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  2. Cant believe this kid who speak and sing softly and calm is the same kid who play cruel cold blooded NingQue *standingOvation* for you Arthur! This s
  3. while everyone is going ga-ga over the last scene... or the "sleeping over the gallery" night... which i played and replayed about ten-thousand times i think... ... has there anyone mentioned how CCUUUTTTEEEE Geon Woo on the episode last night! i just want to bite that little boy... he sooooo cute!!!! i was STS-ing all the while as well while he is discussing how he drop himself intentionally to make the girl he likes smile...and insist he is in love...not crush...he is definite... he is in love!!! oh my goodness that kid is suuppppeerr adorable!!! hope someone can make a gif or edited video of him... he is just soooo cute!!!
  4. I think the one who left RG at the orphanage wasnt DM's mom but the authorithy. Regardless rich or poor, DM parents had no right to bring him home. I think DM's mom let her kids played with young RG as long as she cud, and when time to leave, it was against her conscience to leave a young child alone at the playground unattended, but she cant bring him home because she can be charged for kidnapping. The next best thing she cud do was to bring over the child to the nearest police station & let them handle from there. I suspect it was either a female police officer or a social worker who brought him over to the orphanage until someone come to report a missing child. However after certain period of time, no one come to report/claim him, they sent him for adoption.
  5. Aura group is the hottest thing in town everyone wants a piece of it, if this was set in Joseon Era everyone would go to war over it like trying to win the crown or something KNJ seems to be suffering really badly feel a little bad for him he doesn’t even seem that bothered about Aura anymore and he tried to help OSH dad and didn’t seem to want to cause any harm to OSH family, Aera is about to loose another son after all the evil things she did she lost everything can’t believe she still thinks she will be able to claim Aura group is she crazy I mean an exposed murderer and well kind of broke person trying to take over ... sorry hunni but don’t see that happening unfortunately I’m so happy that OSH was released from the prosecutors office while HY and KNJ won’t get off that easily as there is basically no one who could get them out or pay off a prosecutor again what a shame... in other news feel bad for OSH family when things start to look up something bad always happens I really do hope everyone’s theories are right and KNJ will redeem himself by giving OSH father his sight back
  6. Its in the middle of the night here and I just came. Darn. All I see are the painting scenes. And kiss. And spoon. But what is this with the mum holding onto to something... which minute is it? I have a full on day coming up and can't even get to the episode. She is a photo with Yoon Jae on it. So the 3 mums knew each other? Huh? What did I miss? All I have time now is the ending. Then no time at all today. Darn real life. After I have been waiting all week for the episodes. American shows have naked shoulders post bed scenes. Korean dramas have naked shoulders post bed scenes. Why does DM have a shirt on for goodness sakes?
  7. Oh agree. It felt very PG compared to some of the kisses (including imaginary) we’ve had But i was just referring to the morning after! When they are wearing shirts. Not an issue of whether they are comfortable with passionate kisses etc but whether she is comfortable showing/implying nudity. Nevertheless I think it was a directorial decision for the scene to be muted.
  8. This is a little off topic, but I was watching LOCH 2017 and there’s that scene in the rain when Huang Rong says to Guo Jing that even though it seems like in the future (1 month from then) they can’t be together (because he has to return to Mongolia to marry Huazheng), if they could be together for one month, they’ll cherish that one month. One day then they’ll cherish that one day. I’m reminded of stupid Wuji on Snake Island who stops himself from kissing Zhao Min because they’ll be enemies as soon as they return to Central Plains and then again the scene at the lake where he tells her she might have to one day confront a reality where he kills her father and/or brother on the battlefield. Both couples are seemingly incompatible and not fated to be together because of their duty and promises to other people. But at least Guo Jing is willing to love and be loved for however little time he has. This is why I never liked Zhang Wuji!! If not for Joseph Zeng playing him so well, to make me fall in love with his character portayal, I would have never fallen in so deep. It pains me every time I think about Zhao Min’s sacrifices to him, and what little he gives back. Why couldn’t they allow themselves just to BE while on the island? Okay, rant over.
