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  2. Doesn't Sinamoles-nim subs the bts videos??? Maybe we can find it from her channel or from the fanmade MV's. I did not know any of those videos as I have not seen them yet. Jeballl, anyone who knew those videos that @intrariver was talking about, kindly post it here. I wanted to see it too Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks @lingx2 and @turtlegirl (my turtle chingu. Lol) for recaps and pictures. And anyone else I missed. I haven't had the chance to watch the episode, yet, but OMG! YC had killed soo much people. But seeing the preview that CM is alive, that's all I cared. Now he'll understand that he needs to stop being soo naive and take control. I feel really bad for her, too. She can't say anything and it's her family. I honestly love PBY's crying scene, she makes it soo real and hurtful.
  4. Hi @haze lee. Netflix's translation has it as: "A bit hard to find your man in this life." I'm not sure how accurate it is or if it's a literal translation of what he said because they also translated Heechul's Seunggi pun a bit differently with "Girl's Generation really gained dominance over this one!" But you get the gist of what he wanted to mean and how brutal it was based on how the members reacted to it. They were rendered speechless and It took them a good few minutes to start smiling and laughing again normally. Most of them were affected by it, but as you can see it seemed to affect Sooyoung the most. She just couldn't hide it. As I've said before, that could imply so many things, and SG could have meant a lot of things by it, but he probably said it in a way to mean he knows she's the one who broke off the relationship because she wanted to, as confirmed by WTWB a month later. He said it so nonchalantly as if it was common knowledge. Cue Sooyoung's "Gang Sim Jang" two days later at their 10th anniversary fan meeting. (Knowing Brothers was recorded two days earlier.) I've no clue whether that was her way of "fixing" what happened on KB, or something else. Some people like to think she dates all the guys she comes in contact with. Mind you there may be or may have been some truth to some, it's unrealistic to think she only dated LSG, but I wouldn't say this is one of them.
  5. Because there was a spirit in the temple. Spirits are not banned. The temples are places where spirits could be so in the case of Mes, he wasn't out of place. Considering the spiritual and philosophical nature of Buddhism, acknowledgement of the spirit would be more the norm than exception. For me it's when the Monk started to speak about making merit for someone else ...the eye shift of the monk and the camera focus caught my attention...also his mention of Karma which considering how everything played out in the end was for all of them, Mes included - the interaction in the street scene confirmed it for me... I really respect this director - he's subtle but direct in what he wants from a scene almost demanding that the viewer pay attention to the minute details, which in this series made watching raw was wonderful.
  6. I Miss seeing Soyeon in a pictorial. When she will shoot a new one? Until then, we could see the I`m Chic pictures. She looks so great in purple. https://www.iamchic.co.kr/goods/goods_list.php?cateCd=001
  7. Ok they look a bit awkward but JHI definitely looks extremely happy. i dunno whether he feels more comfortable here or what but seeing HJM was the one that holding his hand first was a bit relieved
  8. SHS was admired by the new actress. https://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=103&oid=241&aid=0002916034 Actress Heo-un (허은) cast in 'Angel's Last Mission : Love The new actress Heo-Un who played in drama 'It's My Life' (KBS1, Nov 2018 - Apr 2019) was cast in role of Kyeong-Ae (경애) , an employee in ballet company. She said "I am honored to be back in KBS drama immediately after debuting through KBS drama, I've been learning a lot from the director and actors, especially I would like to learn the amazing performance and concentration of Shin Hye Sun senior" ("특히 신혜선 선배님의 놀라운 연기력과 집중력을 배우고 싶다”). Goodnight and see you tomorrow on D-1 !! (P.S. But I don't think I will have chance to watch press conference, going to be busy tomorrow. So hope someone will record and share the clip later).
  9. GOT7 talked about receiving their first ever Billboard Music Awards nomination! On May 20, the group made a comeback with their new mini album “Spinning Top.” During an interview with Joy News 24, they mentioned being nominated for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. “We were grateful and surprised,” they said. GOT7 was selected as a nominee for […] The post GOT7 Shares Reaction To 1st BBMAs Nomination + Hopes For Stadium Concert appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Stills from airport, flight to Hang Zhou, he looks so futuristic youth! I like this one. One thing i dont like is... He is too thin! Credit as tagged.
