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  2. I realise there are Two different MV on WJ ZM with their student uniforms versions. Two different songs https://m.weibo.cn/6313849959/4363805624542437 https://m.weibo.cn/6307939316/4362447693556187
  3. Indeed his eyes have so much sadness. When he cries , you need to have a box of tissues with you He said he likes sad stories ( I can't get my hands on that part from his interviews) It's fact that he hadn't an easy childhood and was hurt : His motto reveals it He chose IANAR because he relates to the main character who was an hermit due to his allergies after being hurt by humans He revealed being hurt : Actually since young, I feel very tired working among adults, as a kid, I get ignored and I feel very disappointed and sad. Even though the adults think that I am still young and does not know the things around me, but even that, as a kid I am also very sensitive and I can feel. So whenever I see weaker people or people in trouble, I will take note of them. I want to earn money and give it back to the society. Also, I have a dream that has to do with the environment. As the Earth becomes warming as the ice caps are melting, Polar bears would need to carry their cubs and swim further distances, I feel very sad seeing them like this, so I don’t use disposable items, and I also don’t on the air-conditions, a dream of wanting to fight together for survival with the animals. http://yshbiased.blogspot.com/2012/07/interview-vogue-august-issue-faces-of.html His experience as a child actor should be an example to be taken account seriously and sheds light to how child actors are being treated. His words come up quite frequently, he has never talked about the extent of his emotional hurt. At least, we know it is as deep as not being able to meet people and becoming close to them:
  4. I have to admit I've been a lurker in this thread for a while Oh my goodness ,those cheeks bones dunks head in to a bucket of icy water Make me , quickly catch up with all four episodes , Kim Jae Wook really nailed it for me so far ,I like he is pompousness ,but not to much ,I cant wait to see more of him with our fangirl . The wall scene I re-watch it so many times I abuse the repeat button * I swear to god , seeing how adorable he is , make me want another pet
  5. Yes, she did make the requested to change for WJ & comb his hair for1 last time. I don't think bathing, that MinMin job.
  6. I really don't know what to say, kang seong Mo what's his real motive behind all this. And How he already knew Lee An will able to read him this time I can't wait for next week.
  7. I'm wondering does XZ's job descriptions include bathing and changing for WJ. I remembered before XZ left for persia, didn't she requested to changed for WJ one last time.
  8. Yes coz her mother left her and went to raise TJ instead.. I’m not sure if MR can cope with that.. Eventhough TJ is not at fault, but he can be the reminder of IS’ betrayal to MR.. So excited to see how the story will unfold. And MR is so cute with her niece.. she makes the exact sound i made when i see my niece lol.. Sidenote: Mr Park is so relatable when he said he needs to work to support the cat hahha.. i laughed so hard coz i’m basically the same..
  9. Lol, this was great! I even paused it a few times I am curious about the interactions between WJ and XZ though. What does being a maid entail? We saw her comb and style his hair, but would he have let her apply medicine on his back?
  10. I am loving this drama..TJ's character is different from the typical kdrama rich chaebol. Somehow he does not have that attachment and desire for power and money. He is not arrogant in fact he is very humble and teachable. They are hiding his identity for now so he can be trained 'normally' from the ranks. He is very mature and intelligent. So far, no flaws except that he speaks his mind and heart
  11. NCT 127 appeared on the U.S. morning news show “Good Day New York”! The group is currently in town for their first U.S. concert tour. During the broadcast, the group talked about various topics, such as the things they did in New York. Johnny revealed some of them went to Broadway and saw “The Vessel.” After […] The post Watch: NCT 127 Talk About Artists They Admire, What They Do During Their Spare Time, And More On “Good Day New York” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  13. Compilation of sweet sentences that WJ said https://m.weibo.cn/6474403710/4364171539135993
  14. Kibong is soooooooooo lucky! I'm using his trick when I'm doing a test which when your answer is wrong the score will be deducted. That's really work! I think it's more strategy than trick! LOL. And Junki's signature is back! Hahaa.. Kibong is so kind.. That's his last saving.. ㅜㅜ Finally. WS told SY. Even though he was drunk when he told her. And next week! Beka is having surgery.. OMG! I hope beka is okay.. nothing bad happen. And thank you @triplem.. for all the videos..
