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  2. link: http://m.cafe.daum.net/ok1221?nil=cafes http://m.cafe.daum.net/subdued20club?nil=cafes if you want to read all posting and write on the sites, it need approval to join the cafe. it need to verify yourself and after joining, you should satisfy the qualifications. so you can read and write. unlike portal sites, because daum cafes, theqoo, oeker..(etc) are not allowed spam accounts and one person to have multiple account through the strict identification process, most celebrities and advertising officials check these sites. because they see reliable ppl's real reaction not to be manipulated.(this is why comments about Idol on portal site are always good. idol fans make multiple accounts and control to been seen just good comments about their idol. even they buy the accounts.)
  3. CHAPTER 891 F****** is the sexual behavior low lives performe to produce offspring. Since you tried so hard to make me remember the sexual relationship we had and threatened me by claiming to restore that relationship in the future, then I must destroy your genitalia. After all, you can’t have sex without your genitalia.” Sangsang explained and looked at him without any emotion. Ning Que looked at her quietly and said, “Have you ever heard about sexual fantasies?” Hearing this, Sangsang’s expression suddenly changed because she felt like she was touched by a pair of hands. .. She couldn’t cut off the connection with Ning Que due to the reason that she was his natal item. Ning Que’s thoughts were concretely present in her consciousness. They shared the same sorrows and joys, and of course the same lusts. While torturing Ning Que, she suffered just as much as Ning Que did. She could take the pain which was too much for human to bear, for she was omnipotent Haotian. But when it was for lusts, could she still take it? CHAPTER 892 She felt warm, itchy, unsettled, nervous, tranquil, fretful, humid, thirsty, joyful and terrified at the same time. The feeling was strange but not new to Sangsang. In her memories of being a human being, she occasionally had the same feeling when Ning Que held her little feet to sleep in the past. And as for the night in the log cabin by the Snow Sea, although it hurt a little, she definitely felt the same way as this moment.... Nobody lost the battle, and nobody won it either. The war would inevitably continue, and nobody knew for how long. It might last until the seas have dried up and the rocks had eroded or until they have reached old age together. CHAPTER 893 Haotian’s will was so powerful and irresistible that he was falling into an abyss of surrender. It was either because of his instinct to avoid pain or the pain being too overwhelming that he fell into a dream. In the dream, he was sleeping and cuddling Sangsang. He touched her lotus-white little feet and well developed figure, and felt some increasing moisture on the tips of his fingers. He tossed and turned on the rock bed in the cell. The pain was keeping him from falling asleep, but he could not wake himself from the dream. Blood was all over his fingers as they were hanging by the edge of the bed. Thousands of miles above the Secluded Pavilion atop Peach Mountain, Sangsang was also having a dream in the Divine Hall of Light. It was a beautiful and romantic yet annoying dream that enraged her. In the Divine Hall, she lay on the ground, with her eyes closed and lashes trembling, while tossing and turning. Her thighs were tight and her breathing deep. The green flowery dress she was wearing seemed to be ready to blown at any moment. Ning Que was still in great pain in his dream. He was about to collapse. He got up from beneath her and saw her face. It was not the indifferent face of Haotian, but rather the young, slightly dark and amiable face that he knew well. She was staring at him curiously with shining smiling eyes. He felt a sudden peace and forgot all the pain from his body. Slowly lowering his head, he placed a tender kiss on her lips. And with that kiss, he saved himself. That is a tough war for NingQue he is in a lot of pain. Awww his SS is the only one who can save him. Thoughts??
  4. Yassssssssss! He needs to go on more variety shows!! I feel sad that I can only see him on PM and drama and insta.. I wonder what he will share about his life on the show?
