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  2. I read it anyway with Google translate. Not the best translation, but it allows me to understand the main ideas. I like your ending, even if it's short, because it's not burdened by all the angst and sadness of the actual ending. I feel like the series was on such a high but ended at a low because they bombarded us with so much angst that the last few seconds of that hug in the grasslands didn't erase the feelings we're left with. I wish they could have extended the reunion a little bit. Even Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu got to sit and talk for several onscreen minutes when they reunited. *sigh*
  3. so mom was in a car accident and she left him there unintentionally?? I dont blame him feeling so drained
  4. @apqaria Maybe our girl is learning all those new things on phone with those apps She can make beauty tips by LDH She posted new video on XHS talking abt sunscreen lotion.I like the red top she is wearing https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5ce63139000000000e0339a6
  5. Well he doesn’t need to talk about a *girl group* when he has an *awesome girl* to be questioned about instead... duh! Ahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha Just like a good lawyer: don’t ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to... for a journalist they: don’t ask a question if they know another one will get more of a response from the person being interviewed.
  6. RG rests his head on DM's shoulder. I think he feels bad for blaming his mother and thinking ill of her when it turns out that what he thought was untrue. She holds his hand to soothe him. EG is standing at a bridge and recalling all the good times he had with DM. He continues to walk along the bridge. He calls DM as she is staring at another Lee Sol painting. Intermission now.
  7. Omma lol. LJI will be an instant mother if in case. Story is getting exciting, can't wait for next week. I need the subtitles first lol. Yjh is very attentive to lji, which sets him apart from the bf. I can understand lji if she breaks up with him lol
  8. Ryan's mom didn't abandon him, she left Ryan with the kids and tell Ryan to wait until she is back... (Ryan's mom tried to look for a job) but was in accident... then she couldnt find Ryan...
  9. Ryan calls his mom, who's sitting on a park and staring at children playing. He refers to himself as Ryan and asks her to meet him. They meet at his house, and he offers a drink, "I don't have coffee, though." She wants tea and tells him she doesn;t drink coffee. She thanks him for calling first, "I've missed you, Yoon Jae-ah." He tells her that he doesn't remember anything except her painting and how she let go of his hand, "Why did you throw me away?" Lee Seol tells him she didn't, "I thought it was only for a while..." She then tells him what happened that day, the day she brought him out to play and buy something good. She told him to wait at the park while she went to meet someone who wanted to buy her painting. She had an accident at that time and could not meet Yoon Jae. That accident took everything precious for her, her son and her ability to paintings. She told him that she tried to look for him like crazy but she couldn't find him at all. She apologized that she lost him, for getting into accident and for not being able to find him, "I've lived my whole life in regret... You can resent me. But can I just see you from time to time?" Ryan excuses himself, unable to hold his tears. He goes back to gallery. Deokmi sees his sad back, "why are you back?" Ryan says nothing but leaning his head on her shoulders. DM asks if he meets her. Ryan tells her, "She said something I couldn't believe. She didn't throw me away. She lost me." Then DM asks, "what about the orphanage?" Ryan says he doesn't remember. DM cheers him up, that it is ok if he doesn't remember his childhood... Eungi seems to get himself together and calls Deokmi, asking her to meet him outside. /ads/
  10. Lots of good points being made on here for things I had totally forgotten about! The writing might be on the weak side and some things not making sense (it was weird when HJ asked online about a fake pregnancy test and YC messaged her back literally 5 seconds later lol) but all that said I'm still really interested in the show because of all the questions I have. Hopefully when the answers come out they will at least make sense heh. So are we all pretty much leaning towards Shady Seo as being the true killer of SY? Cuz I know I am.
  11. guess I just like the actor too much, that I keep finding excuses for NJ I was talking to my Korean friend, she tells me they don't like Jin Tae-Hyun in Korea either
  12. The next morning. Hyojin is going to work by bus, Secretary Kim and her mom are tailing her...hmmmm... Her mom doesn't believe what she sees lol. The employees found DM and Ryan fell asleep on the couch and yell at them LOLOLOL Hyojin scolds them for 'tainting' the holy museum...they awkwardly excuse themselves =)))) SeonJoo is busy at her cafe. Joohyuk tells Seungmin about what she did to him as his 'fan'. He suspects that SJ likes him as a man =-= SJ finds them out, she's upset and tells him that he likes Joohyuk;s music. He surprises them by giving a name card of a producer he knows so that they can introduce Joohyuk. He continues apologizing, "I like you when you smile." SJ tells him she doesn't forgive him, but giving him another chance. He's so happy and hugs her from behind. Ryan is back at work (without changing his clothes LOL). Sian calls him to meet. He agrees...they meet outside the gallery. SiAn smiles at him, confessing that he's always been curious about him and wanting to get close to him, "After all, my guts were right, hyung?" He still calls Sian formally. Sian cuts him off, offering their mom's phone number so they can talk about it all over again. Deokmi is at work, beaming at an email (I couldnt see it). From her phone convo in English, she has found more Lee Seol's paintings and offered to pay extra so they can sell it to them privately. She stares at the painting's pics, seems to think about something... Then she goes to see Ryan to tell him about the painting. She seems to find a hidden picture inside the painting and tells Ryan about it. Seems like the bubbles filled with toys and things children like...things that Yoon Jae liked. She then tells him to go meet his mom, "She must have been waiting for you."
  13. I’ve just finished watching Eng Sub of Ep 1-2. With no sub I cried at the scene almost the end. But when I understood more from watching with sub, I cried since the first bridge jumping scene. Five min left, got to go before the bell rings 12 times.
  14. I am glad the bff and husband made up! Marriage is challenging, but only the brave fight and move on! Thanks to our life recap chingus
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