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  2. 대표님!!! It's funny that HB always says that SH is like Heeju personality-wise, when I also think that he is just like Jinwoo. In conclusion, both of them are just like their characters, iykwim Another Is You fancam. You can see the background quite clearly here. The video started with a shot of Heeju uWu
  3. I don't think accent would have been an issue since this isn't a palace drama, plus Joseph and Yukee are close in age to their characters so I'm sure their real voices would have worked. My guess is they just had too many scenes and couldn't commit time to do dubbing during post-production. Joseph's time was really tight during filming as he had to rotate through 3 different crews/teams. Some fans were disappointed because they caught a few snippets of the wedding where if you looked closely you could see it was a body double standing in for WJ
  4. Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 episode for Mother of Mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pRVdFkVAUQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJqCXjt96Qg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJGHSoXZpNM
  5. Jung Chaeyeon Talks About Working With B1A4’s Jinyoung And Ji Soo DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon shared some behind-the-scenes stories from filming the upcoming Netflix drama “My First First Love.” On April 12, a press conference for “My First First Love” took place at Conrad Hotel in Seoul, with Ji Soo, Jung Chaeyeon, B1A4’s Jinyoung, Choi Ri, Kang Tae Oh, and director Oh Jin Seok in attendance. “My First First Love” is a romantic coming-of-age drama about love, friendships, and the dreams of five college students. Jung Chaeyeon took on the role of Han Song Yi who has a hard time choosing between her boyfriend Seo Do Hyun (Jinyoung) and her childhood friend Yoon Tae Oh (Ji Soo). When asked about acting with her co-stars, Jung Chaeyeon said, “[Ji Soo and I] appear as friends who have known each other for almost 20 years. I worried that we would actually have to be close in real life in order for [the friendship] to naturally show [in the drama]. Thankfully, [Ji Soo] approached me first and even bickered with me [like friends] on set. We were able to become closer with each other very quickly.” Regarding Jinyoung, Jung Chaeyeon said, “Just like his character, [Jinyoung] was very sweet to me in real life too. I didn’t have a hard time [filming with Jinyoung].” Jung Chaeyeon also talked about her most memorable scene from the drama. The DIA member said, “There is a scene where the five of us are traveling to Gangneung. We were able to talk a lot while moving together in a car. That was the most fun for me because it also brought us closer to each other.” Jinyoung added, “I was sitting next to her and I could tell that she looked excited.” “My First First Love” will be available on Netflix starting April 18. Check out a teaser here! Source (1) Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews https://www.soompi.com/article/1316857wpp/jung-chaeyeon-talks-about-working-with-b1a4s-jinyoung-and-ji-soo
  6. 758 @Lawyerh that’s the art of fangirling wkkwkwkw
  7. [event] Fluke the cuddle th with boom really cuddle of a and alpha chon with charm's Atmos Millennials Choice 2019 Held at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon on April 19th.Thank you for the fans who came to support us. Clothes: @goodmixer_officialStyling: @allybunnyruth#MILLENNIALSCHOICE2019#HIVELIFE #4NOLOGUE#Playeminent#playeminentartist
  8. When they say that the script is bland, i think in a way its true.Like what pd-nim said about the salsa. BUT......with shk and pbg, they delivered more than what were asked for, adding details and adlibs here and there. They don't stick to what the script calls for. I believe this is only one of the many. I wonder about the kissing scenes
  9. B1A4’s Jinyoung Talks About His Love Life And Inspiration From His Parents B1A4’s Jinyoung shared his thoughts on his love and family life. On January 7, the singer-actor participated in an interview for his first lead film, “The Man Inside Me.” “I have a dream of always being a good person,” began Jinyoung. “My parents are the objects of my respect. I have to become a father if I get married, and I want to become someone like my father.” He continued, “Since I was young, I watched how my dad treated my mom. My mom brags to me saying there was never a time [my dad] didn’t make her seaweed soup (a birthday tradition) even after they got married. My dad has a romantic side to him. Seeing that, I think about wanting to become someone like my father.” Jinyoung