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  2. Thank you very much for your information. I asked because my Chinese students( she is PMY's fan)at the university. She said that both are not dating and said that PSJ love PMY but PMY didn't love and denied PSJ. She said that it was like love being on the same side of PSJ. I am looking for information about PMY to discuss with her because I am PPC shipper.
  4. 190426 NCT DREAM to perform 'No. 1' by BoA on KBS Immortal Songs EP400 "EXO CHEN came to the practice room and gave us advices to not make mistakes and just do our best." Held on 190404 Broadcast 190427, 6:05PM KST
  5. I just wonder if this will release on DVD and how long does it take. I assume it will release duo audio in Man/Cant.
  6. First time knowing KNG thru FP. But its his drama LUTYN that bring me to appreciate him more. Its very versatile performance from him, from comedy to tragedy just in a blink of eyes. The romance was portrayed very natural and beautiful. Thanks for those who suggesting me to watch this. @triplem @sushilicious @phoenix24 Still my best scenes from overall episodes >> bow tie
  7. Hello! Thank youuuu❤️ I'm new here! I definitely keep up with the thread but I'm a noob in forums like this lol I'm thankful! ❤️
  8. Well... Now it's clear that the idol and the lion are brothers. Therefore, both are looking for pictures. True, if the mother of both threw in childhood - it is too much already. But I can’t understand anything else ... because the idol talked to his mother. So, he was adopted? And so ... lovely, lovely, lovely !!! The lion managed to growl and grunted, wiping the tears with the tip of the tail, and once again become a cute kitten in the final episode...But no! It was in the final that he became a real passionate lion! Kiss - awesome! And the scene in the elevator of the lion and idol is just something fantastic! As he growled at him and rushed in search of a birthmarks ... And yes, taking tests to become a fan ... It's only possible in Korea!
  9. She also has a shipping thread for Queen for Seven Days. She has a total of 5 Shipper Threads. the one who created the WooMin thread has already changed her username to minseojoon and made the ParkPark shipping thread
  10. ENG SUBS for Eps. 5&6 Seriously though I can’t stop rewatching this episode. What a relief this episode is after a week of finals You guys are making this watching experience even more fun! Waiting for new episodes is always difficult but with you guys around it’s endurable
  11. Another update Google Translate: The last concert ..We applaud our bros who have burned their passion for over eight hours! Everybody say "Let's get it!" Your cheering message is always welcome
  12. 190426 XIAOJUN Weibo Update "What would I do without you, I can’t do without you. Please continue to like me and we’ll keep on walking this path together. I will work hard, even harder!" Translated by meltIips - SM_NCT
  13. omo, omo, omo @lilyphenix ~ that ending!!!! it was a real shocker. so didn't expect that. ep 19 and 20 had so many twists and turns, that it really is like a chess game like you said. kang now has open opposition from the FSS guy and assemblyman Jang -- what do these people actually want? do they think that Han will be more easy to order? ... but Noh was quite a master with how he handled the FSS with such calm demeanour. so hope he is able to tackle the next challenge now that it has distinctly turned criminal. but yea, he has countryside look where people think he would be easy to fool but he is not... and even his kiddo was smart, love how she refused to take the bag and run off. smart girl! really like Lee, so wishing the best for him...
  14. This you don’t see everyday loll imagine your backyard filled with sheep...haha 770
  15. I think the drama about school violence is very, important, I think many students should see it.
  16. I've heard a ton of stories like this. And the lesson I learned from all of them is that it's never too early to take anti-cancer pills- especially if your relatives have or had Breast cancer issues. The best drug I know is this one http://worldpharm365.com
  17. actually I prefer the young KJH, he looked more dreamy. Try watching Hong Gil Dong and Fireworks. They are my favourite works after Feel Good to die
  18. OH MY GOD!!!!! This man is smoking HOTTTTT!!!! This is for you, dear @jinkzzmec @Lawyerh @phoenix24 & @nohamahamoud2002 friends!!!
  19. +2 oh yes it is of course.. owhhh my ameera is very understanding btw I just finished HPL ep 6.. oh my heart what the heck why he just suddenly kissu her? Wae? Why? usually kissu will be in the middle eps. Ohhhh seems this oppa cannot wait for a kissu no wonder dinni, my friend took almost all of our bandwith this morning just to watch HPL ep 6. When I said I want to open YT, she screamed “don’t disturb me!” ughhh fangirling world is really crazy btw admin can we get red lips emo in soompi? Wkwkwkwk nah now I know why I like HPL. Storyline is too simple. Curator job and fangirling life .. why I dropped secretary kim, because storyline was too over. Too far from reality hahahaha..
  20. yes she really answered that. http://m.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=266755#cb PMY: PSJ said there is a possibility(potential) we will date(be a couple)? I say "no comment". Everyone is asking about that. but I do not say anything. http://m.hankooki.com/m_sp_view.php?WM=sp&FILE_NO=c3AyMDE4MDgwMjA3MDAwNDEzNjcyMC5odG0=&ref=m.search.naver.com&isNv=Y Her answer about the question that PSJ opend the possibility for dating with you is "no comment". https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?aid=0004194855&oid=009&lightVersion=off She was being careful to answer the question about possibility of dating with psj, saying "no comment".
  21. I'd like to share these two videos!! https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50499175?from=search&seid=3172158295972854047 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50374792?from=search&seid=3172158295972854047
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