  11. Guys, I just watched the subbed Episode 36 and I'm bloody mad at ZR: "Zhaomin did it" "You need to swear to kill ZM" "Swear using ZM's name" "I'm afraid you can't kill her when you see her" That engagement is doomed from the start. If she has to do so many convincings, chances are, dude doesn't want to get hitched to you. (BTW - I got mad coz I understand what's going on, so to subbers - THANK YOU.)
  12. GOSH!! Okay guys so I just semi-accidentally uncovered something Very interesting. So in my attempt to go backread the pichi forum from the beginning to try to find the Pichi cap to compare with that pic just now, I found evidence of something more interesting. ...Do you guys remember that in the TvN official Youtube channel playlist for TYH some videos got deleted/privated? I just saw from this post on page 3... which video was the one that got privated!: Link to post w. the privated clip: https://forums.soompi.com/topic/432094-official-%E2%99%A5lee-dong-wook%E2%99%A5-yoo-in-na-%E2%99%A5-pichi-coupleointment-couple/?do=findComment&comment=21421617 Link to the privated video: https://youtu.be/Cl7FFnkC2Xs So it was that BTS clip where LDW&YIN comfortably spoke to each other in banmal (while YIN also spoke to AlwaysCeo actor more formally/not as comfortably) & where ....so very interesting how TvN thought this clip was TOO PRIVATE to continue to have on their channel LOL, especailly given what that BTS clip contained But! IT DOESNT END HERE. Now going back to that playlist to try to find that spot where the privated video was marked in grey, suddenly that has also been deleted by TvN! : https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdyB3s37qpTPqadshajltg3eUcLE5w-6V There used to be 2 SPOTS/Greyed out videos before, 1 deleted video and 1 privated video. Now suddenly there's only the 1 deleted video left and the privated greyed out video IS GONE. LOL TvN So they decided to private the video. But then realized the evidence they left behind of having the privated video marked in the playlist, so theyve deleted that Greyed out video too. And before anyone accuses me of rembering incorrectly, NOPE. I visited that playlist quite frequently at one point, replaying videos alot. I clearly remember there being 2 GREYED OUT VIDEOS before. 1 Privated, and 1 deleted. So I have to confess that I actually suspected quite a long time ago that the privated video was this one, but I wasnt sure. ...until now when I semi-accidentally found the evidence of it LOL It was like that childhood game of "1 item gets removed while youre not looking. Now try to remember which item is missing". I remembered before that the video missing from that spot, which got marked as private had been the Banmaltalking/suspiciosStare Bts, but had only my memory to rely on so wasnt 100% sure. But NOW!!! OMO. Yes they privated THAT video and then removed the evidence of having privated it. So now the video is completely deleted and not just privated. Try clicking the link to the video which was posted on that post I posted above (found on page 3 in pichi forum) (aka. this video link: https://youtu.be/Cl7FFnkC2Xs) It now shows it has been deleted. And then look at which spot on the TYH playlist the deleted video is on, the deleted video which is still left now that the other greyed out (privated)video has been deleted: This was NOT where the privated Banmalspeaking&LDWStareAtHer BTS was before it got deleted. From my memory BUT ALSO if you look at the other videos and think about which scenes had aired at that time. The playlist shows quite logically the clips in the episode airing order. ...That yellow couple shirts kiss aired and its clip was was published AFTER this Banmal&StareBTS clip was published, yet the greyed out video still left in the playlist is AFTER the yellow shirts kiss BTS. AKA. THAT deleted video still in the playlist is something that got published AFTER the yellow shirts kiss. Banmaltalking&stare BTS however was published BEFORE the yellow shirts kiss! So conclusion from this: the deleted video still left in the playlist is NOT the banmaltalking&stare BTS but a DIFFERENT CLIP. ...I regret so much now that I never screenshoted the playlist before when both 2 greyed out video wheres still there, I always meant to but kept putting it off lol. So now I have no picture proof of how the playlist used to have 2 GREYED OUT VIDEOS, HOWEVER you can see from the LOGICAL CONCLUSION that can be drawn (see above), that the greyed out video still left in the playlist IS NOT THE Banmaltalkibg&stare BTS but ANOTHER video. Then look at the link of the banmal&stare BTS video now and see it no longer works. Then I think you people can also (not just me) remember it having actually BEEN part of that playlist before, but now its isnt there anymore. CONCLUSION: There was 2 greyed out videos. One deleted one (identity of video still unknown) & privated one (BanmalSpeaking&stare