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  2. 190519 TAEYONG VLIVE https://www.vlive.tv/video/129811
  3. I love them both but why do some Solid PMY get angry when we state the fact about PSJ's popularity? It is based on facts. PRAISING PSJ DOES NOT ALSO MEAN WE ARE DOWNGRADING PMY. WE ALSO PRAISE HER BASED ON FACTS.
  4. You had talk about my fav moment didn't you!? God those eyes the stared at eachothers soul, its just not a romantic gaze it's a stare full of love, passion & dedication
  5. @cicagw557623 Why have you singled out @parkparkloveuin all your replies but not me and others who compared WWWSK and HPL?
  6. In relation to the new stills, I loved this moment during Curator Yoo's Starry Night session, when Deokmi raised her hand too, then Ryan put his hand over her wrist after. And he did it while looking ahead all the while.
  7. Age doesn't defy who takes the lead in a relationship! besides would have been awkward to see pmy leading psj with the kind of physical stance he has! i mean he had to put his manliness to good use I think he kept his palm on the bed not on the side of her breast :/
  8. Just want to share this... Fan said he has eaten in Kobe yesterday. Also has given his fans some bonsai and have them repot. He has chosen the pot personally. He feels awkward while doing his debut, eventually he feels amazing and blessed. He was asked what kinda of flowers he likes... This is the type he mentioned. It symbolised Everlasting Love. He told the fans they might be able to spot it along the street but MC commented that only a person like Bogum with beautiful heart will be able to see it instead. So he recommended while you taking shower, driving or jogging, pls play his Bloomin. Credit: weibo and my dear friend who translated it
  9. From the BTS clips posted by TVB, I also felt she’s more carefree this time and seems to be enjoying the shooting more with KJW than with her previous co-stars. It’s like her heart fluttering happiness just shines through in the BTS. I can see her increasing happiness from the first BTS until the most recent one for ep11-12.
  10. @gets0meair @Jalhanda dearies / phd (mota studies), what is the answer to my Q...how?...i am a failed mota/shipper fan myself...cry! from Min Of Culture/Foreign Affairs (SK)... if you want to hear your oppa s love confession, start learning hangul/korean NOW
  11. calling someone noona practically means considering that person as an older sis or someone whom you can't see romamtically! psj doesn't want any of that :p
  13. I told this one conversation, just stop this conversation, and I think by saying the words "how dare you", you are also a very rude person, even though no one can criticize your words?but I'm not criticizing you, I just hope we don't lead to conversations that can make people who will see this thread that we are comparing the popularity of PPC an individually, Just it.
  14. 태사비애 (Taesabiae) – I Miss You 이몽 Different Dreams OST Part 3
  15. In the other light, I'm quite damn sure (like 90%) that Hiroshi is aware of what his daughter is up to and pursues, but he doesn't intervene. He's a dangerous man who killed his rival (hospital's ex-director), dug info of his employees, uncovered his so-called friend's dark secret... how come he not know abt LYJ? What strikes me hard in ep 11-12 about him is I was reminded that he's military doctor. Before being a soldier, he was a doctor who took Hippocrates oath to save lives, not to kill. So, when Miki's father told him "A doctor who saves our allies and kills the enemies...", he just awkwardly smiled. Am I too positive to think that LYJ will have her powerful father's back-up when she's in danger later ? I think Hiroshi reinforcing his position at the hospital by killing the ex-director is for him to protect LYJ better later. Or his marriage arrangement for Fukuda and LYJ is for her to have a great cover as a Japanese prosecutor's wife. And if anything bad happens (like a revolution from Korean patriots), with his position, he can't flee Joseon with LYJ, but Fukuda can bring her back to his homeland Japan. That's why he told Fukuda "one day, you'll have to do sth for Young Jin and me" . I don't know what's behind Hiroshi's motive yet, but he's a great adoptive father so far... Now it's a matter of time for Hiroshi to discover abt KWB, and speed up his marriage arrangement. I wanna mess up the love pentagon.
  16. @cicagw557623 I was among those who compared WWWSK and HPL and not @parkparkloveu. If you want war choose a proper opponent. If they do not want comparison then why do they make a drama within less than a year apart with the same female lead with the same story of officemates healing relationship after an abusive dark childhood with the lead actor and actress having met during childhood?! @seoseo BE A FAN BUT NOT A FANTARD. The difference? A fan is openminded while a fantard is someone who puts the favorite actor or actress on a pedestal without any fault. You also said you are a PMY fan so why are you here in the Shipping thread? There is a separate thread for PMY in the Actors and Actresses forum of Soompi. Solids should make it their home and not visit and post on Shipping threads.
  17. Hello~ I made a tutorial previously on how to create a daum account, see below: Another alternative, instead of navigating through the fancafe page, you can participate in the survey through this link (you would still need a daum account i believe for you to know the DVD production progress. Hope it helps!
  18. oh myyyh! I think they also have a version where LYJ kissed Miso's neck! they just decided to go with the toned down version to be aired. I really hope that it was not included in the cuts in the dvd made by their manaagement. oh my heart!
  19. Oh well so I will pass because was more interested in the couple discs I will just have to satisfy myself with the clips on IG and FB then
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