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  2. Cool bananas. Thanks for the heads up. I am still up. So going to enjoy watching it. At the rate my life is going will be lucky if I get to watch the subbed episodes sometime this week. Truly excellent news. A writer who writes about a couple in their 30s who behave like adults. These forehead kisses when you have Mr Hottie in your arms are nuts. It's set in Kdrama logic now. First night together... couple stays together.
  3. Oh my heart!! I'm at episode 5!! Do I need to watch the rest or I can skip till latest episode???
  4. Wild speculation. That guy is KW's dead brother hahaha. Imagine all this while KW have been lied too. his father and brother are in fact still alive and they are the mastermind of the entire thing. Then voice 3 would be..a family drama haha. A very makjang family drama
  5. Since it revives people into the image of their souls, I'm guessing a person's soul can't change...?
  6. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah it’s laughable and we credit our girl for causing all the raucous! Lol it just proves that she is the king maker like someone said, a real queen of chemistry! We changminers are happy for our girl! When we said we’ll wait and that’s exactly what we are doing! Waiting! and wow #rabbitlovesbunny
  7. Actually to me the most logical attitude is to not assume anything. With what we know, anything could have happened during the filming and from how I approach things in my real life and work, the available data right now can't make me say with assurance that they dated it didn't date during the filming. I am not into believing into things or just assuming. I think it just doesn't fit me. So either way, I don't believe anything. I register all the data and till now, all the data available is obviously not against the two having feelings for each other. And if the day I see anything going against that theory comes, I would accept it and cherish the sweet memories they had. Only time will tell.
  8. hey, i think you are barking at the wrong tree. It’s only you who misinterpreted what other shippers mentioned here. We are all happy lurking, commenting here and you are ruining the vibes. We all love and wish the best for both PSJ and PMY.
  9. kookminclan Yes l agree, the vibes are getting stronger. The subtle messages which both of them have been giving to their fans seem like preparing them mentally for the big announcement/confirmation. Well, on my side l hope one of RM staff remembers the white dog and decides to bring it to Seoul. I think the dog (assuming it's a male) will look good with it's black bow tie and top hat, heheh.
  10. So, some of jjongah acc blocked me on IG because I had a different, and arguably more correct, opinion than hers. LOL (Its not like i cant check their acc anymore) Its like if you disagree with their different opinion, you'd get immediately blocked. It's 2019 now, im not really surprised.
  11. Yes, looking forward to it... especially I like both leads. 506
  12. I would read again light novel book and I can read wortenia senki novel. This is one of the best.
  13. It was in one of the YT preview/cuts videos and you don't really need to know much Chinese to understand his intention.
  14. I guess Angel's last mission will have some element of melodrama. -2
  15. @ktcjdrama But it's a really superb drama that didn't comes along often....Everything is flawless and makes me sitting on the edge of my chair. I am on episode 14, I need a break for my beauty sleep tonight and continue tomorrow....Too heavy to keep continue...I will gain plenty of wrinkles from frowning and grimacing.... +2
  16. "Supersports 10 mile International Run series Thailand"
  17. Sorry was out so couldn't search for you. 504
  18. 502 so we won? Wkwkwk btw absolute bf is too bored it is bored because main lead is a kid if they want to show someone with many naked abs scene they must to give us someone mature and min ah face why is it change drastically. Like I don’t know who is she? Aishhhhhh..
  19. https://m.weibo.cn/1911708997/4373612867576796 I almost feel like this is their wedding dinner lol
  20. You completely right. But actually i’m surprise, the man still survived after he fall off from a fast moving train. Was Miki also like YJ, Korean adopted by Japanese? It looks like in the preview, Miki was abused by his adopted father.
  21. That's what I thought too!!! But how could that be though....?? He killed her yet he cried for her?? I really should go browse through V2.
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