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  2. yes he is caring to PMY, but not in a romantic way.. but more like a big brother.. even PMY keeps calling him "oppa". and no.. i dont think that KJW has any intention to date PMY in real life.. lol! get married?? lol! he has his own private life.. since you mentioned YooJiTae.. he was already happily married during Healer.. so if he is caring with PMY, clearly like a sister. YooJiTae's wife is also part of Namoo. with JCW, yes they were flirty and playful to each other.. but everyone knows by now, there was nothing there. and PSJ is not threatened with anyone PMY is partnered with. it's a little over the top to think that KJW will just make a move to PMy.. lol!
  3. Yes dear!!! I hope so too according to the Soompi article! YAYY!!!! Finally something very sweet from Daniel! I really needed this!! Oh and how is it if we have a cute little Daniel in eye-glasses with them...??! Hah haaah haaaaaaa..... It is my naughty mind!!!! If you know what I mean though!!
  4. Hi..i'm new fan of jongjoo couple.. well, it'd been almost 3 years , but deep in my heart, just hope that our couple would be as happy ending same as in W (eventhough for the appa part, its quite sad) I've been k-drama fan since 2005, and the only couple that i do think, that have "something" while even watching their drama was Songsong couple and this Jongjoo couple. Yeah, it did end well, for Songsong, and i always pray it goes the same to Jongjoo couple too. I've search on any news, related to them, or at least any news deny on their relationship, but couldn't found about it, so it keeps me wonder, why is it with so many BTS that shows about it, media didn't capture it well. But, it give hopes to me, to keep on praying for their happiness, and well, at least keep me keep on thinking, with the cruelty of KNetz, they need to keep on silence mode, up to when they ready to breaks the news. Thank you, for created this forum, and really hope that we can keep on praying for the happiness of our Jongjoo couple.
  5. hihi.. i havent watched ep6 (sat’s) to-date, Seon Ho’s mom cries and loses control too often. yes, i uds that her son is in coma laying in the hospital but, there is no need to stomp down to the police station at every little finding or suspicion screaming and biting off the policeman’s head. Seon Ho’s dad is too weak.. he is a teacher himself, but lacks the confidence. sorry to say, he portrays too much as a loser the policeman is trying his best to help though, even though he got scolded so often. and i’m quite glad he doesnt give false hope to Seon Ho’s mom. he is investigating it secretly. Joon Seok’s mom frightens me.. she is like, realising how much a monster her son has become.. yet still continue to cover up and condone his behavior.. there were a few scenes where Joon Seok did a 180 degree change from crying in tears and then grinning sinisterly.. split personality?? i must salute to Seo Dong Hyun’s acting, he can really cry huge tears.. that few scenes from human to devil give me the shivers! Im waiting to see more from Soo Ho.. Kim Hwan Hee and Seo Dong Hyun recently acted together in MTWM too!
  6. can u give the link.. found hb pic but didnt found yejin..
  7. We don't need to worry with kjw. And PMY is not a type a woman who easy falling in love with her co partner i guess. And i disagree with you, is kjw wants to find a wife from his project?? It doesn't make sense. And how do u know psj didn't take care of her as much kjw or jcw? Don't believe with what we see "Kjw really into pmy"..I can't feel the vibe
  8. Kdrama Oppa is an app you can download on your phone will give you every episode right now. With subtitles
  9. I just got involved in this drama and I'm just so irritated waiting for someone to see Ms Hong's true colors. I wish Everyone would get a damn backbone and do something about this family. Seo Yu should have sued when the Chairman Slapped her, then she would have gotten that money for sure. So Dam needs to stop being a dummy and start recording her conversations with these Wackos. Seo Jun is smarter than he looks. I think he is going to show that eventually. Ms Hong needs to stop messing around before she lose her son for real. Somebody is gonna wise up and catch her in the act like Seo Jun did when she got Seo Yu Fired from the Design Team.
