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  2. I don't see the time mentioned. I think it would be released at the same time of the 1st one (morning time in Korea). Probably this 2nd teaser may focus more on angel Dan or Ji Kang-Woo.
  3. yes i have checked @amazingyooinna Acc IG too..wae no post. Hope nothing serious happened on her acc. Has she been in this thread too??
  4. where can i watch Chinese mainland drama "long distance relationship" plzzzzz:tears::cold_sweat: i really like the trailer,:heart::love:was hoping to see the whole drama with subtitles

  5. He is just immature, other than that he is smart Kang has at least several oldfashioned coats, Nos looks original from 1999. Interesting! Yes, some wealthy and ifluenctial people like to be stingy and don't care too much for shallow things. But I also like to use things till they break. But sometimes you should, because things get easier. For a long time I resisted to have a smartphone, carried a blackberry and a mp3player till my sister gifted me a smartphone for my birthday. And yes, it is much easier to carry just one thing Yep, this is so No, oldfashioned and boring. But this also makes him trustworthy and I sure do want his team to surprise him!
  6. 190420 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "Gravity 용" “Yong drinking coffee” Translated by lmh99s - SM_NCT "High Line! #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT"
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  8. Another thing I love about this director - his sense of timing is such that we the audience can't time stamp it...I knew it had been a while..but the two months is interesting which by the way is the length of time this series has been on... the brother is deep !
  9. SBS’s “The Fiery Priest” has ended with a bang! The hit comedy, which marked SBS’s first-ever Friday-Saturday drama, came to an end on April 20. According to Nielsen Korea, the finale of “The Fiery Priest” enjoyed higher viewership ratings than its penultimate broadcast the night before, scoring average ratings of 18.6 percent and 22.9 percent nationwide. […] The post “The Fiery Priest” Enjoys Ratings Boost For Highly-Anticipated Finale appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. @katakwasabi he technically my brother in law , I shouldn’t say anything , but I can’t stop laughing at the red suit & the fact he own it * his twin brother @Lawyerh. sister in law , we need that suit to burn it
  11. My most favourite cdrama ever! Still rewatching my fav scenes two years on. The first drama that got me into Chinese dramas after only being an avid kdrama fan. Mark Chao is so insanely handsome and charasmatic. I could never imagine another Ye Hua and Yang Mi, she's timelessly gorgeous and never disappoints!
  12. But seriously, after all, I feel sorry for KIW. He begs YMR love, but cannot have love in return because he doesn't know how to love, he was very cruel to her. I imagine a more spiritual side, his mother seeing it and sad to see his son suffer, and die, unable to love and be loved. Girl, I'm waiting for your and @bebebisous33 review on these eps.
  13. @Sejabin yummy , now I am tempted to get one ice cream from the fridge and eat it - at 12:40 pm & saying buy buy to my diet just want to say hi -2
  14. Aw I love that scene where LCY and XF are staring at eachother from across the river after they become separated during the festival (because of Sese ). XF looks insanely gorgeous in her red gown and the way LCY's eyes light up when he sees her
  15. Seo looks adorable with that bob! Anyways..from his IG it seem that this was not Bobby's debut drama, but it is his most prominent character yet. Or it could be he was an unnamed supporting charater in his previous projects. Huhu Based on his IG he was also in 박경수 Whisper. Here's a pic of him with Lee Bo Young. Omomo! @Ameera Ali Hwang and Bobby goes way back!!! And was Bobby's outfit from the actors own wardrobe? Hahaha
  16. New to this thread but I have been silently stalking these forums for quiet some time now (GMP actually brought me out of lurker mode lol). I absolutely loved this drama! It's the first drama I became obsessed with after TMOPB which is a pretty big feat because I thought it would be hard for another drama to bring out the same feelings I had for TMOPB. I've never watched a drama with DL and YZ and it's funny how one drama can turn you into a huge fan lol they really suit eachother and it's sad that some fans can be so crazy.. I doubt their actual friendship would be affected by the fans but no doubt DL seems like the kind of guy who would be careful in public so as not to cause any more issues for YZ. Would be nice if season 2 actually starred DL and YZ.. it's always disappointing when an insanely popular drama has a season 2 with new actors but I get that the actors probably have other commitments. I got my hopes up when I saw 'Ashes of Love season 2' on MDL but DL and YZ are only listed as guests.. Hopefully the fan comments don't deter these two from acting together in a new drama, even if it's later down the track
