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  2. First time not sponsored by subway lol 744
  3. Hi Mod! Which part of @kamila01 is impolite? I couldn't find anything impolite in her comment! Please let us to know. I think the person who Kamila has replied to, has had provoking comments.
  4. @rinkyu fellow Malaysian here but from KL. Love KK ..beautiful place which I have visited couple of times. Welcome to the thread . Wahhhh , you’re so lucky . Who was the most friendly ?
  5. @lu09 The ending was the best lmao Their arrogance got them good. Serves them right. The website hasn't updated the preview for Monday yet. I want to see that witch run too lol
  6. Yup i did see your Mr Hwang He's so cool and always with Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sungkyun & Lee Honey at the airport.
  7. Just thought about it if she accepts the role, we probably wont get to see her in RDTK (asumming the second season is this fall)
  8. I'm loving this drama and enjoyed the funny moments and more hints of the back story emerging in the new episodes. I have lots of random little theories going through my mind lol PMY and KJW continue to have amazing chemistry and I can't wait to see more sweet moments! Really though, how can one actress be so shippable with practically all of her costars!? I just love PMY and how she makes all of her characters her own while connecting with all of her costars to make the chemistry so real and so believable. And KJW, his chiseled jawline is something else he is so handsome!
  9. @Lawyerh the friend when she said did someone leaking our question, I was in the floor laughing -2
  10. Words on DKW wrist mean 'I awaken' But he is still cool...
  11. @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali @SejabinThat test to upgrade fan cafe membership is just so funny. List out all oppa pants color hahaha... And yeah ktcj that my secret door password is bimil... can he be any cuter than this 744.
  12. @rinkyu lucky you , I am jealous , you had chance to see Mr Hwang @ktcjdrama see my crush in the Video , waving hand to fan , he need fans to take him home
  13. Am a KK girl I actually went to the hotel they're staying yesterday before they checked out and managed to take a picture with 2 actors who acted as the policemen. And Ssongsak & Jang Ryong seriously good looking irl. I'm in love
  14. It was written that the words on his wrist (in Japanese) mean 'I awaken' But IRL he still looks like nice person
  15. Yea they post this one pretty recent and we still have a month or so to go. Always nice to have you visit.
  16. I love PMY and JCW, they are just perfect together! PMY just has insanely good chemistry with all of her leads though! I literally find myself shipping her with every costar she acts with lol hope these two act together again though, their sweet scenes are some of my all time favorites!
  17. @sushilicious I understand your sentiment about KJW. He is much better as a psychopath villain. Rich lover boy isn't a suitable role for him....When I see Ryan on screen I keep expecting him to turns his back and slowly flashes his sinister MTG's smile to me..... +2
  18. 8 Letters with Minoz Teaser 8-2 We got many updates since yesterday, my heart is happy
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