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  2. Initially i do have the feeling that ZWJ gets ZM forgiveness too easily But come to think of it. It could be years later that they were reunited. Time heal the wounds. Zm always had some soft spot for him. Moreover, she did not blame him for her father's death, she knows its fatty Zhu doing. She knew he would not leave with her, she is probably just suggesting and see his reaction. But stilll, she is disappointed that he did not leave and decided to give up on him. She stilll wish to protect him at that very last minute by suggesting him to leave. So eventually leaving him is her only option to avoid her seeing WJ and her bro fighting each other in war. At the very last part, she ask, why did you come so late, shows that she miss him very much, and she must be waiting for very very long time. At that moment, her feeling is "very relieved" to see WJ safe and sound. The path towards looking for her in Mongol endlessly is not easy. To be able to even show up in front of her, already prove his sincerity being a sufficient reason to get her forgiveness
  3. Lol....Same here, I'm so hung up that I start all over from adult ZWJ and skip some of the non-ZWJ part Unable to start any new drama for the moment, mind still full of images of ZWJ and MM.
  4. I am loving this drama as well. But I feel like for NYJ, the fight has only just begun. Dr. Seon was never his match, since from the beginning he has set up a net to catch him. Now NYJ is facing LJW, who is his real opponent. The battle of wits is going to be a lot more competitive. Perhaps we will see more moments of NYJ not in so much control, and that can be more interesting and thrilling. But he also has made a lot of allies. He's done a lot of bad things, but in doing them he really won over their hearts. So many people, including prosecutor Jung, the psychiatrist, the prisoner leader. They are super willing to serve him, in ways that threats and black mailing can't do.
  5. Hanteo Chart’s official one-week sales total for BTS’s “Map of the Soul: Persona” is in: 2,130,480 copies sold from April 12 to 18. The chart revealed Friday that BTS has officially set a new record for the most albums sold in one week — and all time — with their latest mini album. The group’s previous […] The post BTS Sets Records For One-Week And All-Time Album Sales With “Map Of The Soul: Persona” On Hanteo Chart appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. In a recent interview and pictorial for @star1 magazine, Oh My Girl talked about their upcoming comeback and their hopes for the future. Oh My Girl, who recently announced that they are aiming to make a comeback sometime in early May, expressed confidence about their new title track and its choreography. The girl group proudly […] The post Oh My Girl Reveals The Concept They Want To Try Next + The Concept They Think Wouldn’t Suit Them appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. I actually haven’t watched any to be honest. Idk why it never interests me. I did, however, saw a few clips of the version with Ariel Lin. But that didn’t really pressed me on to watch the series. Yeah I don’t really like the actress who plays in the LOCH 2017 version either. I know she’s a pretty popular actress too but nope. Can’t get into any of her dramas so I’ll pass this one. It’s okay. I’m still hung up on this drama. So I probably won’t be able to enjoy anything for awhile.
  8. hahaha same to you. Last night I wondered why people didn’t know it yet. Many people were surprised that ppc have been dating for 3 years and they realised it’s the old news. I asked someone on twitter about that and she told me that she has never watch wwwsk but she was shocked about dating 3 years
  9. Come to think of it, you are right. I always felt RYY is only his second best priority. Ok let's petition for new series
  10. I hope I didn't ruin anything for you! I normally don't get disgruntled over a drama, but I can't help over analyze and be critical about this one because I have always had a soft spot for this story. And yes, I share similar thoughts about ZM's character as you do too.
  11. I fully agree with you and i also thought the same when i first see the critics I mean ZM is after all just a youthful teenager, she is human. Its normal for her to air her thoughts ZWJ in this version made me like the character i never did when i read the novel. In fact i seriously dislike him as a character. Very irritating to see him sweet talking to very much every girl in the story That version has my top favourite huang rong.
  12. Yup, I like that one also, they got perfect casting and best OST ever. Sooooo many filler though that was not in the book.
  13. There were HPL fans who does not know anything yet about PMY who wants to ship her with KJW and researched about her past dating rumors and saw the PPC rumor so the old article was up again. I am surprised that many did not know about PPC dating rumor I thought all people knew about it.
  14. The LOCH i love is 1984 version. That version was the one who made me read Jinyong novels
  15. Ji Min new still in spring night Credit to author Hee! We know it will not be something like this: Credit to author
  16. Song Won Seok And Park Se Wan Confirmed To Join Kang Ji Hwan And Kyung Soo Jin In Upcoming Drama Apr 18, 2019 by Y. Kim TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Joseon Survival” (literal title) now has the full lead cast set! Song Won Seok and Park Se Wan are confirmed to be featuring in “Joseon Survival,” alongside Kang Ji Hwanand Kyung Soo Jin, who had previously been confirmedto star in the drama. Song Won Seok previously starred in the drama “My Only One” and Park Se Wan is a rookie actress who has starred in the movies “Omok Girl” (literal title) and “Dance Sports Girls” (literal title), as well as the drama “Marry Me Now.” “Joseon Survival” is a time-slip drama about Han Jung Rok, a former national archer and current deliveryman from 2019. He ends up traveling to the past and meets Im Kkeok Jeong, a famous thief from the Joseon dynasty. Together, they struggle to survive, put their lives at stake for the people they love, and share a strong friendship. Kang Ji Hwan will play Han Jung Rok, who travels through time to the Joseon dynasty with his first love and younger sibling. There, he joins Im Kkeok Jeong in fighting against corrupt officials. Kyung Soo Jin will take on the role of Lee Hye Jin, a medical resident at the department of rehabilitation and the only daughter of a wealthy family. She is Han Jung Rok’s first love and a woman with a sophisticated way of speaking and an elegant air about her. Song Won Seok will play Im Kkeok Jeong, who is a true figure who was alive in 1562. He is a witty man with a pretty face and large physique. Lastly, Han Jung Rok’s younger sister Han Seul Gi will be played by Park Se Wan. Despite the 15-year age gap between Han Seul Gi and Han Jung Rok, she easily outsmarts her brother. She is a genius who won national writing awards and won first place in the math olympiad three years in a row. A source from the drama’s production company Huayi Brothers Korea stated, “The drama will offer laughter as well as deep meaning as it tells the story of Han Jung Rok, who goes back 500 years to the Joseon dynasty that had a feudal system. Please look forward to this time-slip drama packed with refreshing content.” “Joseon Survival,” directed by Jang Yong Woo, is slated to air in June. source: soompi
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