BTS). Sometime after the privated one got privated, they realized their mistake in still having the greyed out privated video in the playlist and deleted the evidence of it from there too. SPECULATION TIME: Why does TvN see the BTS as TOO PRIVATE ? and why later even hide the evidence of having privated it and then deleted it? Especially if supposedly there is nothing going on between these two? Shoutout of THANKS to @Far^away for sharing that video on your post, (even though you innocently just shared that video before not knowing what will happen because of this action in the future. Life is so interesting, 1 action can lead to more than can be predicted&intended ) ...without your innocent post I woudlnt have found the evidence of the video being the privated one and 2 videos being privated&deleted. Shoutiut thanks also @MsMagic , without you mentioning the Pichi cap i wouslnt have gone to backread and woudlnt have found the evidence either. and btw sorry for VERY LONG POST EVERYONE, I wanted to make sure to be clear and include everything important. Started rambling a bit too because just so fun doing detective work NOW LET'S DELULU ABOUT THIS
  13. Videos from HangZhou 3rd Stop Roadshow. He was playing guitar and singing 2 songs! Credit as tagged. 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374168578536240/4374170446568190 2.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374162421286066/4374163035211878 3.Arthur sang this song https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/71872256.html?weibo_id=4374082558885223 4.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374138329221622/4374141211623540 5.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374143886405543/4374145695922984 6.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374146034122736/4374146610064802 7.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374138840932962/4374139433003528 8.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374100559206089/4374100711200990 9.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374103424207720/4374103492620256 10.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374094695585893/4374096399274550 11.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374129319815586/4374130059114165 12.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374124496379892/4374125264533447 13.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374121937880038/4374122668888014 14. #520 campaign https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374116006838445/4374116121675310
  14. Been lurking on this thread too~ I havent caught up yet tht's why ^^' I'm interested to see how these characters will develop...
  15. personally for me matching post on the color of their cloth/style is a bit delulu. i mean we have better proofs than that
  16. TJ should tell her the truth earlier than anyone else, the secret should come out from his mouth rather than anyone else. The recovery period for MR will be shorter. There should be an honesty and truthfulness for any relationship, but we don't see any now because they are still hiding their secrets...this couple needs to resolve their weaknesses, need to recognize and accept their weaknesses and compliment each other with their strengths....but again this is Kdrama, so we are aware that the writer wants to create some climax and intense in the storyline for sure. I hope to see TJ with a vest on it like a CEO look soon. He looks gorgeous too with the backpack because he is tall and has a broad shoulder, he is a model.
  17. ahh that's a bit exaggeration though i mean he has much more likable qualities in him which makes him appealing in the ladies eyes! one small bad habit doesn't make him a bad person or something! 2nd i agree since he is known to be an actor who is popular for his physhical fitness he should acknowledge the factor wholeheartledly & embrace a healthy lifestyle [if supposedly he hasn't quit smoking yet]
  18. I dont believe in all those coincidence but lately i find myself wondering if our PPC is really syncing their ig post First psj in pink after pmy posting her pic wearing pink, then psj posting his pic wearing a black turtleneck after the recent pmy post wearing a black inner over a white coat. Coincidence or delulu?
  19. There is only once she's posted her ticket to the musical theater on her IG story..but I saw that her manager posted several times too..thus there's possibility she's with her too I don't know about SK, but at my country, our theater house do looks like hotel lobby in certain parts (like carpet, lighting etc), I assumed more or less they must be similar in that terms. BTW, I think this is an old picture because in SK right now, they are slowly entering Summer and the guy behind her still wearing his winter coat.. So, I guess this is just throwback selfie of her, not a recent ones.
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