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  2. I'm like you. I do the same thing! I'm always thinking of Ryan and Deok Mi. And I think Ryan deserves Deok Mi's love.
  3. I didn't know Hjm and Jhi held hands during their presscon. I didn't follow their new drama because the teaser wasn't that interested to me and I'm not a fan of neither one. Looking at the pictures above, somehow I felt relief seeing hjm and jhi holding hands. I hope syj and hb are ok. I hope they will give us the official confirmation soon.
  4. VIXX’s Hongbin and MONSTA X’s Hyungwon have shared news of an exciting collaboration! On May 20, the pair initially started a broadcast on Starship’s V Live channel, but due to problems with the Internet connection, they also uploaded a video to Twitter with the caption, “A summer project that will come to you soon! Please look […] The post VIXX’s Hongbin And MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Announce Upcoming Collaboration appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. Today’s episode was absolutely amazing, was funny how they were all celebrating and OSH is just smiling to herself like nahhh you all going down soon the breakfast was hilarious PSH pretending to be in shock and scared while secretly laughing knowing what’s about to happen, HY and KNJ faces were absolutely priceless KNJ playing the hero protecting his wife while HY just runs away was also absolutely brilliant poor KNJ got beaten up and is also suffering from a metal inside his head I guess karma is well certainly not favouring him Aw poor Choi Aera she’s about to get played in her own game and how stupid is she for giving those borrowed jewels to Chen the whole exhibition and the jewel thing is going to turn all against her basically they are all super broke now and are about to get punished, loved OSH smile when she was looking at her father in law painting the final piece was she’s like you’re all going down, can’t wait for the next episode Also let’s hope OSH can come up with a good story to tell HY why she calling him father a little slip up oopsie they’re all about to go down anyway so it doesn’t really matter I suppose
  6. I am not a good writer can't say anything
  7. Same here. I live for Wednesday and Thursday and read this forum everyday between episodes to get more insights and look at more pics/videos/gifs
  8. HELLO, APOLOGIZE MY ENGLISH ... I would like to say that this last chapter was great ... what struck me most was that KJK throughout the program did not stop bothering JI SUK after he did not give space to JSM, he did not say anything but he sure got upset, because the whole program annoyed him so much that YU had to put himself in the middle. Another moment, well actually two was when he was sitting next to SJH in the bus, when she he sees a bus stop he touches KJK with his elbow as he warned them, he secretly removes his arm and raises the bottle of water a little, so as not to have much contact, he also went back to avoid contact in the seat ... it seems to me that now it looks uncomfortable, not before, and the surprising ending when she approached to enjoy the win and he avoided taking her hand and withdrew his arm ... incredible !!! Then those two sitting on the bench .. How exciting ... do not you think LKS tried to cover them? also why did they start recording if they were away?
  9. Kim Seong Ri’s agency C2K Entertainment updated fans about his health. On May 16, the soloist and former RAINZ member put a hold on his promotions due to pain he was experiencing in his pelvis. On May 20, his agency released a statement on the artist’s official Twitter. Their full statement is below: Hello, this is C2K Entertainment. […] The post Kim Seong Ri’s Agency Shares Update On His Health appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. yeah i hope she gets a well deserved rest before she comes up with another incredible project & ahh idk why something tells me that psj is definitely keeping track of her work & i hope i feel the way about pmy too when psj comes up with his work
  11. lets a moment to appreciate this cute moment where he is protecting his lady love from the harmful sunlight! now i know this is just him being chivalrous but what makes this moment cute is the way she is cutely trying to see how pretty the sky/sun looked that day & he making sure that she gets that by shielding + staring at her
  12. Same here. I live for Wednesday and Thursday and read this forum everyday between episodes to get more insights and look at more pics/videos/gifs
  13. The she got all mad when he said he met ZM already lol. Even the servant who brought kind of told her to give up already. Even WJ grandpa knew WJ believed ZM’s word over ZR. Girl should just let it go, he wasn’t even interested in her after that fake suicide.
