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  2. Up close from Dior Event https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4364406830639289&segment_id=4364406830639289
  3. Yes yes, so you guys notice, she was just right at the corner for us to notice hahaha I believe when ZM send the boat to fetch them, her bro instruct the troops to kill them without her knowing too. I heard of a KR version, meaning they will dub this hsds 2019 in Korean language and telecast in Korea. Not sure how true.
  4. hehe that would been fine too.. but really, shin min ah and so ji sub were both shirtless after their first night together lol. they even cuddled on the bed, nekkid (under the blanket ofc).. and OMV was aired on KBS so it was kinda unconventional for them haha.. but the scene wasnt tacky or overly sexualised.. it was just cute, and nicely done...
  5. P NATION has released a stunning set of profile photos for the agency’s artists! On April 24, P NATION shared three photos for each of the artists under PSY’s new label P NATION, including PSY himself, HyunA, Hyojong (E-Dawn), and Jessi. Check them out below! Jessi PSY Hyojong HyunA P NATION’s establishment was announced on January […] The post P NATION’s HyunA, PSY, Hyojong, And Jessi Are Squad Goals In Profile Photos appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. actually I just thought PsJ should have been at least shirtless on that morning! that would have been fine! I mean he removed he was shirtless the night before!
  7. @ktcjdrama ... his smile is contagious -2
  8. I think he chose IU from among the choices. I think also that he chose IU then because her songs were his fave songs at that time. YIN was not among the choices. Am pretty sure that if our girl had been one of the choices, he won't think twice in picking her. But, hey, he could have also picked IU because he is trying to make a good impression with his crush's best friend. BUT then that could just be my delulu heart speaking out.
  9. true..i was hoping the morning after would at least be like 'Oh My Venus'.. both were wrapped in blanket only, cuddling after that blissful night~~ if it was up to me, i'd throw some hot shower scene in the morning too lol.. obviously i'm more perverted than you lol
  10. SH wants to redeem himself so SY will think highly of him even if they don't end up together. I think that is the reason why he is doing what he is doing. It's like a failure analysis investigation when a plane already crashed. It seems futile because all the passengers are already dead but maybe a better version of SH can come out of it. SY's stepmother looks like the older version of Park Shin Hye.
  11. it wont even be close.. it looked like they just fell on the bed while PMY was helping KJW because he's drunk and he hugged her.. if ever they have an intimate scene, its still early om the drama. they're not even in love yet... they are on a fake relationship..
  12. Dongwan spotted on Instagram. Link: http:// https://www.instagram.com/p/BwlqaFYAN09/
  13. Btw I was a little bit disappointed with wwwsk ,I was expecting them to wake up together in the morning after the bed scene.. Hahahahahahahahahaha What a pervert!!!
  14. I think it is ZM's brother who send the men to kill ZWJ. He was already suspicious of ZM loyalty, so I guess he had people spying on her to know where ZWJ is.
  15. Credit to Arthur Chen Thailand FC. I wonder what was the letter about, he looks so happy and shock LOL
  16. This drama definitely has potential in developing the storyline if the episodes were a bit longer. I honestly like the storyline but because there’s only 12 episodes, I feel like not a lot of the mystery are covered. I also think the storyline would of definitely have a stronger build up with the main leads if the episodes were longer. I’m also still confused if DJH is really KSH’s dad and they never explain why he has blue eyes. With only 2 episodes left, I’m not sure how it’s going to end. I love the interaction between KSH and DHJ. Even if there isn’t a love story line going on, the why they always stare at each other shows that they long for one another or care for one another. Their past connects them which is why they want to protect each other. I also feel like the writer is trying to create a love triangle along with the prosecutor Yoon Jae Hyun. If that were the case, they should of done that from the beginning. Overall, I still enjoyed this drama and its action. I just wish that the episodes were longer to really enjoy the whole plot altogether from start to end. Hopefully the ending won’t disappoint me.
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