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  2. The male artist who is about to retired, what is the expected person? Voting time: 2011.03.29 - 2019.04.02 Although there are also evasive Artists who have been accused by the nationals for military service, but there are many artists who have joined the army in active service and lived honestly in the army. Then, who is the most anticipated person among the male artists who will be retired this year? Kim Soo-hyun won the first place with 7397 votes (33.4% of the votes) and became the most anticipated male artist.
  3. My friend who lives in LA couple of times meets PSJ at the airport, and she said that PSJ smells so freaking good even from 5m distance.
  4. @TheRoadtoPMY @Shine Son I considered dubbing as moving backward in terms of learning. While subtitles can really help in learning a new lingo. I am not a Filipino But an expat in PH. When I was young back in my home country all foreign movies/dramas including Japanese and America cartoons were subtitled. It helped a lot in learning the new lingo but now when the tv stations dubbed everything foreign, it looked weird and destroyed the chances of learning. I learned lots of Korean, Tagalog and Mandarin vocabularies by watching dramas alone. I won’t called myself an expert in those lingo but still I picked up a lot...
  5. Idc it’s smell like richard simmons or smell like lily or rose or fried chicken , as long as it’s PsJ’s armpit , i’m okey with that
  6. I rewatched the kakao chat interview of LDW & YIN and my feelings of watching them never died.. A lot of things were running in my mind especially if they are doing the body language, the compliments and sweet talks they give to other.. I wanted to give meaning to it for the both of them as if I am enterpreting something for them.. HAHAHA XD I wanted to share them here but my mind can't focus because there are so many to interpret and I don't know how/where to begin.. Kkkkk ^^
  7. Kim Soo Hyun will be retired on July 1 this year. Kim Soo Hyun has been low-key since he joined the army and concentrated on being a soldier. However, some netizens have recently revealed their new status as soldiers, only to see that Soo Hyun seems to be in shape. When the soldiers were a lot bigger, it seems that he has adapted to the life of the soldiers. Mainland fans have also bought advertisements to prepare for the return of Kim Soo Hyun in July.
  8. demmm... from serious issue we're discussing out of the blue thereeee i see armpit... i'm like what? what? thanks guy i'm laughing like crazy
  9. And so do I. ..(sighs) Apart from her gichancy cf to be released, I hope Kyo will be able to attend in awards nights when she gets nomination for her portrayal as CSH in Encounter and bags the award(s) . It's been quite a while since we saw her in K-ent annual awards for tv and won an awards.
  10. Who is heartless person who would put grandma/ murder in prison for someone she forget that waste of government money -2
  11. Kakao Page 2013 2018 Sales 2.1 billion won 187.5 billion won Volume of Transactions 1.7 billion won 220 billion won No. of Subscribers 3 million 21 million Kakao Page recently announced that its first-quarter earnings (2019) reached a quarterly high of 63 billion won. Trans & tweeted by @sword0616
  12. Actually she didnt write anything, she only draws a red heart&a rainbow, and the day before taec just finished his military service, so maybe she is in a good mood.. Wow, really???
  13. I agree with you. Its totally realistic. I mean, in real life we do need love, hug and slow kisses instead of going straight to bed. its a full declaration of love when you take it slow . it becomes more meaningful. it touches the heart more. Do take note , as i have said before, KJW always discuss with the Director and scriptwriter as the drama goes along. he wants the audience to feel the love, the warmth, the meaningful relationship that RG and SDM have. A true understanding love and never take each other for granted.
  14. Yep, I get what you mean.. when people say they are natural in HPL.. they're "acting" was natural.. that you feel the emotions. In WWWSK, i keep saying this.. they can stand far away from each other, but youd feel something... and each step closer to each other builds more tension. lol. Lets put it this way: If you know what it feels like to be with someone you are inlove with... You'd see it.. even in the simple way they look at each other.... Just Being inlove.