  9. @Ameera Ali in case you haven't found the link, here is part five of the blog. I am really feeling more and more sorry for the character now but they got very upset at me in the thread for defending him https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-five.html 762
  10. Wanna buy smth cool for my girlfriend. Maybe bracelet or earrings. Do you buy jewerly online? What would you recommend?
  11. I think he's drunk and he will probably fall asleep onto her instead. Don't think he's trying to kiss her yet. Those misleading angles and previews
  12. I have watched several documentaries about korean adoptee, such as Aka Dan, Aka Seoul and Twinster, also read some articles. Real life story can be more tragic than drama plot. Compared to other adoptee, in my opinion, Ryan can be considered lucky. He was adopted by loving parent and his adopted mother is korean so he was not completely detach from his root (can speak korean and read hangul). Most adoptee struggle with language barrier. Growing up in NY where asian community is exist also an advantage, RG has few korean diaspora as friends. But having this advantages do not eliminate psychological issues as an adoptee. In my mind, what RG going through growing up was similar to this story https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/nicolechung/being-korean-and-adopted-by-white-parents-nicole-chung. Watching those real stories make me appreciate KJW potrayals of RG. I think as a method actor he is done his homework: delivering sadness, longing, fear, anger, faced by an adoptee. Also hats of to PMY, Dok Mi is a caring woman with a compasionate empathy and passionate woman, she is not afraid to take the lead (and her imagination is wild, while Kim mi so of WWWSK is more innocent and dense). Childhood story arc don't bother me. It's K drama afterall. In HPL the childhood connection just a chance encounter, they met briefly at age 7. Less makjang compared to previous PMY drama, Healer and WWWSK, where the childhood story arc involving murder and kidnap. My take is, DM parents was forced to leave RG at the orphanage because at that time something happen to DM younger brother (sick?accident?). There is a few story arcs that can be tackled in the last two episodes: 1. Can i hope for a rewind? Let's rewind studio kiss and add the missing scene between studio/galery and the bed. Maybe adding sexy cute scene after wake up? 2. How RG end up in orphanage (childhood story arc). 3. Sian find out that noona curator is sinagil nim. I think it will happen at the launch of his new solo album. 4. The celebrity exhibition and it's success. 5. EG's dad (I have suspicion that EG may be Dir Eom's husband love child, which makes him Cindy's half brother. Maybe it is to makjang, i dunno). 6. The resolution of RG painting block. I kinda hope DM will paint potrait of RG. 7. For the happy ending I really wan't DM has a chance to pursue her passion in art, may be as a photographer? I also kinda want them to comeback and adopt the sweet little girl from the orphanage.
  13. However, if they have preserved their secret romance, then, those photos must be from someone who knows their secret. I.e., his team members or CEO of the company. That guy seems slippery to me.
  14. Hello @dondon binay, interesting that you are a guy. I rarely see a male visitor here. Welcome aboard. If I may ask, is this your first time watching the lead actress?
  15. Your comment made me laugh. To me, the mystery is not really solved because we don't know who ordered the hit on YS (the car accident). I just wrote a theory based on clues but nothing has been confirmed. Besides, it would be interesting to see if the aunt's husband is more involved. Sure, we can assume that YS's tragedies were created by humans... Furthermore this drama has caught my attention because the script and cinematography are rich. The writer and director use metaphors and the ballet making it possible to analyze deeper. Notice the contrast in the following scene: - YS dances in front of a huge window in the sun with no one looking at her (except the angel but she is not aware of his presence), while NN is dancing in front of the audience in a dark room. NN shines under an artificial light, so her fame seems to be artificial. This contrast (sun-artificial light; public - no one; in a bright and open area - the stage, closed room) underlines the difference between the two personalities: - YS never danced in order to be famous, she loved dancing... she was naturally talented - NN seems to dance in order to feel confident, she is definitely seeking fame, she had to work really hard in order to remain close to YS. I even think that NN without her family wouldn't have been able to become the "shadow" of YS and later the new star.
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