is the youngest of two children in his family and has been making more of an effort to spend time with his parents. He said, “I used to complain to my parents when I was young, but since I live in Seoul and away from my parents, I think a lot about how I should be good to them. They come to Seoul every weekend, so we frequently go to the movies. Recently, we went on a family trip to Hong Kong and Japan. It’s more meaningful than any other present. I want to give my parents a big gift, but they don’t want to receive anything from me. I do think about how I want to secretly give them a bigger gift later.” Speaking about his love life, Jinyoung said with a laugh, “It hasn’t been that long since I’ve had free time. Since I’m trying to pursue music and acting, I think I missed out [on dating]. I can’t date because I really don’t have time. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship. I can’t even remember it. It’s to the point where I wonder if I won’t be able to feel romantic emotions. I also don’t have opportunities to meet [women] in waiting rooms backstage. I’m shy.” “The Man Inside Me” premieres on January 9. Jinyoung will portray two characters in this melodrama full of fun and action. Jinyoung is the youngest of t https://www.soompi.com/article/1289107wpp/b1a4s-jinyoung-talks-love-life-inspiration-parents
  10. Yes! Half of YX's appeal is his voice while the dub is so flat YL uses original actor voice is surprising I thought all the younger actors were done by voice actors
  11. Can see lol. Was on twitter found her at the KNG twitter hashtag i was like...LOLL 756
  12. @cenching your oppa so sweet.. his fan service is top notch... @triplem i shd wait all 16 out lol. Didnt know its not complete. When u done watched, let me know ur view. 754
  13. [PHOTO] Song Hye Kyo attends a branded event "Mise like a goddess" TVREPORT April 20, 2019 16:11 On the 20th, Song Hye Kyo attended the Sakai Eyewear brand event held at Lotte Duty Free Shop in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Original article delivery date: April 20, 2019 .....source credit @http://news.kstyle.com/m/article_amp.ksn?articleNo=2115569&articleNo=2115569&__twitter_impression=true
  14. @joonminfan what does it say here ? Think this is from his fans on DC Ahhh lucky fan who got to go
  15. From filming The one who uploaded the pictures said " It was a great opportunity in our store and it was an honor to have a lot of fun!" I think it is the scene from today episode. **** New stills The two sisters 'sadness will be exploded in earnest on today' s (June 21) broadcast. Especially, the figure of two people who sit facing the small truck in the open photo is captured and focuses attention of the house theater. http://sports.donga.com/Enter/3/02/20190421/95150016/1 **** I love to see the sister having time together. They should talk about their worries and get comfort from one another.
  16. + Follow Papaya flavored sweet 今天 14:54  Lee Jong-suk tired while electric charge @ Lee Jong-suk L papaya A sweet taste of seconds to shoot video
  17. Now all he has to do is to go to his Heeju ETA: THIS IS YOO JINWOO Cr.bi_n0925 Is he hinting at a Season 2? Lol! Speaking of which, I feel jealous of The Fiery Priest viewers. They already know they'll be getting Season 2. While MotA fans are left for dead in the ditch lol At the same time, it gives me hope too. I saw some people comment and ask for Season 2 in Netflix's original Jenga video, and there are others who quickly shoot down that idea by saying that K-dramas don't usually have Season 2. But look at TFP! Even a drama from a non-cable TV channel will have a Season 2! I hope this motivates MotA director and writer to work on another season
  18. Go ask our global mod Lyra Yoo on the FP thread . She’s KNG no one fan . Think he died in Bidam. Yes , I also read online it was like open ended . Because s2 has already been shot but don’t know when they will release . They actually split the 16 eps into two . Not sure why . 750
  19. 小冉inKorea 3 minutes ago Last comment from iPhone 8 Plus  Lee Jong-suk casually smoked a send middle of next month back home with happy today to buy the last one of this century's ce & ha ha ha ha same paragraph sweater Monday dad also went to two large houses 정말 행복 하고 행복 합니다.
  20. From filming new stills from today episode The two sisters 'sadness will be exploded in earnest on today' s (June 21) broadcast. Especially, the figure of two people who sit facing the small truck in the open photo is captured and focuses attention of the house theater. http://sports.donga.com/Enter/3/02/20190421/95150016/1
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