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  2. I also like the twist to the story that it's the male lead who has a child and is a single parent. And his awareness about societal assumptions about single parents. If the writer had written that it was JI with the child, it would be a more common plotline. You can already feel how he is worried for her and what others may think if they are together too often. But I like that JI is quite strong-willed. However, I expect that throughout this drama, she will feel the pressure from people around her and I wonder if she will be resistant to the pressure.
  3. About ep 19-20: I do still wonder why such a good series has only 9 pages of comments, why are we so few who comment on the series? T_____T I like it when I can not only watch a drama but I can also discuss about it, chat and fangirl overall (*) with others. (*)
  4. @bebebisous33 joined Angel's last mission, he is a moderator so the thread is better also his analysis is so accurate and not too long. I usually lose focus from long posts -2
  5. Almost all my favorite part here in TYH are combine perfectly.. I just thought how comfortable LDW & YIN are of their aggressivenss as couple in this drama.. I bet they are too in real life.. kkkk ^^ Keep those keen eyes for the Pichi Couple!! Let the the ship sail!! Good morning and may you all have a great day!!
  6. Thanks @richelle for the link. I am reading it and like this comment from dramabeans: "They’ve heard that Ki-seok’s girlfriend is hot (you’re not wrong), but they’ve never met her." hee! i read comments left in dramabeans and i agree that the story should continue to write GS as a good person. And allows the opportunity for JI to be the bad person or follow society expectation and stick to this long term relationship. cos it will be too easy if they write GS as a bad person. But if he is good... the conflict will be complex and layered.
  7. actually i cant catch a single word what she is saying haha even the first time when she first met Wang Wei lol in most of the kd when the koreans speak mandarin, its almost i cant understand a word at all.. for Wang Wei cos she is really half korean half chinese, her mandarin is perfectly understandable to me maybe TJ should go to another co.. unless he still is taking over the CEO role in Hansung Apparel.. its not going to work out with MR hiding her birth mom truth and TJ hiding his successor destiny.. else, let Chairman Han renominate his 10yo son to be next successor lolol IS will have a good time sitting there as a puppet CEO its going to be a good 10 epi of conflicts and quarrels.. (I Have a Lover was 50 epi and it took a good 8-10 epi depicting all the conflicts until the last few for the couple to finally got back together)..
  8. This is the reason why I'm scared of what she will do when she finds out about TJ identity. Her pride is gonna hit the bottom, not to mention, this looks like a betrayal in her eyes. But knowing TJ, he is not gonna give up on her especially when he finds out the truth about IS and MR. Boy, he will be furious at IS lol. A breakup will happen but then again I don't think it is necessary considering the fact that both lied about their identities here: MR being the bio daughter of IS and TJ being the heir of the company. TJ was right when he told his father that he came to learn and falling in love with his boss came along with it. The chairman thought it was a good idea to send MR out of the country and TJ answer was that he will follow her lol. That's why I like TJ because he just follows his morals and heart. And it's always funny when he ruins their long term plans . In my opinion, both chairman and IS better watch out because pissing off TJ is not gonna end well lol.
  9. I'm supposed to support this relationship but I realized Jung In's best friend is right: It's also cheating. I can't wait for them to get caught haha I am with the boyfriend but I also love what they are. TORN.
  10. Chapter 23: The Path to the Past is out. Check it out here. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1386079/oh-sunny-s-diary-lee-hyuk-s-confusing-me
  11. I have a question. Because YS is not a blind now. So are we going to see this scene (from 1st teaser) ? Or was it now become a deleted scene ? @briseis Thank you for your analysis. I think from the level of pain that YS has now, it's very suitable of the script that there's only angel can heal her. Because only this angel can tolerate and give her love and he also have power to protect her and have inhuman toughness to stand her hit, slap, smack or whatever will come. This is not the work for any human to do.
  12. Yes it is. It is wrong but it is not a criminal act. She was not only assaulted but threatened not to say a word about it or she'll die. It's understandable that she got depressed and don't know what to do. When you've gone through something so traumatizing, it is difficult to think clear, even for mature adults, much less a young teenager. I am not sure if you've watched the episode or not, but watching it, I can feel DH's fear for not speaking and she has been conflicted about her lies and she has genuinely asked for forgiveness. She is a victim, just like In Ha said.
  13. Yeah she is definitely going to hold back for awhile especially after a betrayal.But I guess in the process if SW trying to help fixed her marriage she going to see the person that she is truly meant to be with. I am not going to watch Shady Moms because I dont have the energy for that lol
  15. Thanks for tagging me. They were great in The Negotiation. I am a fan of their off screen chemistry. Have you seen their promos for that movie? I love them together He played a N Korean officer in Confidential Assignment. @stroppyse likes that movie. Miss him now that you mention it -2
  16. @ktcjdrama I remember when I was watching Feel Good to die, we liked Ji Hwan then, so we posted on his thread, to avoid causing headache to other readers. Also I sent some videos to my friends on private messenger, some were his old fans. Now after the drama ended, I am not crazy about Ji Hwan any more. It is logical to get excited while watching the actor for a short while in one work. I hope Angel's last mission thread cools down. I am sure the moderators are having a headache -2
  17. I'm wondering about this too.. And was quite disappointed that they didn't recap it... But anyway, these days their recaps come very late sometimes... Back in the days it was quite fast.. Maybe they're short in recappers, or they're busy with irl... Understandable I remember his drag queen role lmao. He was in Hedwig with Dongwan Shinhwa before. Hedwig will hv another musical this year.. What are the odds KJW reprising the role hehe Different surnames so should hv different fathers... Perhaps Lee Sol becomes rich due to her new hubby or her dad...
  18. We have a long way to go chingu, however, the end will be worth of it. The good thing about SW is that he doesn't care lol. She is the one who will hold back but I can't blame her for that. By the way, are you watching Shady Mother in law? The drama is nuts lol.
  19. Hello everyone! It's been months since I've been on soompi! Now I just got myself into watching kdramas! I recently haven't been interested in one except for "Angel Last Mission!" I just started watching this drama today and I absolutely love it! Great acting from the main leads and supporting leads. I have to applaud Shin Hye Sun for her superb portrayal as Lee Yeon Seo! This was me throughout the first few episodes until next week... Shin Hye Sun portrayed her character so well that I felt her pain and sadness when she lost everything... But after reading that it'll have 32 episodes, that is too much and too painful for me to wait for 2 episodes every week! I also have a feeling that when both main leads start to fall in love and the mission is completed, Kim Dan will have to leave LYS in the end. That'll be too much for the both of them and myself to handle. I can imagine LYS saying something like this again once Kim Dan disappears... but hopefully we get a HE! Anyways, can't wait for their romance to blossom! Hope we all can suffer and enjoy this drama together! I'll be following this forum till the dramas ends! Thanks, Chingus!
  20. May 26. 2019 Life Plus endorsements We found two huge wall posters:
  21. @mmac80 I love Deok Mi’s confidence level. Ryan looks at her like he wants to kiss her!! @Ameera Ali You posted Deok Mi and Ryan kiss. Thank you for sharing!
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