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  2. Omg @ktcjdrama I could not sleep and I’m going to school haha. Voice 3! 584
  3. Actually on youtube there's strong language against the character of Namjun and the actor himself. Very few liked him. Most of JTH fans are Korean. Very few are from other countries. He was liked more in Monster. The actress playing Jo Aera is my second favourite actress too. Her skills are so good. The cute Chan is amazing too.
  4. Just a quick question... because I'm still grinning about this... or maybe make it a vote @triplem Would you ever warm your hands in the armpit of someone you're not yet in relationship with??
  5. 580 when the drama was airing I was lurking in the drama thread hahahahah
  6. No need to defend NJ, @nohamahamoud2002. The fact that he is getting a lot of hate goes to show how effective Jin Tae-hyun's acting is. You should be a proud fan and will leave this thread with some additional fans am sure. The actress playing AR is also very effective. I already said this before, she and JTH are the best actors in the series not only because they have more complex characters to play but also because they are truly good at what they do. Acting wise, am pleased with most everyone except Esther. Although she has improved of late, her acting during the first 2/3rds of the drama was painful to watch. All she did was contort her face and/or made her eyes wider. The mental lapse of NJ is hopefully not an indication of another amnesiac in the show. Should that happen, in any degree or form, I might start thinking the writer is uber-obsessed with the subject. He probably suffered from amnesia in his previous life. Am liking the pace and story development again. However, I miss having Gon / Chan and hope to see more interactions between him & his newfound grandfather. Looking forward to a satisfying finale.
  7. Every single thing in this universe is God's creation. But when he was creating you, Mr. Lee... it must be that one time He was showing off. https://twitter.com/JustLeeJongSuk
  8. 578 Yeah if ure in the mood to torture urself then watch. But their chemistry is good. Really.
  9. The fans did good job editing him wearing in a uniform!! Can't wait to see him official stills of him wearing a uniform.
  10. 576 busy days start until this friday hua ha ha ha btw I was want to watch my ahjussi but it is too serious and too tired emotionally
  11. Mook with Muwan (her boyfriend) in the temple ( Jirakith is there too.)
  12. Im done ah haha... i want to know ur opinion. My opinion in above spoiler 574
  13. I don't know how Jin Tae-Hyun accepted that role He is hated all the drama and will also die at the end
  14. LOL yeah I doubt it has anything to do with the real VP or GH. I think it's definitely related to him being nervous to give the speech. Remember the doctor saying something about higher BP can lead to blood flow to the affected area of the brain, hence giving him temporary vision. There was also the scene where GH told him his heart was beating really loudly before the meeting. I honestly think it's just due to his anxiety.
  15. Hmm... Da Hee's parents mentioned about wearing "Scarlett Letter". So can we presume they meant the worst that had happened to Da Hee as she claimed? I don't know but Da Hee does look guilty of blaming it on SH. It may or may not happened at all... I've not watched episode 13 and 14 yet so I may be missing some more clues.
  16. PSY is set to return this summer with his ninth studio album! May 21, PNATION announced that the album release is tentatively scheduled for early July. This makes it his first album in two years and two months. His eighth album, “4X2=8,” dropped in May 2017. PSY’s ninth album is also his first since he established the PNATION […] The post PSY To Drop New Album This Summer, His First Comeback In Over 2 Years appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. This week’s special guest was the Visual Director from Marvel Studios .. Haha those who like him with his 5 o clock shadow will be pleased
  18. D-1 to one spring night. It is good to know that they are comfortable working with each other. I agree that based on the drama scenes, the way they meet is very typical and ordinary. I am so excited for tomorrow
  19. PARK BO GUM BLOOMIN' #talkconcertinkobe JAPAN May 19, 2019
  20. The word they have been using all this while is just simply "sexual assault". So no one knows exactly the extend of the assault. We might find out soon in the next episode.
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