  5. Last person casted in Spring Night. This veteran actor will be Ji Min's drama dad. An educator in High School. See link below. http://m.mk.co.kr/entertain/headline/2019/248251 More info about Ji Min character: Credit to author
  6. EXO’s Sehun has shown his support for Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. On April 22, Siwon shared a photo of a snack truck that Sehun had sent to the set of his drama “My Fellow Citizens.” The truck’s banners read, “Citizens, fighting! Siwon hyung, Fighting! From EXO’s Sehun,” and, “Citizens, actors, staff members, please enjoy and […] The post Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Thanks EXO’s Sehun For Sending Thoughtful Support To Set Of “My Fellow Citizens” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. Yes I noticed that as well. Those two have a war going on between them. Neither one wants to give in.
  8. @Lmangla that explains alot thanks. Loll for Movies.He died in pandora. Shameless barely made it hahaha. 870
  9. More actors are confirmed for KBS’s upcoming drama “Let Me Hear Your Song” (literal title). “Let Me Hear Your Song” is a mystery romantic comedy that tells the story of a timpanist who lost all memories from the day a murder took place. She decides to uncover the lost truth after meeting a suspicious tone-deaf man. […] The post Kim Sanggyun, Lee Si Won, And Yoo Gun Join Kim Sejeong’s New Rom-Com Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. I promised to Translate. Here it is. Pardon for the bad english Credits to Author: He Xiao Xiang – from Weibo. “所以你就把敏敏放在木筏上让她自生自灭,害得敏敏差点死在海里是吗?”张无忌向来待人宽容,可一想到敏敏差点葬身鱼腹,便怒不可遏。 “是,都是我干的,我现在就后悔当初没在岛上一剑杀了这个妖女。”周芷若也不管不顾了,一切全盘托出。 张无忌冷笑两声,道:“好啊,敏敏说的对,她这个人神共愤的妖女,手段竟也不及你这个温柔贤惠的峨眉掌门。”说完,张无忌跨步出门,来到了赵敏房中,一进门就一把抱住了赵敏。 “怎么了,无忌?”赵敏轻声问道。 “芷若她承认了。” “什么?”赵敏挣开了怀抱,抬头问道。 “灵蛇岛上的事都是芷若干的,为了倚天剑和屠龙刀,她这阴毒功夫便是来自刀剑内的秘籍。” “这……”赵敏虽然一早就知凶手就是周芷若,但眼下突然听到这个消息,却也不免错愕。 “其实在元帅府你跟我说凶手就是芷若时,我已经对她有所怀疑,只是谁能想到凶手竟会是她,又怪我自己怎么能去怀疑小时候的恩人,当下便也不在多想。” “这个嘛,我早就看出来了。”赵敏双眉一挑,骄傲地看着张无忌。 张无忌会心一笑,握着赵敏的手,宠溺地回答“是”。 赵敏突然甩开了张无忌的手,道:“哟,当初你冤枉我是凶手,一副凶巴巴的样子,还掐了我的脖子呢,怎么,现在你的周姑娘是凶手,你似乎非但不生气,还挺为她惋惜的。” 赵敏挑衅的看着无忌,无忌轻轻一笑,看着赵敏,道:“因为我爱的人是你,不是她。” 听到回答,赵敏一脸感动,伸手抱住了张无忌。无忌摸了摸赵敏的头发,道:“敏敏,你太看得起我了,当初我之所以那么恨,除了蛛儿之死,更重要的是我以为你不爱我,说的话都是在骗我。” “我怎么会骗你呢?” “就算你骗我,我也心甘情愿,谁让我张无忌,就是喜欢你这个小妖女呢!” 【这版无忌真的很痴情了,当敏敏一解释,他就已经信了敏敏。38集敏敏说到凶手手段卑鄙无耻,若知道是谁,定要将她碎尸万段。无忌说道,凶手的手段可不及郡主娘娘。虽然这话是在讽刺,可也证明无忌已经相信敏敏了。而且当时无忌放松的舒了口气,知道敏敏不是凶手,他很开心。42集口口声声说相信周芷若,却还在问敏敏有没有别的证据。要不是剪了很多,相信肯定还有很多敏敏无忌表达感情的戏】 My Translation (Pardon for lousy English) “So you put Minmin on the boat and let it drift away, and she nearly died? “ Wuji has been forgiving towards everyone. But the thought of Minmin who nearly died, he could not hide his anger anymore. “Yes I did it. And I regretted not killing her on the island!” Zhou Zhiruo did not care anymore and admitted everything. Wuji sneered with disappointment and said, “So Minmin is right. Even A Demoness like her, is no match for you, the Virtuous and gentle Emei Leader!” Wuji did not wait for Zhiruo to continue and dash out of the room. Dashing into Minmin’s room, he can’t wait to Hug Minmin tightly. “What happened? Wuji?” Minmin asked gently. “Zhiruo did it. She admitted” Wuji replied “What?” Minmin pushed him away gently and asked. “Zhiruo is the culprit of everything that happened on Snake island. She did it for The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. She learnt all the venomous martial arts from those Manuals that were hidden in the weapons” Minmin knew that the murderer is Zhou Zhiruo all along but couldn’t help feeling shock when she hear this from Wuji personally. “Actually, when you told me that Zhiruo is the Culprit in Yuan Shuai Residence. I already have my suspicions towards her. But She is my benefactor after all. How could I suspect her? So I forced myself to stop thinking