  15. I watched the scene from "my dear fellows" with subs, it is so hilarious . the main lead says his father has dementia and should go back home and watch "jugglers"
  16. ZM got bitten by horse, WJ immediately to the horse "What are you doing?!" Hahaha, husband got angry
  17. Great night for exercise. MOB jiu jitsu”
  18. CHAPTER 899 For Ning Que, Sangsang’s face was very strange now. However, by quietly looking at her more, he got more familiar with her appearance and felt as if she looked like this all along. He didn’t understand why. Was it because she was Haotian or because she was his wife?..... Sangsang said, “I washed your feet many times, cooked for you many times, mopped the floor many times, and washed the dishes many times. What you are doing now was less than one percent of what I did before.” Ning Que went silent for a while and said, “You know this won’t work. I do owe you much, but you owe me just as much. Things will never be even between us.” After he said this, he turned to the hall and said, “In Min Mountain, I carried you on my back many times, I washed your diapers many times, I spoon fed you many times, and I killed for you many times.” Sangsang walked slowly and said without any expression, “This was just the universal emotion of human beings: pity for the infants.” Ning Que’s heart was as cold and angry as the blizzard. “What about after you grew up? “When you were sick, I held you in my arm and warmed you with my body. How are you gonna pay me back? I washed your feet when we were in the Academy, Lanke Temple and Chaoyang City. How are you gonna pay me back? “I carried you on my back, fought our way out of Chaoyang City and then fought our way into the Wilderness. I carried you on my back all along when the whole world wanted you dead. How are you gonna pay me back?” Sangsang walked to the balustrade and looked at the world with her hands behind back. Many pictures appeared on her mind, vaguely and vividly at the same time: the rain in Hebei Province after the serious drought, the cub that struggled in a trap in Min Mountain, the lad who cut off mounted gangsters’ heads happily by the Shubi Lake, the little handmaiden who waddled with flagon and roast chicken in her hands, the noodle soups with fried eggs in the Old Brush Pen Shop, and the morning sun in Chaoyang City. Under the sun, he carried her in his back as he continued to run and wave his sword. She leaned on his shoulder weakly but happily and held the big black umbrella tightly. So Haotian has to look through her mind to find her memories as SS. Chapter 900 She was Haotian, and her story in the human world should have followed the plan. However, he was not a part of the original plan, and he did not leave. With or without this thread, they were still bonded throughout the story. She could be indifferent to the entire human world, but not to him. Sangsang watched their story in the human world throughout the snowstorm, and her eyes brightened. Her left eye was full of memories and affections, while her right eye was filled with more hatred and resentment. Those two streams of opposite emotions were interdependent. Ning Que asked how she could pay him back. Indeed, how? “I can forgive your impiety and grant you immortality.” She looked at Ning Que and said emotionlessly, “But if you refuse to accept that, you will fall into eternal destruction.”...... “Tonight the moonlight looks like a hundred thousand taels of silver. How charming.” Sangsang came to his side and agreed. “Indeed.” Her reaction was so natural and unintentional. Clearly she did not think before she spoke. Ning Que found his hands trembling and placed them slowly on the railing. After a long silence, he turned to her and looked into her eyes. “You are Sangsang,” he said. He meant that she was his handmaiden Sangsang, rather than Haotian with the name of Sangsang. Sangsang did not say anything or look at him, but her eyebrows furrowed slightly. Ning Que stared at her and continued, “Even if you deny it, you are still my Sangsang.”... Aww he's so happy he knows it's his SS She commented on the moonlight tonight, not because of the Headmaster’s previous deed, but because he said the moonlight looked like a hundred thousand taels of silver. What she cared about was the silver. The intention was so strong that she temporarily forgot that she was Haotian. If she cared so much about silver, then she was definitely his Sangsang. Ning Que had mixed feelings. He was delighted because he finally confirmed that Sangsang was still his Sangsang. He was excited because he was able to find some hope. Yet, he was anxious because the hope had aroused some strong impulse and desire in him. He desperately wanted his wish to come true... Ning Que did not feel any discomfort at all. He found Sangsang’s feet fragrant and tender because of the hope. He liked touching them and even wanted to keep washing them forever. He could hardly tear himself away from them. Ning Que’s movements slowed down and became very subtle. He scrubbed her sole, her instep and her ankle, and then he tickled and rubbed on her toes. He enjoyed the wonderful touch so much that some secret and erotic feelings aroused in him.... After a long while he suddenly raised his head and looked at her in silence. She looked back also in silence. They stared at each other for a while. There was nothing else in Ning Que’s gaze but yearning and desire. Deep down in Sangsang’s eyes, there was intense hatred plus a bit of melancholy. At that moment she sensed some turbulence in her divine mind. Ning Que looked into her eyes and proposed in a hoarse voice, “I want to f*** you.” He was hoarse because he was both nervous and excited..... Ning Que’s eyes turned slightly red like a monster in heat. He paid no attention to the gash on his throat, stood up slowly and stepped towards Sangsang. Sangsang still looked indifferent.... Ning Que saw the boundary of her world where he could never break into. Then he chose to close his eyes and lean to fall on her. He was trying to make use of the most basic rules. This was the universal gravitation. Whether he would regret it or not, he could not stop his desires. Even if he would be killed in a minute, it could not change his mind. He fell toward her.... He opened his arms and cuddled her tightly. Since you let me into your world, you will never flee from me again. Ning Que and Sangsang gazed at each, face to face. It had happened many times in his dreams, where they had numerous intimate encounters, but it was the first time for it to happen in reality. Ning Que found the woman in his arms chubby and tender. It felt strange because his Sangsang used to be very slim. Yet her smell was so familiar as he had lived with it for so long.... He placed a tender kiss on her lips. He used to kiss her in his dreams. Now he wanted it in reality. Haotian was being kissed by a man. Thus, the entire human world quaked. Well these two continue to fight. Yet their battle always seems to include being intimate with each other and torture for NQ. So does NQ especially desire her more now that he sees that his SS is there even though she looks different? Then again since their reunion they keep being intimate in their dreams. For Haotian it's a battle of feelings because she hates that she loves him when she is not supposed to feel anything. Why does NQ only use the F word? Is it because he talks to Haotian harshly? I don't imagine talking to SS that way. He doesn't use romantic words haha then again he was never the romantic type lol. What do you guys think? @UnniSarah @Snow Guardian @angelangie @pad-hari
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