun was released few days after there was news that she was offered the role ( and I don't think they need to like about it if they had offered her the role long time ago). In this case, It was no use offering both of them before January and then released the news that Park Ji Eun was checking and in talk with Hyun Bin about his schedule in March. Especially when they already kind of adjusted the the time of releasing Ye Jin's one (which in April).
  8. lee kwang soo sent a coffee truck to bo young and si eon
  9. アイスサンド買ってみた クッキーだ と思ってたら薄いスポンジ生地でアイスをサンドしてました! レモンジュースも美味しい ふふふ by kajyuma #キム・ヒョンジュン #HJCHANNEL https://youtu.be/WLoIsBgW8as
  10. I can understand Wuyou as he cant simply touch any woman. But I wonder why Manyao didnt tell him she is the princess before its too late. Cant wait to reach there
  11. Wow wow wowwwwww!!! I missed so many fun stuffs! I can't wait for tonight's episode. It's like I'm getting the much anticipated reward for the week long wait. I'm preparing myself to get another weekly shot of KKJ and DKW. ohhh ohhhh... that BTS pics of KW wearing the maskkk...daaayyymmmnnn... I'm shooketh! I don't think the scene where he wears the mask would be a dream, because KKJ is confronting him with the mask on! But, I wonder about the other scene, where the police officers lying around bloodied. Is it a dream or it would really happen when Kousuke is awaken. Hmmmmm.. I can't wait! I can't wait! Two hours more, and we are set for the saaaiilllll!!! I hope I will be able to live stream tonight as I'm still in the middle of nowhere now. Please pray that the Internet Force will be with me tonight. Hahahahahaha! As usual, I would write some spoilers right after. Be prepared!
  12. This is me calling for you. Lawyerhhhhhhhh hahahahahaha (Drags out the H to act as though I'm shouting) haha 876
  13. Hyuni out there feeding my poor shippers heart, all rationality out the window seriously. Why now?
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