about it.” “I knew it.” Minmin raised her eyebrow and look at Wuji proudly. “Yes” Wuji reached for her hands, smiled and looked at her with loving eyes. Minmin suddenly push his hands away and lamented: “When you accused me as the culprit earlier on, you nearly strangled me and were very harsh to me. Now, you know every well that ZZR is the killer, yet you were not angry at all and even feel regret for her.” Minmin looked at Wuji provocatively. Wuji smiled gently. “Because you are the one I truly love” Touched upon hearing his love declaration, Minmin hugged Wuji. Wuji stroked her hair, “Minmin, I was despondent, not only because of Zhu Er’s death…. I just can’t bear the thought of you lying to me and not loving me at all.” “Why would I lie to you?” Minmin said. “Even if you lied to me, I am a willing party. Because I, Zhang Wuji, had fallen head over heels for you little Demoness.” Author’s Notes: [2019 Wuji is really devoted. He believed in Minmin after hearing her explanation. Epi 38 – Minmin said that the Murder is too despicable. If she know who did it, she will kill her. Wuji replied, “No matter how despicable the murderer is, she is still no match for our Sassy Princess. Although he is being sarcastic, this also shows that he believe in her at that time. Most importantly, he feel a deep sense of relief and is very happy to know that Minmin is not the Culprit. Epi 42 – Though he said that he believe Zhiruo, he actually already started to suspect her. You can see that when he kept asking Minmin whether she has any other evidence to prove that. If not for the Cut Scenes, there should be more Wuji Minmin love declarations moment.]
  11. tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “He Is Psychometric” stars GOT7’s Jinyoung, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Kwon, and Dasom in a whirlwind storyline of mystery, romance, and great detective work. Jinyoung plays Yi Ahn who has supernatural psychometric powers, where contact with bodies or objects gives him insight into their memories. As his power gives him the utmost advantage, […] The post Different Ways GOT7’s Jinyoung, Shin Ye Eun, And Dasom Investigate Crimes In “He Is Psychometric” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Nam Gyu Ri Is Intrigued And Captivated By Im Joo Hwan In Upcoming Spy Drama Drama Preview Apr 21, 2019 by sala12 MBC’s upcoming drama “Different Dreams” has released new stills showing the first meeting between Im Joo Hwan and Nam Gyu Ri. “Different Dreams” is an espionage melodrama that takes place during the Japanese colonial rule over Korea. It will tell the story of the fight for independence led by secret organization Heroic Cops leader Kim Won Bong and the Korean-Japanese surgeon Lee Young Jin. Not only does the drama have a star-studded lineup including Lee Yo Won, Yoo Ji Tae, Im Joo Hwan, Nam Gyu Ri, Heo Sung Tae, Jo Bok Rae, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong, and more, but the drama is also directed by Yoon Sang Ho who directed “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” and “The Legend” and written by Jo Kyu Won who wrote the “IRIS” series. In the upcoming drama, Im Joo Hwan will be playing the Japanese prosecutor Fukuda, and Nam Gyu Ri will be taking on the role of Miki, a charming jazz singer at a club in Gyeongseong. Viewers are already excited to see how the story will unfold between the two characters as they become involved with Lee Young Jin (played by Lee Yo Won), a secret agent for independence fighters leading a double life, and Kim Won Bong (played by Yoo Ji Tae), a man who leads the armed resistance against the Japanese. In the released stills, Im Joo Hwan steals viewers’ attention with his stunning visuals and gentle smile that exudes elegance. Nam Gyu Ri is shown observing Im Joo Hwan