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  2. Interviewer: Could you please share with us what is you expectation of the role? CFY: Wait a minute! Laugh... Can you ask one more time? I feel like I am in a fake interview..Laugh Interviewer: Could you please share with us what is you expectation of the role? CFY:
  3. Mi Ri and Mi Hye Karaoke dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB89V4djTKk I found the Karaoke song. and the stage performance of the original singer, Lee Jung Hyun. **** Preview ep. 21&22
  4. Wahh.. daebak analysis.. yes she seems clueless when dong live chat and ldw also mc always explained to her.. it was also cute when yin answer d quiz accidentally..lols.. ssy has insta acc so i think she loves both meeting or texting.. but i dont know about pkh..hehe Do u know ldw's phone type? i'm curious tho.. he seem used to social media but his selca always complained by yin..lols.. I remember during goblin days, yin used black phone when she took selca with ldw? Was it iphone but just with different casing? *i dont know why i keep asking about handphone.. mianhe..
  5. The nature was perfect for their walk... That strumble and catch was classic but I was the only one who expected a piggyback too? Next time! The preview **** The kids being the kids. And Sun ja is meeting Tae Joo!!!! I just realised that I won`t see the next two episodes. I am going out of the country for a week. Well, four long episodes to see the next time. I hope for more cute/good scenes.
  6. @namjiho thank you I've read that you also make IG for Mabbeumi Couple. It's really nice to see the picture matching between SHY and CJH. You worked well to pick and sort some of their related pictures and bring together.
  7. Even the PD is amazed by their chemistry I can no longer access my old soompi account that I had to create a new one.
  8. 788 HPL ep 4 now ^_* btw this guy really reminds me to my papa. His temper too oh gosh. The way he screamed to that grandpa inside the car is EXACTLY like my papa papa was always in a temper like Lyan Gold aishhh this was why no boyfriend guy friend any living young handsome guy dare to come and introduced themselves to papa there was, my 1st boyfriend who left me because of a narcotic girl, went to Palu once to meet papa and he didn’t talk any word. Oh gosh no word to Aldi. Papa was just look at him from head to toe and smile like this and left us in the living room. Aldi took a one hour flight to get in here and he just got that smirk? This lead guy is really really really reminds me to papa
  9. Mi Ri and Mi Hye Karaoke dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB89V4djTKk I found the Karaoke song. and the stage performance of the original singer, Lee Jung Hyun
  10. Not scared, but I am already thrilled! I guess that scene with the lady in the trailer would be the first case KKJ need to solve after waking up from 6-months coma.. something to "re-awaken" her psychoacoustics ability (?). Can't wait for 5.11!
  11. @Lawyerh all black is episode 9(i like that episode. That's how i know).. officially changing into modern is 7 786
  12. i have always been curious about this photo... normally when someone is having her photo taken, if you're not part of it.. you would step out of the way.. or if you're the one having your photo taken.. you would not be taking it if someone else is in the picture.... unless you're doing it on purpose. It just seemed like PMY is intentionally including PSJ (partly).. seeing how close she is to him.. such a tease!
  13. 784 @sushiliciouswhich # eps he wear the modern clothes? Im the only one think hes more dashing in LUTYN it seems. I prefer him here than in FP actually.
  14. I come here just after I watched LIVE. My thoughts are mixed... Let`s see... Miri and Tae Joo`s relationship took a huge step in this episode. I don`t understood the conversation but I loved every minute of it. They were a little melo and it was so sweet. They even drink and thought about their situation at the same time in their appartement. The background music was spot on. Tae Joo said once again what was in his mind/ heart. Good for him. I think she tried to clear the air between them (it is my interpretation as I dont know what they said to each other). They started with a drink and they had dinner. She wanted to call her "sunbaenim"? And he smiling called her that. i can`t wait to watch with subtitles. They watched each other from afar at work. They were in the same elavator with other people but we could sense the tension. They walked together after dinner among the blooming trees, she stumbled in the most common kdrama fashion, he caugh her and they looked in each other`s eyes for a couple of seconds. I don`t know what Tae Joo talked with his father but I don`t think he liked what he said. And Mi ri came to the golf club where In sook and other executives were. In Sook will want to make her life harder in the company. I loved the scene between Mi ri and Mi sun. Mi sun was upset after a huge fight with her mother. I don`t know why they Sun ja was so mad at Mi sun. Mi Ri told her sister about working with her real mom. I think she tried to say that everything is alright but she got emotional. Mi Sun watched her with compasion. I loved the scene with Mi Hye and Jae Bum. I was sad watching Mi Hye cleaning her room of all her books. I loved when she was lying on the bench and Jae Bum protected her from the sun. She decided to give up her dream and a few tears came out. Jae Bum is a sweet Winnie the Pooh. I hope his heart won`t be so heartbroken in the end of this drama. Jin Soo is like a baby. Mis mother is still spoilling him. Mi sun took his toys and he was desperate. Mi Ok yelled at Mi sun and she said that she will take care of Da Bin from now on. In the next episode, Mi ri is presenting Tae Joo to her mother and uncle.
  15. Park Shinhye and Hyunbin Answered What They Mean to Each Other in an Intense Game of Jenga Park Shinhye and Hyunbin were asked questions while playing a game of Jenga. The two lead actors from the drama 'Memories of the Alhambra' sat down for the question and answer Jenga interview with 'The Swoon.' Park Shinhye and Hyunbin had an intense game as they tried not to lose the game while trying to answer the question too. Park Shinhye was asked "What does Hyunbin mean to you" when the actress responded with "A gentleman?" Image Source: Youtube 'The Swoon' Screenshot The two leads were not giving each other any chance to win and while the interviewer doesn't seem to be giving Hyunbin any questions, allowing him to concentrate on the game, Park Shinhye was urging for the questions to be given. Hyunbin was also then asked "What does Park Shinhye mean to you" and the actor went, "A bright energy?" Watch their game in the video above! Source: Youtube 'The Swoon' Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'The Swoon' Screenshot, tvN https://kstarlive.com/article/2019/04/20/park-shinhye-and-hyunbin-answered-what-they-mean-to-each-other-in-an-intense-game-of-jenga-216671
  16. Our Minho will be back THIS WEEK! I'm feeling the excitement now!
  17. Am thinking to prepare extra box for episode 15 and 16. How is this drama turning into melodrama, making us an emotional wreck. Everything is set up into such a fine line between two choices, pain and pleasure, love and hatred, hope and despair, life and death.. gosh. I can't even predict what will the ending be for this drama. I hope both of the leads alive... and please please don't make any of them dead nor lose memory. I hope they being happy at the island in ep 14 is not to foreshadow something bad, instead I hope it would be something good since SJ kind of feel the island seems to be protected from the evil energy. I know right! He is so good at expression the desperation, the cry, the helplessness, the hurt having to point his gun to his love. Ahhhh! Me too hoping desperately writer-nim can wrap up this drama on a good note. *finger cross*
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