  14. SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary” has released a behind-the-scenes video of Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo showing great teamwork. “The Secret Life of My Secretary” tells the story of a romance between cold-hearted boss Do Min Yik (played by Kim Young Kwang) who has facial blindness, and his secretary Jung Gal Hee (played […] The post Watch: Jin Ki Joo And Kim Young Kwang Are Playful Behind The Scenes Of “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. It gets worse! After WJ rescues ZR from the beggar clan she goes into another tirade. I don’t understand what she’s thinking. She knows WJ lovez ZM. Yes, she’s mad at ZM for being involved in the death of her master so killing her makes sense, but she already tried that when she threw ZM into the ocean. At that point, she doesn’t know whether or not ZM survived the drowning so why put all the blame on her nonstop? And then she continuously witnesses WJ making excuses not to touch her, excuses not to marry her, excuses not to kill ZM, excuses to keep the gold box, excuses to eat dinner with ZM... omg, what will it take? He’s just not that into you, girl!
  16. A second fan of Jin Tae-hyun welcome I stopped defending NJ here and I'm doing it on a blog so I can analyze his character in detail, because I know most of you hate him.
  17. Just realized Wookie received many watches from Chanel. The one he wore when with Johee and the rose garden is J12 GMT. Different design on the rim and inner circle with J12. Then during launches, he was given J12 to promote with the rest of celebrities that day. Leedongwookstyle's IG really knows the tiny differences and details.
  18. Today
  19. @liemmeciau Hehe. When RyoTao are on-screen he does look at her a lot. So it is probably the same off-screen too .
  20. Is it me, or does KW gets triggered before he savagely attacks the bad guys? I noticed with the guy in Japan, and then once he was back in Korea, that there was a close up on the antagonists' right ear, and there was something shining there, as if they had a small diamond earring or something. The moment KW saw it, something changed in him: he squinted as if he suddenly got a headache, then proceeded to strangle, then beat up the guy. It's also interesting to notice that he seems to always go at it in the same order: grab something to tie around the neck of the bad guy, drag him, strangle him that way, then hit him... Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it makes me wonder if a mastermind isn't triggering him on purpose, as if trying to have him lose control, so that his violent side (that pat of him he is trying so hard to keep under control) fully takes over... I feel for him. He's in much pain every day.
  21. I'm also suffering from the same symptoms! Aside from going on instagram, youtube and this forum to get my daily dose of Ryan Gold and Deok Mi, i've resorted to bookmarking my fav scenes for easy retrieval hehe it's sad that the depiction of such sweet and mature way of being in a r/s is seldom seen in dramas and that's what keeps me coming back for more! I also love that KJW and PMY gets to improvise so i'm guessing they add their personal exp into the scenes hehe whicb makes it all the more real and swoon worthy I really like how relationships are portrayed in HPL because it tells us the being in a relationship takes more than attraction and shows how it is a journey and how DM is there for the ride and knows her presence and strength will help RG. I like how she observes and tries her best to cheer director gold and not address the issue when he's brooding over Lee Sol's painting. She does not put it on him to confide in her immediately and waits until he is comfortable enough to share. Their love for each other is filled with understanding, consideration and mindfulness and I love how they tackle issues head on insteading of sweeping it under the rug and letting it fester. Sigh... Such a lovely couple I've also been in a great mood lately thanks to this haha my best friend asked if I was bipolar cause im seldom this happy I even asked my colleague at work to watch it so we can discuss irl cause no one I know feels the way I do hahaha it's as if deok mi's fangirling has rubbed off on me and i'm a fangirl of Director Gold and Song Curator and this has become my energiser haha I hope to be able to see them head for a post-drama vacay seeing how many people are watching this drama! Sigh I wish with all my heart they will do more episodes Ps Seeing the chinese subbed videos of their RG and DM and it seems like rhe consensus is that KJW and PMY aren't acting I'm feeling half excited and half emotional bc although we're one more episode ahead but it also means we're one more episode closer to the end... My heart. JUST. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. OF. THIS.
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