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  2. I repeat JS is still alive. SM is at the hospital. His hand is covered in blood. He remembers what happened. He runs off and barely misses An who is getting in an elevator at the hospital. Also at hospital, JI is with SM's mom who wakes up. Cut to police cars, including one with the bad guy in it. OMG please tell me this dude is not gonna escape.....
  3. I'm craving to go home, grab a bottle of pepsi and play Garry's mod with my friends. Here's link https://garrysmodsandbox.com/download, PM if interested and wanna join.
  4. Okay, it looks like An went back to the station. He's gonna find out what happened OH NO. JI was in the hospital and heard all this police chatter that alarmed her. She calls An. Suddenly An sees bad guy running from subway station! People scream. Looks like JS did shoot bad guy in the arm maybe? An runs after. Police show up. An is still looking for bad guy. An be careful!! Oh of course!!! An ends up on a railroad track and chases bad guy into a tunnel. Oh no!! An is punching bad guy. As he punches him....he sees what the bad guy did to JS. As he continues punching, he gets more flashbacks. Bad guy talking to someone over the phone in the subway station? Then flashback of him trying to kidnap the mom when she worked at the health care place? What is this flashback he is seeing?? An and bad guy continue fighting on the ground. An is able to block some fighting moves. But what are these flashbacks?!?! SM took his mother somewhere huh what I'm so confused! Police arrive, led by Nam. Bad guy says more words to An. Police pull An off, he's really upset by whatever he saw and whatever the bad guy said to him. Bad guy leaves a sunflower on the railway tracks. JS is still alive guys!!! They just showed her, she's in surgery!!
  5. I love that our OTP seems to have LOTS of one-on-one talks! To me, it's more powerful instead of montages of kissing scene! You can tell how Ryan's wall begins to crumbles and how DeokMi is slowly getting more and more caring towards him. I hope we'll get scenes of DM becoming protective of him later on.. Bc so far, we only see that from Ryan's side..
  6. Is there Malaysian here? FP casts are heading to Kinabalu, Malaysia. You might catch'em up
  7. @seoseo There are plenty of surveys about Hallyu stars. I think you mean the Forbes Magazine ranking that considers salary of actors. PSJ is also among the top 40 actors and actresses in Korea in Forbes PMY got the hate first when she became Lee Min Ho's GF. I guess by doing HPL now, PMY can relate why LMH fangirls hated her so much. And now whenever she has haters they always use the plastic surgery issue. Haters gonna hate anyway all actors, singers, actresses have haters. I disagree with you when you seem to imply that PMY will want to marry soon that she will date anybody ready to marry such as KJW. I do not think PMY is desperate to marry.
  8. Hollow Knight is a great thing. I guess it's the only 2D game that really resembles the Dark Souls vibe.
  9. No , you are correct. JI and An were at the abandoned station but we have been purposely misled through clever editing in the previous episode to think that they saw SM and the stalker . I think SM and stalker are somewhere else - the stills showed a boiler room which is not where An & JI are . oh god no...
  10. Edited to add the hairpin : My very first Fanfic. Please feel free to feedback. Hehe so embarrassing... 草原重逢相拥,策马浪迹天涯 – 忌敏完结篇 “我以为你不会来了。“ 靠在无忌肩上的敏敏终于抬起头,开口说话了。 “敏敏,我说过无论天涯海角,我都会回到你身边的。。。。。。这几年,你是怎么过的? 我无时无刻不挂念着你,恨不得尽快完成对天下苍生的承诺,飞奔来找你。一路上,我不放过任何线 索,无论艰辛 万苦,就算是丢了性命,也要找到你。“ 无忌眼中满满的爱意让敏敏甚是感动。 “安葬了爹爹后,我便寄宿于外婆家。外婆非常疼我,我留下来陪她, 她甚是欢喜。从此而后,我便过着自己一直很向往的生活,放马牧羊。。。。但不知怎么地,始终快 乐不起来。“ “因为你惦记着我,为我担心,对吗?“ 说到这儿,无忌不禁露出了幸福的微笑。 敏敏没答,还反问道: “无忌,你有没有想过,若是我死了,或是爱上了别人,又或是我根本不在蒙古,而你永远也找不着我 ,到时,你 又当如何?“ 听敏敏这么一问,无忌顿时幸福的表情转为苦涩。他不是没有想过这些问题,只是没有勇气去面对。 “若你真的死了,我就到黄泉路上与你相会。当日,我以为你已被处死,曾在你坟前承诺,完成我该办 的事之后, 不会再让你孤单一人。。。” “若你爱上了他人,那我便会留在你周遭守护着你,不会让任何人欺负你。“ 说到这里,无忌已哽咽并眼含泪光。 但敏敏却噗嗤笑了一声,“怎么?除了你,还会有谁会欺负我呢?“ 说完,看着无忌痛苦的表情,又忍不住留露出怜惜之意,问道, “那若是一辈子都找不着我呢?“ “我不知道,我不敢想,我只知道我会一直不停地寻着你,直至天涯海角,直到我死的那一天。“ “对了!我的发簪还在不在?” 敏敏羞涩又顽皮的望着他。无忌看得傻了,她真的好美。 “当然还在,簪子和手绢代表着我对你的承诺,给了我撑下去的力量,怎能丢失呢?我给你戴上,好吗?” “嗯” 敏敏终于释怀。他为她戴上定情的发簪,她扑入了他的怀抱。 平安归来的无忌,仍是当年那个她深深爱着的青涩少年。 她已无所求,因为她知道草原重逢相拥之后,两人将永远携手策马浪迹天涯。
  11. Just found out L&P cosmetics owned 70% of Manyo Factory. As a result, Manyo Factory has been incorporated as a subsidiary of L&P Cosmetics. Mediheal is L&P Cosmetics main brand
  12. Back to SM and bad guy talking in this creepy place. Bad guy is hiding from SM. SM is pacing around. Wish I knew what they were saying to each other. Suddenly bad guy presses some button to release a bunch of steam and tries to run off but SM sees him and hits him over the head? JS now in the subway. Takes another door leading elsewhere. (Okay but why did An and JI leave?) Okay now I see JI and An left to bring SM's mom to the hospital... Back to the subway station. SM is stabbing the bad guy. But is he stabbing him in the "right" place this time? JS comes in and shoots into the air as a warning. Then she points the gun at them. Then the bad guy turns some button to release all this steam and there is all this confusion then JS still has her gun pointed at SM and his talking to him. Then suddenly bad guy comes from behind her and we hear a gun shot and SM screams toward JS andddd commercial! Bad guy stabbed JS!! Oh no, it looks like she got stabbed in the place the bad guy told young SM to stab him!!! OMG is she gonna die?!?! OMG! WHAT THE!!! SM runs up to her as bad guy runs off. SM holds her and she says some words and then....OMG guys I think she's dead!!
