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  2. At the airport. Credit as tagged. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375136590060533/4375136662328380 Tonite Roadshow 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375254961712863/4375255193420592 2. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375255461077942/4375255638066684
  3. Omg,,,,can see the thirst is real...was a little shocked at the bed scene...that was a screeching halt to the level of passion these 2 displayed in the earlier episodes.... literal anti climax.... but i Guess pdnim wanted to keep us fangirls conscious to watch his last 2 eps.... Or maybe Ryan has run out of body paint to cover his rather red body....and made a request i would have thought that a guy who has done more mature scenes would be a little more in control...and it’s things like this that send me straight to the other Hpl forum... think the back stories were done nicely and it was enlightening to read about the mass adoptions causing an exodus of Korean kids to the states and elsewhere... thats why I love this forum... always end up learning something new... obviously Dm’s mom was in a pickle as her primary loving nature would not have allowed her to behave in that way... we still have a missing boy... so likely it was a tragic back story enough for dm to lose her memory... itll be handled sweetly im sure... last request to Kjw’s stylist....please buy him more body paint... we need that scene...
  4. Is PMY going to say that bun hair with the brush is actually her idea ?? That did bring out the tension and she surely impressed PSJ too for the ribbon kiss idea
  5. talk about PSH, I would love to see her partner with PSJ. opps ...causing another PPC lol. But truly PSJ-PMY is a real thing.
  6. pretty sure actors always says that when they act ...they apply real life events to bring out the emotion needed.
  7. I am not at all disappointed about the bed scene(we have to remember that this isn't an erotic genre); it was beautifully done, and it was lovely scene. The story development was flowing nicely. I bet the creator of this show wants to save the best for last...maybe we'll get a steamy scene that we are all craving for.....
  8. PSJ is indeed Best Kisser. His kissing style is very different. His next drama partner will be so lucky. Hahaha I just noticed we both wrote PSH but it is actually PHS. the bestfriend of PSJ
  9. These 2 ep, DM has done a good job in patiently guiding RG in the healing, giving him courage to find out and understand more about his abandonment, pick up the courage to confront the truth. The drawing of silhouette is the 2nd step after the tracing of the hands, helping him to regain the courage to pick up the pen and draw again. Loves DM character, am glad PMY is able to hv this lovable role, much better than her previous roles.
  10. Ahhhh please no fated childhood story for the leads... There will be comparisons with PMY's previous drama.. I hope the writer will make it better this time.
  11. This teasing Sleeping with shirt in summer , is a bad taste - specially when you got a body like lion Wearing clothes and putting their duvet over them is over the top and suffocating @Kasmic it’s supposed to be passionate night , but he had time to look for a new shirt . He not sharing his abs this drama at all @cenching @lu09 all that left for us now is shower scene, let’s hope all these clothes make them need for shower quickly white towel never let me down in drama before , so hopefully we would see him in towel around his hips very soon .
  12. PARK SHIN HYE'S SPANISH http://cfile24.uf.tistory.com/image/99D2BD475CC5456C29D07F …
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