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  2. Quick scene of EG at his judo studio teaching bff's little boy. Back to photo shoot. Oh I thought it was over with. But there's more now. Now she's photographing them just on the street together. She wants them to cuddle up and hold hands. Oooh Ryan seems uncomfortable and DM remembers he wouldn't shake her hand nor would he shake EG's hand. She's quite observant. So instead she holds onto his arm. Back to judo studio. EG seems upset that bff didn't pick up her kid yet. She won't answer the phone. So he sets an SOS signal on the boy's watch and tells him to practice falling down lol.
  3. The YouTube clips barely had any LSH/SH clips. I don't watch the show for the trio. Do better, KBS intern. The grandma annoyed me the most. To be this gullible. Did she forget what NJ pulled? Like he can't fake and pay off people. He paid off cops before. This is still the dumbest plan they come up with. They can ship off Tiffany (which by the way was the best news of the show. Good riddance!) Are they gonna ship off the OH family too? Lol Did NJ used LSH necklace or did they just used Aera's? I tried to remember if Esther told Aera where she got the pics. If she didn't, how would they know that SH mom put the necklace with baby Chan? I know it wasn't in the box. I was hoping Chan took it and put it in his backpack.
  4. Don't worry, I am there for you .. iced coffee all the way yeah , I am talking about the review, there are boxes going out , his worker are shocked. He seem he like DY life , how he get shy to mention to his worker SH is his wife is weird for once . But what more weird how SH invested in this company, hey what about her dad company she want to build for her poor dad , isn’t better to use LSH in her business
  5. [Film Screening & Lecture] Soft Power Magnified as a Critique of the Divided Korean Condition in “Secretly Greatly” Korean Cultural Center is going to screen the film “Secretly Greatly”, and we are happy to invite Dr. Aaron Magnan Park, Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong, to have a lecture with us. Director Jang Cheuol-soo’s film Secretly Greatly (2013) harnesses media hybridization of the hallyu phenomenon involving webtoons, K-dramas, and the cinema to criticize the limitations of the divided Korean people by positioning the feared and dreaded North Korean infiltration agents as the reformed chivalric heroes who use their military skills to rescue themselves from North Korean elimination as well as rescuing the neighborhood South Koreans who they come to befriend through their daily interactions. Date and Time: 9 MAY 2019 (Thurs), 7 pm - 9:30 pm Venue: Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, 6/F, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central Quota: Max. 80 Lecture will be held in English Application Period: From today to 5 MAY 2019 https://www.facebook.com/1786088108354662/posts/2042932559336881?sfns=mo
  6. Omo next day, DM shows up with her bff. Her bff has a camera like she's gonna take pics of them? Guess if she gets pics out there of DM and Ryan then the scandal will die down. Ryan is all shocked cuz isn't that her girlfriend? Lol I think also Ryan saw her bff kissing her husband from afar so now Ryan is all confused like is this an open relationship or what. Now she's doing a photoshoot for them. Looks like the almost kiss is coming. But since her bff is taking pics of it, I don't think an actual kiss will happen. They sure are close though. Dang he grabs her waist and pushes her against the wall. Phew it's getting hot in here. Think Ryan is questioning her now like aren't you uncomfortable doing this in front of her lol. She doesn't understand but I'm almost certain he still thinks they're a couple. He pulls back and walks away. Now he's in the bathroom talking to the mirror like what is really going on. He comes out of the bathroom and her and bff and hugging and taking selfies again lol. Gosh he's so confused. Too funny
  7. Still the best drama ever for me too! Watched and watched all over again and again still has the feel like the first time! Healer! The classic Kdrama! so glad so many people agrees with us changminers and healerites
  8. LSH has lost his memory on the necklace. If he does have a faint memory of it, likely granny will tell him she ever gives him a similar one in the form of a brooch. Seems like SH mom will be the heroine if LSH does see the necklaces and mentions it to her. Ep 73 preview: Chairman with LSH in his study and they talk about NJ Granny with NJ, AR & Esther in the living room. She shows him the necklace and asks him a question which he seems unable to reply. AR looks on (and likely to have an answer for her). AR engages on her hp in her room. She talks about granny & is smiling. Embezzlement investigation on VC by the authority starts SH & LSH talking in Chan's ward VC, in Sleeping beauty aka snow white state, sleep-talking & trying hard to wake up
  9. cr: gooddata Second week of April Hot Topic drama ranking released. Our drama was ranked No.3. and for drama performer hot topic ranking Kim Dong Wook was ranked no.3. Besides, this drama ratings(AGB Nielsen) was increased from 4.7(ep2) to 6.8(ep4). I was happy that this drama received so much attention from Korean viewers and hope the international viewers will increase too.