  13. April 22, 2019 Bong Joon-ho’s new film ‘Parasite,’ Cannes nominee, to show extremes of Korean society By Im Eun-byel The Korea Herald Film director Bong Joon-ho’s new work “Parasite,” slated to compete at Cannes this year, features two ordinary families in different situations. Bong’s new film has been included in the 2019 Cannes Film Festival’s feature selection, marking the director’s second time competing for the Palme d’Or, following “Okja” in 2017. “Parasite” (CJ ENM) Film director Bong Joon-ho speaks during a press conference for “Parasite,” held at The Westin Chosun Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap) “(Including the noncompetitive selections), it is my fifth time to be invited to Cannes. It is a pleasure to screen my new work at the hottest, the most passionate place for film,” Bong said at a press conference at The Westin Chosun Seoul on Monday. Of his chances of receiving an award at the international film festival in mid-May, Bong said he did not have high expectations but that he was honored to be on the list of nominees, which also includes directors he has admired since his youth. “I am not sure if foreigners will be able to understand this film 100 percent. There are elements that only a Korean audience can fully understand. I am looking forward to this movie’s opening in Korea. “But, of course, the film can also appeal to everyone, regardless of nationality, since the issue of poverty and wealth is a universal one,” the director added. “Parasite” depicts two families, one affluent and the other living in deep poverty. Despite their differences, both are ordinary, loving families. The two families come into contact as a result of an unexpected incident. According to Bong, the two families are divided into separate spaces by an invisible yet firm line -- much as in real life, where the poor and the wealthy are divided. “I thought of the script in the winter of 2013. The working title had been ‘Decalcomania’ for a year,” he said. “I wondered, what would happen if two families in such different environments met each other?” “Parasite” (CJ ENM) Song Kang-ho, a regular in Bong’s films, stars as the head of the impoverished family. It is Song’s fourth film with Bong, following “Memories of Murder,” “The Host” and “Snowpiercer.” “Every time, Bong challenges himself with amazing imagination and films with insight,” Song said. He also recalled that with “Parasite,” he’d experienced a similar feeling to the one he got when he received the script for the 2003 film “Memories of Murder.” “‘After 16 years, I think this work will show Bong’s amazing development and the growth of the Korean movie scene,” the veteran actor said. The film also stars Choi Woo-shik as Song’s son. The 28-year-old, who debuted nine years ago, will be visiting Cannes for the third time, after “Train to Busan” and “Okja.” In “Parasite,” Choi plays a central character, the one who links the two families. He will be tutoring the daughter of the affluent family and lying about his background. Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Park So-dam and Jang Hye-jin also star in the film. “Parasite” hits local theaters in May. By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@heraldcorp.com)
  14. @Ameera Ali and other friends, I have good news, KBS allows embedding their youtube videos now, as you all know, we couldn't insert them here in soompi in the past this is really good, so we can share the new episodes. 910
  15. @Lawyerh I even gif that part. 912
  16. My Fellow Citizens! Viki page.... I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! https://www.viki.com/tv/36451c-my-fellow-citizens?locale=en
  17. 910 Ikr.. who can reject this cute package Lol ure right he looks good with or without mustache Sus...
  18. Okay so SM and the bad guy slash his father slash whatever are in a different place together - some boiler room or something. An and JI are driving now and An has called JS to tell her ? Nam also gets a call at the community center and rushes out. There's JS's dad standing there I guess to stop him. Nam punches her dad and laves. Her dad calls someone? Okay but if An and JI left, what did they do with SM's mother, exactly? Okay JS arrives at the abandoned station. What I'm so confused. Isn't this where JI and An were and they left? Sorry I must have things all mixed up or the time is jumping or something. Maybe best not to read my recaps today haha. I'll still keep trying to figure it out though....
  19. @heyyoooo Real life's kept me busy Tbh I don't think he has a problem with the friendzoning, just seems like he was surprised she thought he was ignoring her. I think he also mentioned in his fanmeeting that he took care of her, but it was probably not up to her standards LOL. Again, this is according to my rubbish Korean. But so sensitive, this man. She and a few other TSYB cast sent a video message for his birthday though, so all's still good. Am I the only one who thinks KJS and JSM are purely platonic though, which is why they're so comfortable with each other? I actually think he overdid the jealously angle, but he made it very fun. Loved the bromance with the two other guys as well ♥
  20. The Last Circus (2010) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1572491/
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