  15. @richelle here are the photos from episode 2 that i love the most... My heart melts! Makes me want to embrace daddy bigtime! LOL @seunhyelI'm so eager to know the song title, care to share if you got it please... Can't wait until the OST is out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some Netizens reactions/comments for Episode 2... I love reading it. Naver – Xports News: ‘One Spring Night’ Han Jimin was swayed by Jung Hae In…She told Kim Joon Han “Let’s take some time” 1.[+2050, -327] What fate, It’s cheating ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2.[+1395, -130] Do you have to get married just because you dated for a long time? When you are not sure about the person and you fall for someone at first sight, you may get swayed and think about it? It’s a matter of life, It’s not out of loyalty, It’s not like they are already dating, It’s not sure how things will go, It’s a bit rush to curse and judge it 3.[+1371, -203] It transformed into a US drama 4.[+825, -126] They’re fated to meet… 5.[+783, -271] Han Jimin and Jung Hae In match each other so well 6.[+551, -171] It’s a realistic story, It’s so fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope next Wednesday will come fast 7.[+381, -32] I understand why they said it’s realistic ㅜ To think It’s time to get married just because you have dated for a long time…An unsure heart ㅜㅜ A heart that needs understanding… 8.[+209, -24] If it was the opposite and Han Jimin was a guy. She would have got so many hate comments 9.[+190, -22] It would be better if it aired at 10PM ㅠㅠ It’s hard to watch the broadcast at 9PM because of the kids ㅠㅜ 10.[+163, -23] Jung In doesn’t want to get married, she met a new guy, followed her heart and she wants to break up, is this something deserves to get cursed at!! 11.[+157, -44] It feels like a US drama…It’s not fate but cheating ㅠ sigh 12.[+158, -50] As expected, the lines are detailed, the acting is so good, It’s so immersive Rating: 3.6% | 5.6%
  16. 766. @Lmangla just read this real life crime of Japanese black widow. She killed 3 hubbies with cyanide and pocketed $8 million. Shes grandma already, 72 y.o. lol. Her defense strategy is claiming to be dementia For forgetful person, shes so good with math & numbering haha....
  17. Exactly. There is no shielding our favs from shallow characters like that and if the powers that be are reading this forum and the Korean fans have already sent them mails etc etc then Im sure YSH and his agency would be feeling all the glares too lol. Not that he wont be able to pull it off but l dont want him to play an OTT villain cuz he wont be the Lead then. He should be the lead ( tho strong grey character would be an added plus for me) but a well written one, not a shallow spineless one like this web toon. I thnk he can play any character, this one too cuz he is very good at acting, he'd be able to pull it off cuz by the looks of it he wouldnt have to do much effort anyway. However I dont want him to play this character cuz like you said it looks like a sleezy disrespectful shallow man. Yes I like good well written villains having depth and given his eyes and talent YSH can pull them off with grace too but that doesnt mean he should play just any villain. The villain should have some spine depth and standard atleast. Not every other disrespectful sleezy shallow guy/ villain is likeable. Oh I loved it too. The initial half atleast. I got tired by the body swapping in the end but then usually all kdramas lose their steam by the end of it. Writers, actors, everyone did a good job there . The strong stunt woman concept was also new I think. Anyways yes if this drama is similiar to it then the similiarities are bound to be noticed, comparisons are bound to be made and all this is merely gonna add unnecessary pressure to it (and if this drama.isnt well/ carefully written, which I think it wont be but its just my opinion, then naturally its gonna turn to the pile of another YSH's dramas that couldnt/ didnt do well. I dont wanna say this but at the end of the day only YSH is gonna be blamed and called a failed actor . Only some sensible people blame the script, mostly people see ratings and success is decided upon ratings mostly)
  18. @cenching @Shine Son All this talk about dubbing reminds me of Ivan Lee and Mariel Kim. I hate using this word, it's overused in the internet, but cringe is the only way to describe my feeling. Lol. Don't you guys wanna hear "Ang artwork na ito ay ginawa noong 1987...gusto mo?" Fair enough about the point regarding making it more accessible to the masses, touché. Hope ABS-CBN does get them if ever, since they got WWWSK. I wonder when the preview and BTS will come out. Excited to see those.
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