  17. 702 @Ameera Ali just wake up and I want to eat cake xixixixi klapertaart cake + strawberry milk sounds good btw how are you? you want a sexy song again? Wkkwkkkwkw
  18. Ep16 Ahh, Seo forget her and get yourself a flat already No being realistic that fighting the D1 corruption can cost his team their career and what not more and offers them not to go after, he would do that alone I guess. The teamkeeps fighting though with encouragement music in the background (again this sounds so 90s, probably also the time No bought his bag lmao). Seo being down, talking with his mother and scaring her with his mood. But he gets himself together after a round of self pity. Next round of self pity goes to Han.. The reporter tells Lee that bae is from the Intelligence Division of the police, but was too old school for the new investigating style. He was being corrupt and disappeared one day only to come out as head of Seomin Policy Institute. Bae is meeting Secretary Kim, who used to be just a security guard at Kangs branch - is this is why he is bad at his job? Or not bad, more like he gets called out by Kang sometimes how he does his job. "We will see how long you will act all innocent" Yes, Tiger baby, get Kang No gets hung up by the branch managers, probably warned No is after the D1 plan. "His name was Kim Sang Hyoung. If his family name was Lee, he could have been Lee Sang Hyoung." Seo calls this a dad joke, anyone understand it? 'Wireless power share', interesting...I know it is a inerted product placement, but they are always ahead of us in technology. I was happy with my old galaxy, now these shows make me want to have a bigger, shiny new one. I will resist though... Anyway... Lee calls No and gives him the Bae information and also finds Bae to be a no show at his institute. Bae creeps on Lee at his house (my dream is Baes reality) and offers him to work with him, since he knows Lee doesn't likes Kang very much. Lee replies that he came to the wrong guy, he is no President Kang. Bae says "you could be more than Kang", which 'intrigues' Lee, but it isn't the right way. He only considers it if Bae tells him about the D1 plan, but Bae wants to make sure they can trust each other. "You will call me, because you need me.". Poor Seo...But Moon and Jang fit more to each other. Go marry the chauffeurs daughter, she was cute and her father is a hoot. Secretary Kim informs Kang that the weasel will most likely give the document to Han. Kim offers to send someone after Jung in America, but Kang rather wants to keep an eye on Han who has now the document. Lee tells No he wants to reform the bank and wants No to work with him. He is sure he will be President and assures him he won't lose anything if he sides with him. But No is reminding him that as an auditor he needs to stay neutral and finds it wrong to side with a faction. Damnit, No, why are you breaking Tiger Babys heart? Lee says the the first step to reform is to get rid of Kang and feisty No counteract that this is more a lust for power than reform. Like you said @Lmangla it's a mix of both, like he didn't right reject Bae earlier, but would love the prospect to get rid of Kang but in a clean way through No. But No declined and Lee may go to Bae, even though the reporter warned him Bae is a backstabber. "Anyone who isn't my ally is my enemy" uff Lee.. Both quoting each other after ending their talks. The old men gang thinks The Best is overstepping their boundaries and are not listening to them anymore. They decide the kids need a lesson to learn, since Kangs has them not in control anymore. Choi calls Yoon Sang Ho, head of the Fair Trade Commission. After the call we get to see a press conference in which Yoon announces an investigation of several companies that have 'unfair' transcations. Kang immediately understand there is a rift about to form. Moon has an idea to get deleted data and it is through backup centers banks have in the case of natural disasters or similar. Their banks center for this is in Busan, which is on the other side of the country. Seo is happy thinking Moon will go alone, but No sends him there as well lol. For real, get over it, Seo.. Han gets the document from the weasel meanhwile. Secretary Kim informs Kang of Nos plan to go to Busan for the data and that he met Lee, also that Han has that document. Kang is not really in good mood lmao. The infos must be huge and she struggles to call No immediately and walks to his office only to get a call from Kang. Damn Kang destroying the document - and this is why you need to have things digital as well. He makes her Vice President End of ep16 and end of me rooting for Han. *flips hair*
  19. @Sejabin heeeeeeeeeeeey giiiiiiiirl , whaaaaat’s uuuuuuuuuuup * side effect of watching FP i need to to make love story about fridge & father Kim @Lawyerh I am shipping this romantic connection -2
  20. The look WJ gave MM when they were eavesdropping on his uncles. His heart hurts for MM.
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