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  2. Lol NJ is totally evil you dont come back for kidnapping some wife, nearly killing her and pretending they where in love all time when she lost her memories because of him. He isnt some tragic hero he is a very selfish person that is willing to kill someone if he cant have her.I have zero sympathy for people like that and random acts of goodness does not change overall evil.
  3. I don't really have a specific choice. If the actor is both good looking and tall then that is perfect. However, I do have one actor in mind who matching so well with her is... Jo In Sung. I find him handsome, manly, charismatic, and tall. They look great together in Prelin endorsment.
  4. I'm a new fan of Jang Hyuk although I knew him a long time ago. I became one big fan after watching him in FTLY. Since then, I have been watching all his dramas and variety shows, new and old. I'm really happy to be lurking on this thread and meet people who love him the same.
  5. This scene from Ep2 which I love the detail of SHS's acting. When she confronted with her aunt, at the outside she looks cold, strong and arrogant. But when she turned back and walked away out of others' sight, her face shown that inside she was just a heartbroken and fragile girl. If you watch the scene closely you will see tear glittering in her eyes.
  6. Although it will be fated childhood it already just 2 episode only.. Cannot complain because its so close to finale.. Just I want wish that scene only just 5 minutes for 2 episode lol.. I want more relationship Ryan and mom and show exhibition for the finale.We Still dont get bathroom scene.. Right.. My naughty thinking.. Goor night everyone.I love to make cheerful and joke in here.. So happy come this thread.. Need to sleep.. Night with hugged lion teddy bear .. Lol
  7. hahahaha.... i notice this too. if I am PMY I do not know how to react calmly. Normally the guy will face outside but he is facing inside.
  8. Another Way. he acted with Seo Ye Ji. I was hoping HPL bed scene to top over this scene, but of course there's no way they would make KJW to do something like this. This drama will turn into R-rated then. @YearwoodC Agree, I seriously hope there will be no fated chilhood story which is so cliche. Typical k-drama plot.
  9. I just finished epi. 1. The lead doctor actress is so beautiful and classy. I like her. I learning so much. The Jeoson sided with the Japnese. now I know what happened.
  10. @cenching @Sejabin I said all I have to say about bed scene now I can wait for sub with less annoyed -2
  11. At the airport. Credit as tagged. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375136590060533/4375136662328380 Tonite Roadshow 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375254961712863/4375255193420592 2. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375255461077942/4375255638066684
  12. Omg,,,,can see the thirst is real...was a little shocked at the bed scene...that was a screeching halt to the level of passion these 2 displayed in the earlier episodes.... literal anti climax.... but i Guess pdnim wanted to keep us fangirls conscious to watch his last 2 eps.... Or maybe Ryan has run out of body paint to cover his rather red body....and made a request i would have thought that a guy who has done more mature scenes would be a little more in control...and it’s things like this that send me straight to the other Hpl forum... think the back stories were done nicely and it was enlightening to read about the mass adoptions causing an exodus of Korean kids to the states and elsewhere... thats why I love this forum... always end up learning something new... obviously Dm’s mom was in a pickle as her primary loving nature would not have allowed her to behave in that way... we still have a missing boy... so likely it was a tragic back story enough for dm to lose her memory... itll be handled sweetly im sure... last request to Kjw’s stylist....please buy him more body paint... we need that scene...
  13. Is PMY going to say that bun hair with the brush is actually her idea ?? That did bring out the tension and she surely impressed PSJ too for the ribbon kiss idea
  14. talk about PSH, I would love to see her partner with PSJ. opps ...causing another PPC lol. But truly PSJ-PMY is a real thing.
  15. pretty sure actors always says that when they act ...they apply real life events to bring out the emotion needed.
  16. I am not at all disappointed about the bed scene(we have to remember that this isn't an erotic genre); it was beautifully done, and it was lovely scene. The story development was flowing nicely. I bet the creator of this show wants to save the best for last...maybe we'll get a steamy scene that we are all craving for.....
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