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  2. Seriously though, i was getting serious ZZR vibes from ZWJ in the last 2 episodes given that he wanted to speed up the wedding so they can go ahead and get married lol.
  3. I think all things considered, this version of HSDS is pretty good for a HSDS remake lol. One of the disadvantages of remaking HSDS that many past writers have faced, is that it is a slave to the book. Many past versions just basically copy and paste scenes from the book, fear of deviating from the book and angering Jin Yong fans. Finally someone who can deviate from the book and still capture the essence of the book. In past versions, I've never really liked ZWJ as a character. I've basically tolerated this character in every version, b/c I do like ZWJ/ZM as a couple, never liked ZWJ as a stand-alone character. I think this version is one of my top three ZWJ. I truly liked his character, aside from the couple. In all honesty, in EVERY version, i have never believed that ZWJ deserved ZM, this version is no exception even though I truly believe this version of ZWJ is one of the most decisive versions in terms of love for ZM. Her efforts and love for him surpassed everything, that anything he does pales in comparison to what she has done for him. I've held this belief for every past and future versions to come. It's just one essence of the character that writers will never be able to really change. I think this writer has gotten some criticism for making ZM say the phrase ,"I've given up everything for you, why cant you given up everything for me?". But truly, I believed every version of ZM has had this very same thought. This version was the only one that had a strong enough writer to let her voice it. ZM is strong, smart, and loyal. However, she is still very young, vunerable, and emotional. Everybody wants her to continue being the "cool girl". The person who delievers the "sassy one-liners". But forget she is still human. Some say they got together too easy in the end. But given she had time to realize that ZWJ was not responsible for her father's death. Yes, ZWJ was the one that conjoled her into staying by his side, and ultimately leading her father into his death, unknowingly. But she has to take the responsibility for loving ZWJ. She knew the cost. And paid for it. And I think ahe realized that in the end, she missed him dearly. That one mistake and regret will not keep her away from him.
  4. I can't wait for Baeksang Arts Awards. I hope she wears a different kind of gown. I am tired of white lol. Can she wear something that is not common and safe. How I wish
  5. I must remember to watch the sub first of last week's episode. I can't believe I actually was able to wait until now. But I really still cannot bear to watch till the end
  6. I never really liked LOTCH. I have only watched ROTCH and HSDS. Do you guys recommend the LOTCH 2017 version?
  7. Can anyone spoil me on the significant role that the character Ruyi might be later in the drama? Is she going to stay good or turn evil?
  8. Older pics of our OTP I liked how YIN looked then, I could not figure out what has changed, probably lost a lot of weight... And Wookie also looked cute here...
  9. Even considering that i really want for Met somewhow to become human, i cannot not think that him finaly finishing his ghost life and reincarnating would be most logical and right way to end his story. For now i don't have in my mind anything which lookes better than that, so i would be happy if series would surprise me. Yes, it's a supernatural series but they weren't too much with this theme so miracle can't be magical. May be you right about the stars (in the jar and on the sky)... it's simple, beautiful and kinda fit to the story. Also, first love not necessarily should be the last one. If Met will be gone it's not like Thun will never fall in love again. But it's not really fit with fairytale-image which most romanice stories usually have.))
  10. They are just stills. Is she blind or not in the stills ... time will tell. They released it for curiosity. But netizens are always negative anyway towards neutral actors. Replace someone popular with Hae Sun, the comments might have differentiate. It’s normal. I wouldn’t give a lot of thought to it. Biggest weapon is Hye Sun’s performance which she will ace it. I’m not sure but it could be idol fans worrying that she will overshadow. Also I really liked a certain comment ... it’s better to have an actor who can act instead of hiring a dancer who may not be able to perform well.