  10. Jung Joon Young will be attending his first hearing soon. The preparatory hearing for his charges of illegally filming and sharing footage of sexual acts will reportedly take place on May 10 at 11 a.m. KST. At a preparatory hearing, the court determines the course that will be taken to prove whether the defendant is guilty or not, […] The post Jung Joon Young’s 1st Hearing To Take Place Next Month + Investigations Ongoing For Sexual Assault Allegations appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Never actually dare to listen to all my oppas sing hahahaha. I tell you Tae Joo. This character, he is a policeman. But he murders. Hahaha i love his hair. @triplem knows i like male bangs loll About the radio show...i don't understand what he will say lol 886
  12. hello guys, do you know Bin-Jin couple (Huyn Bin- Son Ye Jin)? Are there many fans of this couple in your country? My country have a lot. Actually I don't care about any fans couple except SongSong couple fans but in recent mouths, there are many news about their cooperation in new drama and these couple fans increase so crazy. Nothing will happen if BinJin couple fans or SongSong Fans or even nonfan leave the comment just like:" Like SS, married after this film" or "make the explosive drama and marry" or " if they are married, they will beat SS" or "SS is in the second place if BIn Jin married" and when I read these comments, I just have a slight smile. Howerver, when I read the comments which reply these comments I mentioned before, some people say that:" be like SS? so hilarious, BinJin are better than them both in visual and talent" then so many people start to compare between Kyo and Ye Jin, Between JK and HB. most of the comments say our couple has no chance to put on the scale with BJ couple, so many things.... To be honest, at the first time when I heard about the BJ couple romor, I have a bad premonition and it happen now. Our SS do nothing but still eat bullets :)). I don't know if this happen in your country.I talk these things to remind every SS fans not to mention about SS in any news about BJ couple to avoid the unneccessary war.
  13. On April 22, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Intellectual Crime Investigation Team revealed that they have booked two police officers for charges of dereliction of duty. According to the police, these two officers worked as part of the Intellectual Crime Investigation Team at the Jongno Police Station in 2015 when Hwang Ha Na was being […] The post 2 Police Officers Booked For Poorly Investigating Hwang Ha Na’s 2015 Drug Case appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. OMG. I think HB and SYJ are in one event today for mediheal. There are press photos...
  15. small update. 【SALES EXTENDED】LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary Zone Package Thank you for your overwhelming support! We received a massive number of order and enquires about LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary Special Live - Anniversary Zone Package! Therefore, we are here to announce that the Sales of LUNA SEA Anniversary Zone Package has been extended till 20th April! The entering sequence on show day is according to the ticket ordering sequences, so hurry up to get your ticket at https://premier.hkticketing.com/ . / Anniversary Zone Package Purchase Note/ From 16th-25th April, audiences who have successfully ordered or purchased tickets, please please kindly visit https://wj.qq.com/s2/3516274/885f/ and fill in (1) Your name on Anniversary Zone Pass, (2) Phone number , (3) E-mail, (4) Select your t-shirt size, and (5) Upload “ticket photo”/ “screenshot” of ticketing. Please collect your package on show day from 3pm by following the arrangement and instructions announced by our onsite staff. . Once you submitted the above form, you will receive a confirmation email by Asia Music Group shortly. If you fail to receive the confirmation by 27th April, please contact us at lunaseaasia2019@asiamusicgrp.com. Thank you for your support and cooperation!
  16. O.M.G. THEY ARE *faints* ADORABLEEEEE!! thank you for posting the bts pictures, making me more in love with them Love the way they look at each other aahhh I ship them so much. it's only been 4 episodes and they have given me so much feels when they're just fake dating. what will happen when they really date?!!
  17. Uri OTP are updating their IG at the same time.. And the cherry blossom looks so pretty
  18. dont judge me, unless you in my shoes

  19. @gm4queen so happy to see them. We can consider it as the continuation of their relationship from Jugglers
  20. Ok I have to finish eps 11 & 12 of psychoM @sushilicious 884
  21. I still haven't watched ep 6. "you did not believe me from the beginning" . I think Joon Seok was right. His mother didn't believe that it was a accident. Why would you cover up an accident. And if she would have believed Joon Seok why the cover up? Another thing that got me thinking in ep 5. Why did Joon Seok go to Da Hee house?
  22. I pmy fan..i didn't ship her with anyone..but look like kjw really into pmy..he really taking care of her well like jcw and yoo ji tae..so manly and caring..but pmy+psj definitely have something..if ppc just in level of something..i think psj need to take action as soon as possible..if not kjw will snap pmy..kjw in age of getting married..pmy will not get much hate because kjw didn't have fanatics fan like psj..pmy will peace with kjw while with psj she will got so much hate..i think pmy trauma to date with popular actor..
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