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  2. About the German lesson, only YM could pull off such a tease without QY's suspicion. He was obviously LOVING IT when QY repeated the phrase with good proninciation. YM and his dead pan expression is really KILLING ME in this amazing drama.
  3. More pictures from the shooting scene.
  4. Lee Min Ho Has Been Discharged From The Military. His Fans From All Over The World Travelling To Korea Just To See Him. Even Lee Min Ho become a Trending Topic in various countries. And All Korean News reported about his discharge. Sweep all korean news >> https://leeminhophotosgallery.blogspot.com/2019/05/news-2019-lee-min-ho-has-been.html
  5. credit: Logo @rahma92: Was surprised by the size of the venue! Thought it was just a fansign event.However, I really don't know if it's free.
  6. Yes Yes he is. The same mask i believe that bjs wore in the first few episodes of S2. Haha watch the trailer. You even will see close up shots of him in it haha
  7. Yeah, it's war time, but one-sided love is everywhere. Can LYJ just decide which ship she sails: Fujin or Bojin, so that Miki and Cha Jung Im can settle the rest? Fukuda is too slow in the love competition, poor man! In order to get the girl, you can't just watch her from far, and witness another man snatching your girl. At least learn some wooing skills from Miki. She's a book, learn ! Btw, YJ told KWB "I will help you" in the beginning of ep11-12. What does it mean? she will side with Heroic Corps or it's just an act to be close with KWB (Kim Gu's order) ? in this drama, the most complicated character is LYJ, I think. She would be the end game in both war and love competition. KWB is kinda reckless abt LYJ. He knows she's from KPG, and Heroic and KBP are not on the same path, but he still lets her inside Heroic's secret location. I'm waiting for the day he knows she's Blue Bird, everyone assumes Blue Bird already died (Esther). I believe Blue Bird is bigger than just a secret agent/spy.
  8. Unfortunately nope... I loathed people who do things half baked. Bed scene on Asia television never really convincing so I would rather their imply it rather than show it..... The thread that you mentioned always HOT during HPL airing time... +2
  9. Erm. I Don’t have any sorry. But the ones that is related to undercover and it’s HK is a series that has a character named Laughing. Yes that’s his name hahaha. It has like 2 series 2 movies on this character hahaha. 970
  10. thank you for your posts. i translated and read it. agree with your assessment of kookmin. kjk looks comfortable with jsm and initiates the interactions. even when he is teased romantically with her as in jsm's mom wants you to be her son-in-law, he enjoys it. even when he is told jsm's mom thinks the age gap may be an issue, he doesn't say 'yes'. he instead says he is happy he left an impression on jsm's mom 'for now'. if kjk wants to, he can stay away from jsm so as not to encourage those teasing comments. yjs already asked him once if jsm is his girl friend when he took part in the rock, paper, scissors for her. he left a comment on jsm's post which made hwan jin pd tease them together. but kjk, unlike how he usually is, isn't bothered with the teasing :))
  11. True, true, jsm is a natural born entertainer who brings out extreme reactions from the viewers, either you love her to bits or you hate her down to your bone, either way she is still the center of attention/discussion, heheh. I agree her retirement (if it happens) will be a loss to us viewers. I don't have any info as to what are her thoughts over retirement. My suspicion arose based on the following: Jsm just completed a stint as the MC for a music event. If l am not mistaken she did not have any prior experience in this area nor has she held the role as a program host or guested/appeared in any music programs before. Therefore for her to suddenly become a MC, l find it very interesting or should l say odd. On the other hand, kjk is the one who has the experience in all these areas and with his network, it shouldn't be hard for him to pull some strings. I know l am speculating here, but bear with me. I am sure it had occurred to you, if kookmin officially announce their relationship, jsm will 'earn' herself more haters. Kjk's hardcore fans (and l'm not talking about the ones who like him as a RM member) will definitely join the haters group. Judging from the reception for his comeback concerts, l think this will be a big group. When l think how many hearts will be broken, oh boy, it will not be a pretty sight. If the PR is not handled well, imagine the backlash and guess who will bear most of the brunt. Based on k-entertainment industry's history, if the male celebrity is the bigger star, the female celebrity will normally take a step back and retire from the industry after marriage. This makes sense as this will help protect the female celebrity from the haters (especially from the male celebrity's fan base) and any unwanted pressure/comments (from the general public). Best example yjs and wife, and l think this is what So Ji Sub and his recently announced girlfriend are heading towards to. I am sure you can recall how many new relationships broke off due to the immense pressure from the public/haters. Hmmm this is only my suspicion. As I do not know jsm personally so l can't say for sure what are her true values. On-screen, she looks like a person who values love and family. But l may be wrong, she could be ambitious over her career and fame. Anyway, l am curious how this will pan-out, will my suspicion be true or am l over-thinking? Ahhhh this is the fun part - hypothesizing, collecting evidence, observing, analyzing, concluding and getting the results (except the waiting part, that l do not enjoy). Yahoo, detective mode on ......
  12. I will help to answer. This is not a pre-produced, but it does not count as "live" either. I mean, they are currently still shooting, but already in far ahead episodes. They've been shooting since 2 months ago. Now they probably shooting past the mid of the series already. Masked KW? I only see bloody-faced KW there...
  13. @Lmangla @sushilicious @Lawyerh Thanks for all the recommendations. Will check them out and see which one hook me in. I've watched Secrets and Suspicious Housekeeper. @triplem Gosh, that last scene of AB!! The electric feeling in the screen was so strong I could feel it on my side of the screen 968
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