  11. Yoo Jae Suk spoke about his life as a family man on MBC PowerFM’s “Ji Suk Jin‘s 2 O’Clock Date.” On April 18, Yoo Jae Suk appeared as a guest on the radio show. Yoo Jae Suk rarely appears on radio shows due to his busy TV broadcast schedule, but he came on the program due […] The post Yoo Jae Suk Opens Up About His Life As A Father And A Husband appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Today's show was meh so I'll be short I think lol Esther thinks she has 900 lives instead of 9 or 1. Hate her, but I will enjoy her getting on the nerves of the duo right before they send another truck for her. The prize for the most annoying character now goes to Grandma. I just can't with her today. Still think this is the stupidest plan. Even Esther of all people agreed. They need to let that poor child actor breathe. Chan/Gun has been crying every episode for weeks now. Tiffany saying she was just "annoyed" with him takes the cake lmao Chan is going to need some heavy therapy since he blames himself basically. No, poor baby. Your adoptive mom is a witch! You just got conditioned to think it was your fault for making her "sad". SH mom is going to be the biggest winner at the end of the drama. That witch ain't going to jail, deported, or be run over by a truck 100 times like I do with her in my mind. She'll just breathe another day to annoy us. I hate her sfm! Of course, Soo Ho won't see the chairman holding the two necklaces to just drag stuffs longer till useless Chairman wakes up after his dad get kicked out of his company. I cannot...
  13. Bobbbbbyyyyyyy!!! Edit: I just realized the clip has been posted earlier. Enjoy some additional bobby pic He was in so much painnnn Flower petal bobby in the making
  14. @Ameera Ali go watch Misty . @sushilicious ..I like how we have a lot of lurkers here on this thread. This was with credit to you I’ll go out on a limb to say , I doubt Father Kim will end up killing anyone . He might come close to it but he won’t . It does not jive with the message of this drama which is about redemption & starting over .
  15. @triplem , @lu09 , @Lawyerh , @sushilicious, @ktcjdrama , @mrsj3n & @phoenix24 , @Sejabin , @LyraYoo Be ready girls , kim hae il will take revenge *
  16. Kim So Yeon and Yoo Sun filled the studio of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” with heartwarming love stories. On the April 18 broadcast, actors Kim Hae Sook, Yoo Sun, Kim So Yeon, and Kim Ha Kyung from the drama “Mother of Mine” appeared on the show. Kim So Yeon began by talking about her and Lee Sang […] The post Kim So Yeon And Yoo Sun Talk About Beautiful Moments With Their Husbands appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  18. Yes just date already please! They are so comfortable around eachother and the way they glance at eachother.. just dateeeeeee!! Hopefully it was just him joking and referencing the male fans as her 'boyfriend' haha otherwise, who is this man!?
  19. Another great episode...I must say that the show does amazing in the comedy departament,i adore it,i laughed again with tears and Kim Jae Wook is turning for me to be the next So Ji Sub in terms of image...I mean,i wanted him to do a romcom for a long time and to be a lead but he really is delivering it as till now he really had all this dark,serious roles!I guess it's safe to say if we don't get some kind of twist, that Ryan and Shi An are half brothers...Kinda sad that he lost his ability to paint because of the childhood trauma,and without wanting, his said Mom hurt him a second time with her paintings...Curious how long it will take till Ryan addresses the said relationship between Deok Mi and Seon Joo as i see from the upcoming ep. the misunderstanding will continue to escalate...I also can say that i really dislike Sindy's character and i really hope they will drag her for her behaviour and put a stop to it because she is truly toxic and entitled,i truly hope they won't make Shi An be into a relationship with her just for the sake of it as it is nothing cute nor healthy about it and not the message i expect to be conveying in respect to what her character means to deliver about sasaengs...On the opposite side i already adore Ryan,he is such a charming man and more than meets the eye also poor guy,i bet he wants more than once to hide in a hole because of the embarassment,since he came back to SK and meet Deok Mi he experienced so much,i just can't even imagine the good stuff if she makes him a fanboy taking him all over places to fanboy along her...Also,Ryan,u obviously like her,it's not like u would jump and save every damsel in distress!Curious as well what made Deok Mi become Shi An's fan in particular...Now the loooooooooooong wait for next week,time will pass soooo slow
  20. SF9’s Rowoon responded to hilarious stories about his talkative nature at fan sign events. On the April 18 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together,” the idol-actor appeared as a special MC. MC Yoo Jae Suk read out loud fans’ posts after attending SF9’s fan signing events. One fan wrote about how Rowoon suddenly asked her […] The post SF9’s Rowoon Explains Why He’s So Talkative During Fan Sign Events appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. I rarely ship actors together but these two I just do!! However, I think she has a boyfriend - I thought I heard CXX state her BF was in the audience in one of those clips over the last few pages.
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