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  2. Not sure how accurate the facts we get from variety shows are. The best option would probably be to hire a mercenary sasaeng, preferably one with a lot of experience, and have the sasaeng get us the answers we need. There are some who are koalafied to judge from a single research specimen, if that specimen is a picture still, though. That is a good point- it is unknown how much of the blame she should receive for "Lucky Romance." Yeon-Seo battling her trauma(s) and moving on with her post-ballerina future might be a good foundation for a drama. But this drama seems like it might have too many fantasy elements, too much L, and too much forced/ill-fitting romance. I hope that will not be the case.
  3. LOL dont know what exactly the meaning of his caption "what" maybe he just want to say the shoe has dalmatians pattern. He is really unpredictable.
  4. @akhenaten @mrsj3n @lightbringer I expect the ship will sink but not sinking with lack of development. We already know that Haechi is not a romance historical, but either the classic historical like Jumong and Dae Jang Geum are not romance. However, the love story although not the central point of the drama has solid build up along with the development of the main plot, which is the journey of the main character to succeed in their respective goals. Maybe the writer and pd struggled too because they needed to present this drama in a very short period of time? I'm also wondering why the OSTs are all about love? If Haechi is not romance why the theme of their songs are about tragic love story?
  5. I’m coming in late in the game...hehehe. I just started watching the drama not long ago. The first time TW confessed her love to XXF was at his hotel room when he threatened to abandon the project to return to US. I rem almost falling off the chair when she cried out “I like you” as he was about to leave the hotel room. Where did that come from?? She likes him? Like since when?? Honestly I didn’t see it coming at all. I guess I find XXF is like this annoying little twit and spoilt brat almost menacing at times that no older and more mature woman will ever fall for. That’s why when the other lady professed her love to him, I was 100% sure she was pulling his leg or scamming him. But she wasn’t!! Wth?! It’s so nonsensical that these power house matured, highly intelligent, worldly wise, strong and sensible ladies will fall for an annoying, childish and ego inflated twit like XXF! Esp the other lady coz XXF has been nothing but Super mean to her. I know the drama justifies the unbelievable phenomenon with XXF’s dreams and aspirations, his kindness and intelligence but these traits are not very often portrayed and is secondary to his character. I can totally imagine it if little girls like TW’s cousin or the young female negotiator or the young lady lawyer would fall head over heels in love with XXF but definitely not the older ladies. Be that as it may, I think HZT is an excellent actor and portrayed XXF’s character really well. He can make such an annoying character quite likeable at times which is not easy. YM too plays her part as a cool level headed intelligent and matured career woman extremely convincingly. So I think the problem is with the storyline really. If I were to extremify the problem to better explain my point, imagine a love story between a young teenager and a 70 year old grandma. No matter how well the actors (portraying these 2) act they will not be able to convince the audience that they love each other. Get my point? Oopsie. Pardon the big font. Don’t know what happened three.
  6. @sushilicious , @Lawyerh @triplem & @ktcjdrama girls on behalf of Pervy Ahjummas I get the nurses ready all this blood need our attention
  7. Let pmy doing romcom for a while..this kind of grence make her feeling easy and build up happy mood..for sure she will not do romcom for third time in roll..she well know as actress for serious and melo grence..it's a good thing she doing hpl..from hpl she will know better about her fan and how dating rumor mean toward fan..she don't care about rating..this drama for idol fan and hpl got a lot of attention from idol fan around the world..this drama success cause their target audience is idol fan..don't aspect older and adult will hook to watch this kind of drama..
  8. @samzz and bonus, we saw wookie on the 19th and special participation of donghae city lol. Of course the influence of having so active or maybe some posts were from the social media addict, remember they need a job so that people will not forget them.
  9. I'm satisfied with the ending. I was expecting just a little more of sweet moments after they reunited, though. So, what I'm doing now is to enjoy every second out of the last scene by making endless gifs. lol
  10. Another cut from the show. Cute!!!! Waiting till 21st for this show to air. Cr: as tagged
  11. Did you know that the guesthouse they're using is actually a coffee shop? It's quite amazing how they turned it that way. It is easy to locate the place and a lot of fans dropped by to have coffee there. Can you guess which areas do they use? Place: 8810 Ristretto Bar Address: 서울 마포구 연남동 월드컵북로 6길 88-10 (Yeongnam-do, World Cup(?) Buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea) They're taking a break from shooting Waikiki 2 tomorrow and apologized to the fans who are scheduled to visit there. T.T They're renting the place until May. Ahh, I want to visit there. T.T You can check their IG here: and you can check more of the pics using #8810리스트레토바 ^^ More pics: here
  12. April 17, 2019 Just out on DVD Korean Movies "The Dude in Me", "Dark Figure of Crime" and "Keys to the Heart" "Keys to the Heart" (2017) Directed by Choi Seong-hyeon With Lee Byung-hun, Youn Yuh-jung, Park Jung-min, Han Ji-min, Kim Sung-ryung, Choi Ri.. Started filming : 2017/06/06 Wrapped up filming : 2017/08/27 Synopsis "Keys to the Heart" is the story of a boxer and his brother, who is a brilliant pianist with mental disabilities, reconciling through their mother. DVD 2-Disc with English subtitles
  13. @Ameera Ali, since I don;t understand the language and checked the clips, looks like the evil Mother/Son are on the move purging everyone in their way to rule AURA Chairman doubts about NJ. Preview: OSH and Mom seem to stir the pot about the pendant, LSH thrown out of office but managed to find VC aka snow white/sleeping beauty
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