  10. When I read the article, i was like :"JH always so comfortable being with him". :)) Also, they are each other's perfect fit. I used to think JK's partner would be someone as strong as him. But in my thought, most 'strong' woman is too strong, they hardly emotional depend on anyone. A couple of strong man and weak woman is also classic one, but i have never really thought of JK being with someone like that. He also doesnt know how to react to one when they appear. I remember the ep when JK was team up with a girl to walk on the ảirbridge, he left her behind to enjoy it while the girl be like :" waaa, wait for me" *being scared and girly* at that exact moment, i thought if it was JH, she would chase right after him and they would make a great time experience it together. JH can be brave and confident to stand by his stand. She is also weak, emotional, girly in front of JK so he can protect her, guild her. I like JH, so i must say JH is perfect to everyone she will be with. But SA will make most perfect couple. JK think alot, he is caution about everything. therefore, if they are real, they would likely never break. I dont find him selfish for worry about his career. I just feel that he is very serious about his relationship and he respects his girl. Even though we have to wait for so long, but it does worth it, even if the worst scenario happen.
  11. Next day, meeting at gallery. DM chases Ryan down after the meeting but I'm not sure what they discuss. Some interview? DM is talking to her bff about it now. Hrmm she seems happy whatever it is. She pulls out her phone with her bff and messages Ryan as her fangirl self. What the heck is she imagining now lol. Omg I can't even explain it. Her and Ryan are in some enchanted forest and Ryan is made up like a lion haha whaaat. K you'll just have to watch yourself cuz I just don't know. DM seems to be extra charming as her fangirl self. Dunno what she's up to. Think Ryan tells her fangirl self that the curator is his girlfriend so stop stalking her or whatever you're doing. Guess he calls DM now and says something about the fake boyfriend thing.
  12. Ohh god, not two of them on the same day. If I see red tomorrow, you know why. Is that the preview you are talking about it? If this is the case, about time he gets kicked out of the company. He is finished with the project he was doing so there is no need for him to be there. Better he focuses on his wife and child until the bomb drops lol. I'm still waiting patiently for the day San Ha goes to collect her debts again in the Park's household lol
  13. I somewhat agree that WJ should express his love toward MM more, but in the last few episodes, he has stepped up the game. Going against his own uncle after his own grandpa died, going against the rest of his members, he even going against the members of the 6 sects to defend her. It speaks volume of his feeling toward ZM. This might sound cruel, but l somewhat glad that this version make him go through the heartbreaks and disappointments and longing before he can finally be with his MM. Through it all, he can finally learn how precious she is for him and it truly emphasis the strength of his feeling toward her. I kinda thought previous versions should have amped up the "evidence" that he truly love ZM, and this version did). Thank you again Lauren for the wonderful post and translation. Spot on and I agree with the POV. To defend WJ a bit On lighter note: Did the horse bite CYQ hand in the bts clip? I guess the horse got "scolded" by WJ. Don't mess with his Minmin. CYQ sounds so worried when she thought she accidently hurt Shuo Bude actor. I wish they released more BTS of CYQ with or without Joseph. I want more ZM Edited to add: Have anyone watched the MV posted by Joseph in his Weibo? It's heavily focused on WJ/MM and I love the song used. Nicely done MV
  14. SA leaving somewhere. All these fangirls swarm his car. This one girl grabs his arm and his manager pushes the girl to the ground. They drive off with a bunch of taxis full of the crazy girls following them. They arrive at next place. The one girl who had been pushed down earlier is already there and hiding in the bushes. Suddenly she steps in front of the van and all we hear is brakes screeching. Cuts to news. I think his car really did hit the girl. It's all over the news. Think Sindy writes on her blog that it's all DM 's fault so she realizes she'll have to pretend to be Ryan's girlfriend now to keep the girls from doing stupid stuff like walking in front of cars aishhh.
  15. On April 18, Park Yoochun completed his second round of police questioning with the drug investigation unit at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency. During the questioning, the police focused on the CCTV footage they had found of Park Yoochun allegedly purchasing drugs. According to MBC, this CCTV footage shows evidence of Park Yoochun purchasing drugs using […] The post Park Yoochun Says That He Sent Payment At Hwang Ha Na’s Request + Denies Knowledge Of Drug Transaction appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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