from afar. Viewers are excited to find out what kind of relationship will develop between the two characters, since Nam Gyu Ri is unable to take her eyes off of Im Joo Hwan with her beautiful yet undecipherable gaze. The photos showcase Fukuda and Miki’s first meeting at a club in Gyeongseong, and Miki’s feelings for Fukuda will continue to grow after this encounter. The club acts as a location in which upper class Japanese people share information while enjoying entertainment. At the center of it all is Miki, who’s expected to shake up Fukuda, as well as Lee Young Jin and Kim Won Bong, with her instinctive intuition. The production staff of “Different Dreams” shared, “Nam Gyu Ri, with her curiosity for Im Joo Hwan and her instinctive intuition, will be an important key in changing the characters’ relationships.” They added, “Please look forward to ‘Different Dreams,’ which will be filled with swirling tension caused by each of the choices and situations that will be faced by Lee Yo Won, Yoo Ji Tae, Im Joo Hwan, and Nam Gyu Ri.” MBC’s “Different Dreams” premieres on May 4 at 9:05 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki with English subtitles. Watch the trailer below: Watch Now Source (1) It's charming Fukuda, indeed. Anyone is melting of him yet?
  13. This! So many tongue in cheek moments especially the what if it is real and not pretend line...weeeeeeeee
  14. GFRIEND will finally be back in Singapore after 3 years! The girl group’s “2019 GFRIEND Asia Tour [Go Go GFRIEND!]” in Singapore will be taking place at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore on July 20 at 7 p.m. SGT. Buddy, don’t forget to mark your calendar! The ticket sales start on […] The post Be Sure To Check Out GFRIEND’s “Go Go Friend” Asia Tour In Singapore appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. I didn’t read the novel, but at least MinMin mention on the latern that WJ is her husband and at the Inn they called her MRS. Zhang. I believed they both considered each other are husband and wife. At the min WJ asked MinMin to serve teas to his Wudang’s uncle. I think he already admitted that MinMin is his wife. It just they didn’t have the wedding ceremony yet. But they probably have the honeymoon already. Haha
  16. It was like TYH was their excuse for hugging and teasing each other regularly for 4 to 6 months. Which reminds me, we need to add to our list: TYH: KJR and OJS at court, flirting under the guise of working RL: LDW and YIN in filming scenes, flirting under the guise of working
  17. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=19318345&memberNo=4872266 …
  18. Park Ha Na will be joining the cast of tvN’s upcoming drama “The Great Show” (literal title)! The drama tells the story of a former member of the National Assembly named Wi Dae Han (played by Song Seung Heon) trying to get himself back in the Assembly while living with a family of four problematic […] The post Park Ha Na To Join New tvN Drama Starring Song Seung Heon, Lee Sun Bin, And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. NCT 127 Japan 1st Full Album ‘Awaken’ Jacket Making #YUTA
  20. live up to your name was the first drama where his character didn't die sort of! hahahahha... actually, like @triplem said, we had many bets and we were rolling in laughter when we realized that he was time jumping by basically dying. so the joke was that since he had time jumped so much, maybe he has now got it out of his system and will now actually live? so, the previous 3 dramas before live up to your name, his character died -- queen seon deok, bad guy, shark... think there were also some movies where his character died. not sure but that was the general impression that it became a bit of a joke in the thread. 868
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