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  2. Such a pity that The Banker has to compete against Doctor Prisoner and they both had the same theme. They are both equally intriguing. I cannot read President Kang either. In the Japanese version, the characters are easy to understand. So, did President siphon any money? There was no audit trial to prove his corruption actually. VP Lee is like a typical emperor. Like Joseon Lee Bang Won or any founder of Chinese dynasty (Liu Bang or Zhao Guangyin). VP Lee prefers to wipe out all contenders for power. VP Han reminded me of Ming Dynasty's Wu Sangui. For betraying the previous emperor, she has become a Wu Sangui. If she doesn't quit, she remains a threat to the new emperor and she might end up like Han Feizi, betrayed. Noh is Han Dynasty's Han Xin. He was one of the pillars who brought VP Lee to power. I question his wisdom to stay with the bank.
  3. Tao said at the latest JRA event that the movie she is filming right now will premiere next year. Tao's drawing Versus Ryota's drawing
  4. Rookie singer Lim Jae Hyun addressed a controversy surrounding his song “If There Was Practice in Love.” While the track was released in September of last year, it rose to the top of the realtime chart of Korea’s largest music site Melon at midnight KST on May 21. It has maintained that ranking every hour since then. It also ranks […] The post Singer Lim Jae Hyun Responds To Accusations Of Chart Manipulation After Song Tops Melon appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. Do i need to use my beating gif already? I checked and decided to not use it because she already did the job! I always knew that she took this cold and harsh character because YeonSeo spoke to her on a spiritual level! Poor cute angel: mistreated on the job and scolded in real life. But i know that he will get plenty opportunities for revenge when Yeon Seo will start to have pervy thoughts about Dan and when their BTS will become all awkward! Oh my heart! That gif! Our acting Queen is a Godess: why isn't the whole world on its knees to worship her? The only agony that i recognize when talking about her is mine: she's the best actress on Korean TV and she isn't half as recognized as she deserves it. Any criticism is invalid. Pfft! They're so impatient to get there! Those kiddos! Sorry @meechuttso i cut your fantastic translation but my post is already too long! Aww, "neighborhood noona and lil bro" is so cute: seems like the name of a band. I love how he keeps repeating that she's bright open and friendly: it's sweet because it's so true and because he likes her for that! SHS 's reaction being so cruel: "just because i'm on the side of the angel, that doesn't mean i'm one!" Thank you so much @Flowerroad_infinite Because i'm living in a closed cult with SHS for years, i know nothing about this young, bright and talented young man. It's very interesting to discover a bit more about his personality and how different he can be depending on his motive. I wondered too if his need for physical contact wasn't a way to be reassured because he look up a lot to her obviously. It's his first major role (i mean he has been a lead before but not on this scale) and it would be normal for him to be stress out despite his big experience on stage. But it's certainly a good news if it means also that they're friend! I'm definitely looking for his chemistry with SHS on screen!
  6. Sanha’s family need to move out there quick because the house was owned by Namjoon and the writer maybe forgets that plot. This is the only episode that Namjoon sweet talked and persuaded Sanha’s mom to find him the poster tube without making a scene even tho in the preview he forced himself to kidnap Sanha’s dad in order to get the jewel back. His plan isn’t take over Aura anymore before the chairman of Gold Asset wants Aura Group for interests. He needs to get the money and pays back to Gold Asset to get his mom back. But the interests that the chairman Oh insists is too much. I can feel the character is tired now.
  7. JKY sent JKJ a coffee truck to support her on the set of The Secret Life Of My Secretary. So sweet of him. I’m suddenly missing Namoo and Nak Won. Hopefully they can work together again as a couple in the near future.   Credits: leehansolution
  8. Jemma your husband Daniel is here laughed so much at that part poor KNJ he seems to be very disoriented, after all the evil deeds he is done guess that’s his punishment. Can’t believe they arrested OSH do they really think this is the way to get back at her, especially after they were the ones who fed her lies that she’s Oh Jemma what a joke the evil guys seriously don’t seem to be creative anymore The family reunion was amazing Gun is so cute! I really hope everything gets sorted out soon! Would say poor Esther but she’s so greedy she should be thankful they are patting her love in that house instead of always trying to act like a total gold digger! I mean yeah she did help, but she has done so much horrible stuff that she honestly does not deserve to be “paid” OH father seems determined to take down Aura I mean we only have a few episodes left and they are introducing a new villain I just hope they don’t make the ending too rushed
  9. I haven't seen the episode yet, but this reminds me of a scene from the movie Game Night (my favorite comedy ever!) where is Rachel McAdams is talking about wanting to beat her husband's brother's @ss for always undermining him.
  10. Although the episode is heavy, don't we all love the grumpy boyfriend that glared at his gf for not telling him her birthday? And gosh, I know he is thinking hard about Lee Sol, but can he stop being so suggestive (look, she is so excited and open to the idea too) and then sent her home??? I bet we will have a bed scene by the end of the show!
  11. I already said I want to put a bid on Aura Group too since it seems so wanted lol The writer is laying on thin. 8 episodes, wrap this up already!
  12. If I recall correctly, yes he purposely did that to both spite and also protect Jinmi. He explains it eventually once they both reconcile.
  13. Do they accept Koreans who were born in another country? cuz I’m full blood Korean I was just born in the U.S
  14. JKY sent JKJ a coffee truck to support her on the set of The Secret Life Of My Secretary. So sweet of him. I’m suddenly missing Namoo and Nak Won. Hopefully they can work together again as a couple in the near future. Credits: leehansolution
  15. Esther’s babbling mouth once again told Namjoon and he regained his memories then he went to Sanha’s house. Esther is still useless and outcast like before. I am annoyed by how she always yell “OPPA OPPA” like she’s the boss.
  16. Excellent. I really hope she does. But then it sorts of spoils the plot if she is not in the office being a power woman. And stuck at home being the Chairman's son's wife. Ergh.
  17. ohhhh.. so you meant what they're showing now completely different from what its supposed to based on? coz to be honest.. it is more looking like "His" Private Life.. and DeukMi is just completely fangirling on her boyfriend..but the story is mostly revolving around Ryan's..
  18. So the new character: Gold Asset Chairman Oh wants to take over WHAT?? Take over Aura Group? OMG I’m done. Why do the new people in this drama want Aura Group that bad?
  19. LOL ... his picture is from the “White lie” MV (one of my most beloved songs from him ;-)
  20. More stills from Shanghai Roadshow Credit as tagged.
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