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  2. Yeah. Because too long. Added emoji it looks bad. But will consider reopening lol. anyways.. @Ameera Ali @triplem @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama Kinda I’m telling you guys about how I’m not too sure when I will be able to hook myself to another drama...so..if we ever meet again on different dramas, you will see me updating stuff. But for now. I will close down my information shop. 588
  3. Not sure if the 2nd link is what you guys referring to. The video on minmin calling compilation I didn't have weibo account too but somehow my browser allow me to copy link. I tried signing up but somehow i can't as i am not a China resident
  4. @akhenaten @yoo1 @mrsj3n Until now, it's still in the port . The ship, that is .
  5. Well, if he had reported it, I think he can still get away with accidental death or self-defense, because Father Lee was indeed grabbing his collar. But of course it will be a messy court and trial stuff which he isn't willing to go through and risked his reputation, career and money in the safe. Heck, with the ambulance, who knows Father Lee could have been saved? I had guessed earlier that it must've been him who caused the death of Father Lee. He is the big bad in Gudam, but we also have the other big bad in Kim's life.
  6. The style of TVN of having one week gap after each drama ends started only in 2019 so there were no pre airing special episodes in dramas which aired in 2018. For TYH which started Feb 2019, I think there was no special episode because they were not able to prepare it. Maybe the decision for one week gap per drama came at a time when TYH was already about to be aired.
  7. Why? Too long? Haha... i tot it was cute 586
  8. Balanced diet + work out + anticellulite cream could give effect
  9. Hahahahahahaha! Owww.. No need to worry. You will see this in episode 14..though it's not a fancy one. (Oppsss, did i spoil it for u ). I hope you don't "teleport" yourself right away to episode 14 (because that episode is heart-breaking too with what happened to his colleagues )
  10. @Lawyerh had to close down sushi tei because I ocd. I hate it lol
  11. I got a degree in CS and now I work in IT. It was my old dream. My college years weren't easy 'coz I have no time for entertainments at all (I combined work and study).
  12. @Lawyerh I like the messy hairstyle very much
  13. Cute Comparisons: Put Your Head On My Shoulder and A Love So Beautiful Put Your Head On My Shoulder based on the novel by Zhao Qianqian has recently aired. Some elements may seem familiar to people who have seen A Love So Beautiful back in 2017 and you'd be right on the money because both stories are from the same author. How else are they similar? Well, let me tell you. Both revolve mainly about the school romance of the lead male and female. Both lead males are depicted as handsome, smart geniuses while both the lead females are cheerful and spunky. Also, there's the height difference between the lead male and female that's very evident in the two shows. Put Your Head On My Shoulder's Lin Yi is 187 cm. tall and Xing Fei is 172 cm. tall. A Love So Beautiful's Hu Yitian is 188 cm. tall and Shen Yue is 160 cm. tall. Another thing that dramas like these can't seem to avoid is how the female lead tends to crush on the male lead. This is strikingly true for A Love So Beautiful which drew many comparisons to It Started With A Kiss. While there's nothing wrong with that, it does seem to get repetitive at times especially if you watch a lot of campus dramas. In Put Your Head On My Shoulder, however, the female lead had a crush on another friend initially, and it's the lead male that starts expressing his interest as the reluctant roommates gradually fall for each other. Yes, it looks like the innocent school romance starts off with the cohabitation trope which ought to be interesting! While both dramas have their own appeal, it would stand to reason that Lin Yi's character would be sweeter as the one doing the pursuing and not the other way around. A Love So Beautiful was memorable and sweet for so many reasons, Put Your head On My Shoulder is halfway through its run, with the same formula, it might prove to be another success. Cr:http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/04/cute-comparisons-put-your-head-on-my.html?m=1
  14. I saw ur black ace now And congratulation Mrs Hwang too 582
  15. Done it now , heart , rainbow missing I can’t do it
  16. some fans of TYH are upset at TvN for pushing HPL too hard.. and they said TvN is unfair .. now they said HPL has low rating so that’s y TvN is pushing it.. tsk tsk... to be fair, not only TYH,...WWWSK, Encounter, Familiar Wife or even Goblin did not get the privilege of having a special ep aired prior to the drama itself.. so i dont understand why suddenly they are fussing about TvN was being unfair to TYH.. it is what it is...
  17. @Lawyerh I had to use my phone lol. And I forgot to type Don’t. Btw. Would you all be okay if I’m hereto chant and not plus 2?
  18. And also @Ameera Ali still havent bcome Mrs Hwang?? Lol 578
  19. Its really 'omo omo omo' All 3 together linked by 1 guy..wonder what are their thoughts now..but to the younger ones...do let unnie win (personal opinion) Not jus YIN..dont think i can accept him kissing someone else so soon
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